beautiful riot

Diet and beauty culture thrive on guilt. Guilt over that delicious dessert. Guilt over that dress size. Guilt over those wrinkles. They teach you guilt and then they sell you the solution. Please, never feel guilty for existing. You are allowed to eat. You are allowed to take up space. You are allowed to age. You are allowed to exist in the body you have right now without spending all of your time, money and self worth to change it.
—  Megan Crabbe, Bodyposipanda
When you kiss my forehead it gives me fuzzy feeling in my tummy. Like a shot of vodka I go all warm. It’s such a better feeling then that poison. It’s good poison. Your my poison. Your my drug. Your my addiction. You injected me with your love. You made me want you. You make me positive. Your the one who cast this sad spell away from me. You protected me and that’s the reason your the one I want. No one else.
—  @poetpastry
I have always wished my body was a forest rather than flesh and bones. I would rather a wildfire burn me to the ground than be touched by the hands of a man who does not love me. At least the version of me that grows from the ashes will be more beautiful than the wreckage he will leave of my soul.
—  Nikita Gill, My Body, My Forest

Happy pansexual pride day from your local pansexual genderqueer flannel-wearing bitch in their new flower crown! I literally just finished making it - The person under the flowers might not be so cute, but the flowers, man. The flowers make the picture.

While many black men are online slandering black women and making fun of their hair and skin in real life, some black men are cherishing the fact that black women are the only women who have been there for them through thick and thin. Black men, black women are YOUR women. Do not belittle and put down the mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and wives of your own people. Black women love you, respect you, and cherish you. Please do the same for your women in return.

P.S. Black women, this goes for you too. Don’t belittle and berate your own men. Support and cherish them for the kings they are.