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Cross-over between SLBP and Bleach. Reactions. Lords and retainers plus the side fellas and ninjas. MC is a kickass shinigami. [She's beauty she's grace. She'll bankai your ass into Seireitei space. *bricked*]


“Are you expecting me to be surprised? A powerful woman fits the bill for Lady Oda, I’d presume nothing less.”

He mumbles after she leaves the room, “How in the seven hells am I supposed to be intimidating when she fights off hollows for a living..”


“Lord Nobunaga would definitely feel threatened if he knew you were more powerful than him.”

“What do I think about it, you ask?”

“I’m fine with it, of course, I just worry that you’ll be lonely without me when I die.”

“Send me off with a smile, will you? Maybe the God that takes me will turn me into a soul reaper so I can be with you again.”


“Whoa, you send spirits to the afterlife?! That’s so cool!”

“Wait, there’s no evil spirits after my soul, are there..?”

“Er..if there are, will you protect me from them..?”

“Wait, no! I have to be a man and protect you from those..things!”


“You know I’m not a fan of you getting yourself in dangerous situations, little lady.”

“I’m not one to talk, am I..hmph..well, if you’re good at what you do, who am I to complain? The grim reaper needs his goddess of death, after all.”


“Kita always read stories about Shinigami before me and Shigezane went to bed, but I always that they were myths..”

“If it isn’t too much trouble, when it’s just the two of us, will you teach me more about it?”


“I’ve heard of soul reapers, but I’ve never actually seen one in the flesh before, I’m afraid.”

“It seems that I’ve yet to know all of your secrets, my precious girl. Kita will surely be glad to hear about this.”


“Wow! So Shinigami really do exist, huh..”

“The grim reaper has never looked cuter.”


“You’re a WHAAA-?!”

“Stupid! You’ve known me all these years and never told me this?”

“Well yeah, it’s cool, like, REALLY cool, but that’s not going to stop me from protecting you, just so you know.”


“A Shinigami? Hmph. Don’t get the idea in your fruitless head that you’re better than me, even if I’m a mortal, you answer to me only.”

“I’m not jealous. It’s perfectly normal for me to be wary of inhuman men, just because they have a couple of years added to their life they think they can wag their tail at any piece of meat they find.”



“As if it wasn’t bad enough that you’re older than me, I now come to realize that you’re centuries older than me? What a disgrace..”

“Listen, you! Don’t get all arrogant just because you can defeat evil spirits..and live for a long time..and have super strength..”

“Don’t laugh at me!”


“My goodness, is that so..?”

“The title of a soul reaper sounds too bleak for you, rather, you’re a dark angel, letting those around you pass on in peace.” Kenshin stfu


“Shinigami, is it..”

“That might be trouble for me when its my turn to pass on, I’d rather be stuck on Earth by your side.”


“Ooooh? Is that so? You’re quite lucky, you know! Even after hundreds of years you still look pretty as a picture.”

“When I die, I’ll just wander the Earth with you, I’d make a pretty kickass ghost, wouldn’t I?”


“I always knew there was something ethereal about you, I’m glad you told me.”

“You truly are Lady Sanada.”


“You have a power..just like me?”

“People don’t make you feel ashamed of it, do they..?”

“I’ll always think you’re special, so don’t worry.”


“Did you say soul reaper?”

“Ahahahaha! That’s amazing! Ahahahahahaha!”


“That means you’ll get to witness me die, what an honor..”

“Hm? You don’t want to see me die?”

“Then I guess I’ll try to stay alive. For you.”


“What? I..huh?”

“You’re messing with me again, aren’t you..”

“You aren’t? Oh..”

“I guess it doesn’t change who you are, though. Even if you were a human, you’d be kind, and..”

“I’d still fall in love with you..”



“No, no..I just..I need time to”

“I mean, not that there’s anything wrong being one or anything..”

“You’re a strong woman, through and through, and being a Shiginami has nothing to do with that.” It’s Shinigami you dumb bitch


“Damn, you’re serious?”

“Hey, you better not let Kenshin in about this, he’d probably lock you in his treasury and never let you out. Not that I’d let him, of course. Ain’t no one taking my soul reaper away from me.”

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Eric fumbled with his glasses before putting them on and ran a hand through his disheveled curls. “We c'n be more ‘en friends ‘f ye want,” he offered. “But ’m sorry 'is happened. I’d ta'e it back 'f I could, Red…”

“Pffff!” Grelle brought her knees to her chest, resting her chin on them. The ‘more than friends’ thing definitely didn’t bother her, but damn it!

“Darling, you have nothing to apologize for…”