beautiful target era

Why can’t Hollywood go back to original films?

The creator of Winnie the Pooh probably didn’t expect lots of TV cartoons and films and toys inspired by his characters.

The Wachowskis probably never expected The Matrix to be as successful as it was.

The insecure creator of Attack on Titan never expected his manga to become world famous.

The creators of Sponge bob, Fairly odd Parents, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Codename Kids next Door never expected their cartoons to be the most yearned after in these sad unfortunate near unoriginal years we live in.

Everything seemed so much simpler then. (Not simpler moral wise unfortunately, and I’m ignoring the films that thought it was funny have those morals)

Thank goodness for the creators of Kingsmen, John Wick, Regular Show and The Wonderful World of Gumball. And of course Get Out; I can’t remember anyone ever making a horror with the theme of racism!

There’s more examples, but Hollywood is very unoriginal and is such a far cry from its Golden Era. At least indie moviemakers of every nationality, not just American or British are original.

P.S Follow in the footsteps of the Beauty and the Beast Live action and the new It. Remakes done right, because they are faithful as well as mixing ORIGINALITY.

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gongchan amber j-hope

Fuck: Gongchan…I suppose…by process of elimination… idk why I just picture Gongchan still as the same person that he was when he debuted (or like at least Beautiful Target era since that’s when I got into B1A4) and that’s not the case at all? anymore? like we’re close to the same age so it’s perfectly plausible and I’ve always thought Gongchan was super attractive and amazing and I need to somehow learn to shed that innocent (but not actually innocent at all– but you know what I mean) image and this is turning into a rant that I’m not prepared to dive any further into so I’ll end it here ;;;

Marry: Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shouts into space* Honestly what a happy marriage that would be.

Get Drunk With: I don’t really follow BTS and J-Hope is probably the member I know least about so… what better way to get to know someone than to get drunk with them, eh?

Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With. Send me 3 names.

B1A4 legacy:

>O.K era - dorks 
>OLBT era - serious 
>Beautiful Target era - dorks  
>Baby I’m Sorry era - serious 
>Baby Goodnight era - dorks 
>Tried to Walk era - serious 
>What’s Happening era - dorks 
>Lonely era - serious 
>Solo Day - dorks (again)