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6 Cophine Angsts that Hurt So Good - Fanfic Recs

I think that pivotal moment from S03E08 proved how good the Cophine angst can hurt. Stab me a little longer. Kill me a little slower. It’s all good from here. 

Collide by @jaybear1701
You can feel the entire weight of season 3 in this fic, and it hurts a lot. I prompted a fluffy slowdance fic and Jay decided to channel our collective pain instead. I’m still bleeding from this, and somehow it feels amazing.

now in the dark you’re a light without a spark by @phwaa
The poetic structure in this fic is a beautiful support to the dead weight of Delphine’s mechanical heart. I read this fic while driving through the mountains and it was everything an angst should be. 

Pyre by @mveloc
You basically are slashed in the gut from the first sentence. This fic hinges on probably one of the angstiest topics Delphine and Cosima could possibly discuss, but there is hope, and superb writing.

Half Awake (in a Fake Empire) by @soundreason-truereligion
What are these bits and pieces of memory we’re all made up of, and what happens to them when we’re gone? I love how this fic explores that idea, and makes you sad at the same time.

you are the ocean and i’m good at drowning by embryonic
Do you like your angst in poetic prose format? Me, too. This is lovely.

Artist/Muse by @sapphicscience
Photography and angst. A beautiful fic from back when we thought Cosima dying was the worst thing that could happen to this ship. Let’s go back there together.