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Para 100-Liam Cooper Hummel-Anderson

Kurt looked over at Blaine holding Liam in his arms. Kurt was supposed to be the one getting some sleep for a few hours and then Blaine but Kurt just couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful sight before him. His husband was holding his son. Kurt closed his eyes and thought back over the last few hours.

He was shocked when Blaine had pulled him over to cut the cord together. Kurt hadn’t asked but assumed Blaine was going to do it alone. Turns out Blaine had other ideas. When he had called Kurt, North Star, and taken his hand Kurt could barely keep his it steady enough to hold the scissors even with Blaine’s on top of his. Kurt recalled the happy yet terrified look on Blaine’s face as he was handed this tiny creature for the first time. After a few minutes to bond with Blaine, Blaine handed Kurt his son for the first time. Kurt not trusting his legs sat on the corner of the bed and held him close whispering his love over and over again. Swearing to the tiny baby that he’s was so loved by his Daddy and Papa. All too soon the nurse needed to take Liam to get weighed, measured and cleaned. Kurt couldn’t stop the happy tears that just kept bubbling over. Hugs and kisses were shared between Blaine and Kurt as they celebrated the birth of their son.

He was taken for his vaccinations and his blood work. In that time Kurt and Blaine said goodbye and thank you to Victoria and moved to the private room they were allowed for the night. Blaine had called Cooper with the good news and promised that he could see him when they brought him home Friday afternoon. They were lucky he was born when he was. They would get to take him home a little early. General rule was forty-eight hours but because it was the middle of the night and there was no new mother that needed to recover, the pediatrician said they could go home Friday early in the afternoon as long as Liam was okay. Since he was right there he quickly did the circumcision as well.

Now here they were a few short hours later. Kurt looked over at the small card that sat inside the plastic bassinet.

Liam Cooper Hummel-Anderson
W: 6.5lbs, L: 20 1/4in, HC: 14in
9/14 2:20am

Kurt rolled over on the small bed, he and Blaine would share for the next two nights, “I am so happy.” He said gently stopping Blaine from rocking in the chair beside the bed. Kurt carefully took the hem of Liam’s blue knit hat and pulled it over his ears. He hadn’t realized how much little babies needed their heads covered for the first few days, “He’s so tiny. I can’t believe he’s really he. That you’re a Daddy. And I’m a Papa.” Kurt kissed Blaine sweetly, “I can’t sleep. I know I should because I’ll be dead tired tomorrow but I can’t. He’s too cute. Just look at him. You made that.” Kurt said softly as not to startle the sleeping baby in Blaine’s arms.

Her eyes widened, as his fingertips traced over hip bones.
Pulling her in closer .
He kissed her neck,
And she she closed her eyes,
Realizing that life can beautiful
Even without sight.

Let It Go (Music Box Version)
  • Let It Go (Music Box Version)
  • Davidrussell323

This morning, I was listening to Let It Go on repeat.. I was focusing on the piano part, so I went and printed off the PDF and such. There were audio links and I found this gem. I think my heart stopped. Whoever created this, thank you, you and your beautiful musical talents. DAVIDRUSSELL323 CREATED THIS. GIVE HIM A FOLLOW.