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hey!!!!! I wanna get into b1a4 but idk where to start!!! can u recommend ur fave songs and shows they've done??? and any inside jokes or stuff I should know??? thank u!!!!! :) 💖💫✨

hi ! firstly, sorry for keeping this out for so long, i wanted to properly give you links and all. tbh i don’t know where to start explaining, but b1a4 is a group where you need to know how they were like from the beginning, and how much they’ve improved/grown up to now. this is going to be a really long post, but take your time, save this link!!

  1. watch all ✧ official videos ✧. includes music videos, practise videos and behind the scenes.
  2. debut reality show: ✧ match up  ; this is actually how everyone fell in love with b1a4. note: it was a combined show with block b, and these are the b1a4 cuts. a definite must watch if you were to get into b1a4.
  3. ✧ spout dance ✧. biggest part of the fandom
  4. beautiful target era reality show: ✧ sesame player ; this is when they had finally showed the public their own style and their personalities start to show. also where most of the fandom jokes start. very important !!!
  5. early b1a4 trivia: ✧ b1a4 theory ✧ ; read some facts about them.
  6. reality show: ✧ hello baby ✧; a different and dear side to b1a4.
  7. guest performances: ✧ immortal song 2 ✧. definitely, please for the love of god watch them all.
  8. solo day era reality show: ✧ one fine day ✧; this is the most recent reality show. it’s nice to see the members go on vacation and relax
  9. road trip clips: ✧ go! b1a4 ✧; mnetamerica have these clips of b1a4 during the american shows.

other important check points:

  • ✧ follow update blogs such as fuckyeahb1a4, aviateb1a4
  • ✧ download all of their songs. don’t only listen to the title tracks. jinyoung and shinwoo compose. their most recent albums have treasure tracklist songs. please give them all love !!!
  • ✧ b1a4network is a good place to start if you’re looking for fandom bloggers, or making friends !! i think everyone in this fandom is really accepting and nice
  •  wikipedia. i’ve left out some things, for the sake of making this shorter, but their wiki page has other important things.
  • weekly idol. search it on youtube. 
  • ✧ osts, dramas, variety show appearances, concerts, special performances, dramas, movies. they’ve done so many things now, you can now go ahead and watch them all c: 

if you have any questions, feel free to ask ! ♥ 

B1A4 legacy:

>O.K era - dorks 
>OLBT era - serious 
>Beautiful Target era - dorks  
>Baby I’m Sorry era - serious 
>Baby Goodnight era - dorks 
>Tried to Walk era - serious 
>What’s Happening era - dorks 
>Lonely era - serious 
>Solo Day - dorks (again)