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Kesha - Praying (Official Video)


A blur.

It’s how it starts, in the periphery of his vision. A blur in the back of his skull, where the song changes, screams and shrieks, distorted laughter. It’s much slower, like his limbs, but it’s louder, and still he hears her voice. He doesn’t want to leave her. Perhaps it’s what makes him stall, even though he’s always known. Borrowed time. A deadline.

But death doesn’t come.

It’s something else, carving its violence deep where it never really stops beating, but even there… it wavers, blurs, another pulse that’s not quite his own. Alistair… Alistair. Who is he? He remembers her better than he remembers himself, and he feels her there, his tainted heart, beating with the remnants of his love, the memories of her touch. He doesn’t want to leave her.

But he does. His mind first, then his body, and he’s trapped in a shell he doesn’t know, a cry in his throat, too tight. Decay. It’s what he smells, bones cracking under new pressure, limbs that seem to move on their own. His eyes burn and his chest aches, and he grunts, gruff and raw, no, no, and the cry he finally hears doesn’t reach his lips.

It’s her, and he sees her, but he doesn’t, a rose in his palm, vision blurred, again, but it’s different. It’s him, and it isn’t, and it’s not enough, petals and tears, a flurry of red, too much red.

She cries. Loud. Choked. And as the pain slowly ebbs away, echoes of her voice… he sees no longer.

Drabble by @elfrooted​ and Pic by @froschkuss

Murata stream update: more pretty Genos, with before & after his eyes inked in!

💧Water Correspondences💧

💧 This is a little compilation of correspondences from my grimoire 💧

🔵 Sea Water: Cleanse, purification, banishing, protection. Perfect for Mermaid Magic.

🔵 River Water: Movement, change, progress, and new opportunities. Good for cleansing items on the current. Good for Fae Magic.

🔵 Lake Water: Peace, meditation, strength, reflexion, knowledge, relaxation. Good for Fae Magic.

🔵 Rain Water: Cycles, creativity, inspiration, energy, cleanse, growth.

🔵 Snow Water: Transformation, cleanse, purification, new beginnings, protection, a little bit of everything.

🔵 Cistern Water: Healing, wishes, growth, psychic abilities.

🔵 Dew Water: Prosperity, growth, birth, fertility, wishes, beauty.

🔵 Stream Water: Purification, cleanse, rebirth, harmony.

🔵 Swamp Water: Banishing, hexes, curses, binding, attracts and keeps negativity.

🔵 Moon Water: This type of water is special. It’s water made for keeping Moon’s energies, it can be used in all kinds of Moon related magic. Also pretty useful for cleansing, balance and giving your spells an extra boost.

💧 Some tips: 

🔵 Different sources of water can have different elements such as metals dissolved on it, and this gives it more effects. For example, copper for love, sulfur for banishing or salt for protection.

🔵 Check if rain is drinkable in your area, you could make many things with it! as teas or drinkable potions.

🔵 As Moon water, you can also make water with the energies of other celestial bodies as stars, planets and more!

💧With love, Nao💧