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This mind-blowingly beautiful crystal is called Chrysocolla!

For those of you looking for a crystal to add to or aide in your Chakra work, Chrysocolla is a fabulous choice. It is a very unique crystal, in the sense that is believed to impart a very calming energy through the Chakras. People use this crystal as a one-stop-shop for Chakra work because it has a really cool ability to cleanse and re-energize all of your Chakras!

Some people believe however, that where this stone really shines is the Throat Chakra.. As it really lends a hand to expressing yourself with your words. It’s a great talisman for those wanting to work on truthful and loving communication.. Have you ever been trying to relate to someone and you just can’t seem to find the right way to say something? Chrysocolla, in my experience, really helps with this!

Some Native American cultures placed a large value on this stone for its ability to bring a quiet, calm, inner strength to the wearer.

This is also a great stone if you’re looking for something to help with emotional balance. Are you quick to anger? Or are you an empath that finds it difficult to regulate their emotions in some situations? I identify as an empath, and this crystal has done wonders for me.

It has a great way of cooling off agitated emotions and leveling the mind. It’s believed to be one of the best for balance! And when you calm and quiet the mind, you can think more clearly, communicate better, and so much mental tension is reduced!

“Can’t see quiznak, Captain…”

Indo-Persian Armour, 19th C.

A rare and beautiful set from the property of a high ranked warrior, consisting in a khula-khud, a sipar, a bazu-band, a coat of mail, two points and two maces.

Helmet with hemispherical skull, cusp of squared section at the top, on a base shaped as a truncated cone; sliding nose-piece, two plume-holders; all engraved and gilt. Decorated with six, big, richly carved and pierced cartouches at the base, featuring Arabic writings, provided with twenty-four smaller cartouches, pierced with floral motifs and with gold frame; featuring a copper leaf under the cartouches. Silver-plated, Arabic writings at the border the skull. Red cloth lining at the inside. Mail neck defense consisting in small rings with simple closure (missing parts). Height: 60 cm circa. Featuring a big, round and convex, iron sipar, provided with four studs engraved and gilt with floral motifs; decorated with nine cartouches at the center, together with twelve, smaller ones, all richly pierced with floral motifs and gold frames, with a thin, copper leaf below. Silver-inlaid, Arabic writings among four bands decorated with flowers at the border; brass support at the border. A red cloth lining at the inside, with an old label, four suspension rings. Diameter: 46.7 cm. Bass-band decorated en suite, featuring a stylized face at the top, complete with plaques to close it and with sword-shell (defects), Length: 55 cm. Coat of mail consisting in rings with simple lock, some missing parts; neck with lined cloth, provided with fringes. Height: 60 cm circa. Neck: 10 cm. Two trident heads, one with damask structure and Arabic writings, decorated with horned head, snakes and floral motifs (Height: 55 cm), the other one with socket featuring silver decorations an cusp engraved with floral motifs and silver and gold decorations (height: 54.5 cm). Two iron maces, one with horned head and remains of silver decorations (77.5 cm), the other one with bull head and remains of silver decorations.

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Can you explain the difference between emerald and Rose quartz as the Taurus birthstone?

Taurus Birthstone: Emerald vs. Rose Quartz

Each stone is associated with a Zodiac Sign, sometimes multiple Signs, so each Sign has multiple birthstones. Different cultures and practices may determine different birthstones as well but they often have the same metaphysical properties, energies, and healing capabilities.

Birthstones are especially important for Taurus as it is an Earth Sign as well as ruled by Venus, queen of luxury and beauty, so the qualities of these stones - already poignant to a Taurus due to their association - will truly influence the individual.


Emerald is considered the stone of “Successful Love” because it is said to bring domestic bliss to your relationship and inspire the loyalty of others.

It enhances your memory, ability to discern right from wrong, and focus.

Emerald opens and activates the heart chakra, Anahata. It also clams the holder, instilling a sense of harmony within them.

It can assist the holder in breathing smoothly and rhythmically, treats illnesses which effect the lungs as well as the spine, heart and muscular system.

Emerald will help Taurus’s powerful love be as potent and healthy as possible. It will help Taurean love expand from material to spiritual as well as energize them to act when they may be inclined to hang back.

Rose Quartz

“Stone of Gentle Love”, Rose Quartz promotes feelings of love, especially self-love, and emits a soft, calm energy, providing anyone who holds or wears it with patience and a clear and open mind.

It balances yin-yang energies, attunes the chakras, and rejuvenates the holder by allowing negative energy to dissipate.

It is specifically potent in healing the Heart Chakra, Anahata, and Crown Chakra, Sahasrana.

Rose Quartz can heal the kidneys and adrenal glands, clear the body and skin of toxins, as well as assist in healing the heart.

The stone of love will help Taurus with their obstinate nature, insensitivity, and feelings of insecurity while bringing out their good characteristics: patience, loyalty, and calm.

As you can see Emerald and Rose Quartz have similar purposes and abilities and thus both relate well to Taurus, it just depends on what the Taurus needs to grow. / / @jaded_culture

One last thing for a while

I feel a little sad for you if you don’t live within driving distance of Farmlandia, and can’t have @monkeyfrog and @johnnnytooobaddd take you on a quiet walk around their beautiful property, with Lu tagging along and/or leading the way on a crisp November day under bright blue skies. 

I went out there for a while today to pick up my turkeys, and spending a couple hours there was the best possible medicine for my soul. Such amazing people, out there doing what they love. Even this big-city boy (whose values are apparently out of vogue henceforth, and is to blame for what happened, or something) could easily tell that every creature on that farm is happy and comfortable, and that’s no accident. That’s their work, that’s their passion. I wish they were just a skosh closer so I could do it more often.