beautiful sights


“I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.”-JMB
I am art.
Poetry in motion…
Incomprehensible to those who do not understand the language of love.
A beautiful sight to see,
A beautiful mind to behold.
it’s in your eyes…
How you see it?

God looks at the heart, and so should we.

We may value outward appearances but God thinks otherwise. A man maybe clean on the outside, but if his heart is full of wickedness, that man is no different to a garbage covered with glitters. God knows our hearts, He sees the deepest thoughts and motives of it, He knows us better than we know ourselves and He seeks a heart that wants to glorify Him above all else.

May people look at us and say without lust, that our beauty is not just on the outside but it overflows on who we are, and how we live our life. May they see above all the beauty of Jesus in us, rather than magnifying our beauty for the sake of applause. May our hearts be filled with who He is and may we remind ourselves that God doesn’t see the way man sees, What makes a man or a woman beautiful in the sight of God is when they grow into the likeness of His Son. May we seek that kind of beauty rather than the world’s view of what beauty should be.

So. I made a thing. Call it an Earth x Arcane ancestral peace song? Long story short I think there are probably a lot of feelings between the eldest and youngest gods/flights. While they are directly at odds since Arcane’s essence is the reckless pursuit of knowledge change and Earth is responsible preservation even if it calls for suffering and self-sacrifice, I think there’s a sort of… mutual respect between the two?

This was fairly complicated, because in my head there’s a lot of harmonies that I did my best with, and I think Earth would definitely sing in rhymes and Arcane wouldn’t really have any feelings about rhyming, idk I know how the song *feels* and not much else.

The lyrics alone suggest the Earth parts are kinda raining on the Arcane parade, but it’s not like that. The Earth dragons think it’s beautiful too, they’re singing the chorus too, but they their youngest siblings to have context. And it’s painful, because history is painful, but it helps both of them appreciate the current age and feel hope that even if things go really wrong again in the future, there will still be good and worthwhile things that come out of it.

Uhh, special shoutout to @hungrytundras who took the time to support my first dinky little song-lore adventure, and is a solid 50% of the reason I actually sat down and ironed this out.

It’s called Stars Over Dragonhome. If you want to get a feeling for how it sounds in my head, listen to Exec_Rig=Veda/. Particularly the big cresting harmony that starts around 2:20.

Even in this ancient and barren place
If you look up there is wonder
Over this empty cradle of forgotten ages
Constellations still live

This sight which can only awe
How small we feel
But how connected we are
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome

Those eyes turn only toward answers
I only hope sometimes you remember to look down
Youngest children, innocent and unguided
Remember the pillar is shattered on the ground

(This sight, which can only awe)
Remember that which is no longer here
Remember that these stars will fade
(How small we feel, but how connected we are)
Remember that not all they shine on is great
And that even blessed things someday break

How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome

A different world born in a supernova
Unthinkable until the atoms collide
But such uncertainty is worth chasing
Discoveries all beautiful, all worthwhile

This sight which can only awe
(Change is loss)
How small we feel
(And uncertain gain)
But how connected we are
(Ages end and begin again)
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome
(Below the spinning stars over Dragonhome)

This sight which can only awe
(Don’t forget)
How small we feel
(Don’t forget us)
But how connected we are
(Don’t forget what we were)
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome
How beautiful, these stars over Dragonhome

Heaven and earth, ancient and new
This horizon merges the two
You change us, and we teach you
Under the stars over Dragonhome

Montreal– Jordie Benn Imagine

Warning: So I guess just like a tiny bit steamy? I don’t know really what to call it but it’s at the end. So I hope this is what who requested this wanted.


I never expected Jordie to get traded to Montreal. I also never expected Jordie to be traded somewhere without Jamie, but it happened.
I stood in the doorway of our new Montreal apartment. It was located close to old Montreal and all the beautiful sights and landmarks that had apparently lasted for almost a century. Montreal was different from Dallas and even Victoria, Where both of us were from. Jordie was excited for the new experience and being apart of a team where he wouldn’t be known as “Jamie Benn’s older brother.” I wasn’t as excited. Every friend I had was in Dallas or Victoria, I had to quit my job and start all over.

“(Y/N), can you help me?” Jordie asked snapping me out of my moping.

He was trying to get a box through the doorway that was too big. I walked over to him and helped maneuver the box carefully through the doorway.

“Is that the last one?” I questioned.

“Yeah, Now all we have to do is unpack.” He replied.

I nodded and looked around your new apartment. Boxes were everywhere and the few pieces of furniture we brought with us were still covered with plastic. I hated unpacking but Jordie’s optimistic outlook on this whole trade made things a little easier. We spent the rest of our day unpacking, nothing fun or exciting until Jordie decided to change that.

He walked into the living room where I was unboxing the decor that we had brought with us.

“Hey, baby.” He smiled.

I smiled back at him as he sat on the couch.

“Did you get our bedroom unpacked?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I got the bed all put together and everything, so we can sleep in our bed tonight.” He answered.

I rested my arm on the box I was unpacking and rested my head on my head.

“I know you’re not happy about the trade but I promise you that everything will be better here.” Jordie promised me.

I sighed and didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say that I hadn’t already said. He was trying his best to make this move easy for the both of us.

“I like it when you look like this.” He flirted.

I laughed a little.

“You mean when I look like a hot mess.” I replied.

He smiled.

“Emphasis on the hot.” He said.

I rolled my eyes. He reached his hands out for me, I stood up and sat with him on the couch. I leaned back against the other armrest and put my feet in his lap.

“Too bad the tv doesn’t work yet.” Jordie said rubbing my feet.

I knew he was hinting at something when he gave me a little smile.

“I’m sure we can find other things to do.” I winked.

He chuckled motioning for me to get closer. I moved to his side of the couch and straddled his lap. I kissed him lightly, his beard slightly tickled my face. I pulled away for a second only for his hand to come to the back of my neck and pull me in for another kiss. This one lasted a little longer and his hands wandered to the end of my shirt, slipping underneath. He pulled away from my lips, leaving a trial of kisses down my jaw to my neck.

“You wanna take this to our new bedroom?” I suggested as he kissed my collarbone.

“Sounds good.” He said.

We got off the couch and stumbled our way to our new bedroom, tripping over a couple still packed boxes in our love drunkenness. We made it to our bedroom and Jordie shut the door. He gave me a look and that’s when I realized it. It didn’t matter if I was in Dallas or Victoria or Montreal, as long as I was with Jordie, I was happy.


Ricky Whittle by Austin Anderton for DA MAN Magazine, June 2015

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I love to get my blood pumping by cliff jumping. I’m a qualified skydiver, so I enjoy jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and I also have a racing license and used to race Formula 3. Anything involving speed and thrills, I’m in. I like taking rides on my Harley Davidson through the valleys: You can’t beat riding along the California coastline, Mother Nature is an artist and it’s a beautiful sight at sunset.



percy reassures vex beneath the sun tree

You’ve found yourself at the base of the Sun Tree. As you look up at it, at this point the clouds that kind of gathered yesterday have all subsided and you have the most beautiful clear blue sky ahead of you, the morning sun’s coming down. The tree is beautiful as you watch it slowly blossom now as the months have passed. You start seeing green in the boughs, the occasional pod that might eventually flower as the season allows it. It’s serene. And as occasionally a breeze blows through, you hear the various branches hit, and some of the leaves shake, and… it’s a beautiful sight.