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Bad Reputation


A/N: This wasn’t requested, I’ve just had this idea in my head for so, so, so long and last night I started writing. I just feel like every one can relate to having put a label on them, idk. I may delete it again.

Word count: 4,286

Bad Reputation

The music was loud, actually giving me a rather unpleasant headache. I must admit, I didn’t really want to be at this party, but it was my first day back for months and I think my friends needed to see me make an effort.

Loads of people were here, half of them I didn’t even know, it had taken me an hour and a half to take pictures with people. I didn’t mind that, but I would just rather have been kicking it at home with Aaliyah watching Harry Potter or something.

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Life Will Be Better | A multi-genre mix for Raven (with a secret, super serious surprise track at the end)
[listen on 8tracks]

1. sheep go to heaven (goats go to hell) – cake // 2. fugitive – mark salling // 3. david – noah gundersen // 4. dead man (carry me) – jars of clay // 5. best of you – foo fighters // 6. follow my feet – the unlikely candidates // 7. ledges – noah gundersen // 8. migraine – twenty one pilots // 9. seven nights seven days – the fratellis // 10. I wanna get better – the bleachers // 11. the cave – mumford and sons // 12. ??? – ???

Heroine (back number) x ShikaTema

My apologies for looooong posts recently, but well, I do what I want to do and these are merely outcomes from that :P All just rough sketches, though…

This song “Heroine” is sung by a Japanese band called ‘back number’, however, I was introduced to this song vie a cover by Asako & Kobasolo ( and it’s beautiful. This song right away gave me inspiration for ShikaTema au! So here it is. Again, sorry for a super long post.


part 1 of like a fool; the first night

T’was the first night of London Fashion Week, and the whole city was buzzing. I tried to stay lively, but it was hard when your friend left you at an afterparty full of A-listers. Sure, some websites claimed I was fast approaching that list but for the time being I felt like I didn’t fit into this sort of events. Maybe it was the obvious age gap between most guests, or the fact I was actually allowed to drink here. Regardless, I wasn’t having much fun, and that called for another vodka cran.

You seriously suck, I typed out quickly into my phone before hitting send. Haley, the friend whom had ditched me cause of her constant yawning and nerves of tomorrow being her first runway show, was quick to reply.

You’ll forgive me soon enough. She replied back, much too confidently I must say. She wasn’t the one looking like a total loner at the bar.

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This fucking beautiful thing right here!! I have had this song on repeat 24/7 this is by far the best cover of “Teenage dirtbag” by Wheatus. Mary Lambert is so amazing!

Also this song gives me huge Skimmons feels. The first time I heard this I thought of Skye and Jemma.

Big Girls Cry

Just a little thing I decided to write awhile ago. It’s based off of the song Big Girls Cry so if you haven’t heart it i’ll put a link right here. It’s truly a beautiful song and Sia is an amazing artist. Plus, I just realized that this could be about any of the boys sooo hope you guys enjoy it!

Also I will not be making a part two to this because I am mean and love sad endings a good 90% of the time. :)

I may cry ruining my makeup

I threw the iphone at the wall, watching as it shattered into countless pieces. An immense feeling of jealousy and sorrow coursing through my veins as tears clouded my vision. He did it. He finally did it. I rub my eyes, ruining the small amount of makeup left on my face. My back hit the wall in defeat, my body slowly sliding to the floor while my fingers ran through my hair stressfully.

“Wash away all the things you’ve taken.”

The sound of my horribly broken phone vibrating filled the room. I stayed in the same position, sure that it was him on the other line. He always called everytime I hung up during an argument. We never got into arguments this big and I was sure it was killing him. I didn’t deserve him. Even if we had been friends for the past four years before this. What was four years of being friends compared to six months of dating him? We were better off friends from the get-go. Maybe if I threw it one more time it wouldn’t ring anymore. It was already past repairable.

“And I don’t care if I don’t act pretty”

I wiped my eyes for the third time before slowly standing. A distraction was probably the best thing for me. I began walking out to the hotel hallway. Nothing but a pair of sweatpants and a loose white and black long sleeve. My hair slightly off due to my fingers running thorugh it. Last thing I needed to care about was my appearence. I passed two of the boys who only gave me looks of concern. The lie “just gonna go for a walk” escaping my mouth before the elevator doors closed. Truth is I had no idea where I was going. I leaned against the metal bar. Tears threatening to spill all over again.

“Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking”

My phone continued to vibrate in the small cafe though the screen was missing half the glass; the rest being covered by fairly large cracks. Six hundred dollars down the drain all because the stupid iphone would break by one throw to the wall. Or maybe I was the stupid one, letting my feelings get to me and actually throwing it.

He loved her. No matter how many times he denied it, he still loved her. First loves were never something you could compete with, especially her. She was breathtakingly gorgeous, smart and kind to everyone. They were happy and I just- he deserves way more than me. My hold on the book tightened as I stared at the steaming cup of coffee. Funny thing was I was wishing he would come find me just to say I was wrong.That I was the only thing that mattered to him.

Even if it was a lie.