beautiful ship name for a beautiful ship


*whispers urgently* beautiful sparkle ice nymphs

someone please murder me I can’t handle this why am i so gay for them

also??????? lardo x shitty is like. a good ship imo.

because so often when we see heterosexual (or heterosexual-appearing, because you will pry my pansexual lardo headcanons from my cold dead hands) relationships in most media either 1. the characters have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever and are just kind of thrown together because the man and woman have to be together in the end or 2. the female character is completely underdeveloped or 3. there’s very little respect that we’ve seen and/or a power imbalance in the relationship between the two people so the fact that they start dating is really weird and probably not good???

but shitty and lardo are super respectful of each other other, they’re both well-developed characters, their relationship is based on a long friendship (and mutual pining), they have good chemistry, and their relationship is starting on equal ground. so even though their relationship is obviously a smaller side-ship in check, please!, i still appreciate it for…not being another terrible het ship.


Artist: Jaroo (@Jarujaroo)

Artist caption: “This is a little out of the blue but I thought of this during work…Aurora and Snow White meeting in the forest (super retcon!) They were drawn to each other by their singing

One of them’s been tricked her whole life only to have them try to take her forcefully away, and the other’s been used as a maid until she got kicked out and became a “mom”…it’s not like you’re gonna get the throne even when you go back to the kingdom, so just grab each other’s hand and leave~

I had a lot of thoughts while drawing this but now that I’m done…idk maybe I just wanted to see Disney femslash”


minghao and eunwoo moments for anon and myself

About Spanish surnames

I haven’t been on this fandom for a long time but I noticed something that as a Spanish Hetalian really bothers me: the fact that people remove Spain’s first surname when using his human name.

In Spain (I would say in every Spanish speaking country, but I’m not sure if this happens in all of them) we have two surnames. The first one is your father’s surname and the second is your mother’s. This is really cool in my opinion because that way you keep both of your parents surnames. Also, women don’t have to change their surname when they get married.

For example: let’s suppose there’s a couple in which the husband is called Mateo Sánchez Romero and the bride is Marta Pérez López. They have a daughter called Isabel. Her full name would be Isabel Sánchez Pérez. When she’s older she marries a guy called Alberto Ramírez González. Her surnames would still be Sánchez Pérez and if they have kids their surnames would be Ramírez Sánchez.

So, every time you wanna use Spain’s human name you have to use either just the first surname or both of them. You should say “Antonio Fernández” or “Antonio Fernández Carriedo” NOT “Antonio Carriedo”. You should also say “Mister Fernández” or “Mister Fernández Carriedo” but NOT “Mister Carriedo” (it’s better if you use both surnames anyways).

I hope this has helped people to know a bit more about Spanish culture. You may continue on scrolling through your dashboard and do safe fangirling.


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #24. Ethan Morgan & Benny Weir 

“When we were eight and we went to see Buzzy and the Big Bee Band, and I cried, did you let me face the music alone?” 


here is what you are going to romanticize instead: (x)

🎈🎂 happy birthday, @gothdaisyjohnson! 🎂🎈


NEW MAGNUS CHASE HEAD CANONS COMIN’ AT YAH(some spoilers ahead you have been warned)

Okay so first of all Alex Fierro is the love of my life and I will protect her/him at all costs

Second of all some of these may contradict some of the earlier head canons I made but hey views change and new characters are introduced so what am I to do

-Magnus and Alex will go hiking together in midgard sometimes and just fall asleep in a grass clearing in really nice weather

-they talk sometimes when they go hiking but they just enjoy each other’s presence and the nature in silence most of the time and it doesn’t feel awkward

-Hearth has an array of scarves in different patterns that Blitz has made him

-Jack and TJ are actually hilariously good friends

-Halfborn teases Magnus about Alex ALL THE TIME but Magnus has kind of stopped caring because he really does kind of like her/him

-Alex creates really intricate pottery when she/he is stressed; the repetitive motion and the feeling of sculpting calms her down immensely

-Alex doesn’t dress overly feminine, but when she/he feels like it, she’ll wear these beautiful pink and green sundresses and Magnus’s jaw just DROPS

-at the same time, Alex looks absolutely stunning in a suit and tie 

-Magnus gets LGBTQ+ lessons from Annabeth so that he doesn’t end up asking Alex more stupid questions;honestly she would know all about that because she’s Annabeth 

-Alex attempts to teach Magnus how to create a piece on the wheel

-He manages a really wonky teacup but is strangely proud of it

-Mallory gives Magnus a proper haircut after the events in the giant realm

-After working with clay your hands can get REALLY DRY and it feels weird so Alex has this lotion that smells strongly of pine trees and Magnus just assumes that Alex naturally smells like pine trees because why not

That’s all for now bye bye