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byun baekhyun is back and he’s better than ever!!

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Oliver’s in Granger Market, Newcastle


The grand total of Wardens for my Zevran Week Event. A big thanks to everyone who participated this week : D Calligraphy by coup-de-jarnac!


- I always want you when I’m coming down -

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Oh yeah, Asami is like a mama bear for Korra whenever Korra needs it and I just freakin love it! They both care for each other so much, but the scene when Korra's life was pretty much put in Asami's hands during the escape on Naga was one of the best korrasami scenes in the whole show. I still can't believe they got together, I love this ship to the core! Hopefuly SS Endurance will be my next "dream come true" ^^

i remember when that scene was first released in the trailer for book 3 and i was at the dentist and they had just setup wifi there so i’m like ‘la dee da, i’ll check tumblr for a sec on my phone as i wait!’ COMPLETELY unprepared for the trailer to drop and of course THAT scene was one of the first to come across my dash in gif form before anything else, and then the dentist calls me in and i’m trying not to cry because i’m afraid she’ll think she was hurting me while cleaning my teeth and then i’d have to be like ‘sorry no, it’s not you - ITS JUST MY OTP’