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okay so APPARENTLY someone leaked Tyler and Jenna’s address. What would possess someone to do that, I have NO idea, but it’s a horrible thing to do. It invades their privacy and will probably result with people and paparazzi showing up at their house uninvited, which may end up with Tyler and Jenna moving from the beautiful property Tyler was so happy about on the livestream.

We can help preserve Tyler and Jenna’s privacy by stopping the address from spreading. If you see the address floating around, DO NOT:

  • like the post
  • share the post
  • try and find the location of the address (whether in real life or on google maps)
  • send any sort of letters or packages to the location
  • write down or keep the address
  • take a screenshot of the post, and ask why anyone would post it


  • report the post
  • urge your followers to take action by not spreading the post
  • tell others to report it
  • encourage other people in the clique to not send things to the address
  • encourage others to not try and find the address in real life or on google maps
  • protect tyler and jenna’s privacy in any other way you see fit

Tyler and Jenna have already been so kind to the clique, by sharing their lives and always being there for us. The least we can do is be respectful of their privacy and home, and do our best to remain a good and kind fanbase.


sleeping beauty dean ಥ‿ಥ

Beauty and the Beast - crystal bundle

Hello Moonlings!!

You know my fairy tale love is old, and I have to admit the coming out of the new Beauty and the Beast movie brought me a lot of inspiration. One of the ideas I got was to create Crystal Bundles inspired from fairy tales, both for my store, and for tumblr. The first one will, of course, be inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Each crystal has been picked because it made me think of a part of the movie, or the traits of the characters!

Sodalite: for the seeker of the truth behind the masks, just like the one of the beast. Sodalite will help you look at the truth within yourself but outside too. It will help you develop your psychic powers and a better understanding of the world

Citrine: Citrine will heal your soul like Belle healed the one of the Beast. This is a crystal of will, imagination, and manifestation. A perfect stone for Belle… and for you!

Calcite: this crystal is here to bring you peace, the calm after the tempest. It will help cleanse and protect your environment, as well as heal old wounds. This stone represents the change Belle brought to the Enchanted Castle, and to the Beast.

Carnelian: carnelian brings warmth and joy to the coldest heart, even the Beast’s! It will help you stay motivated and strong, as well as finding your inner courage!

Lapis Lazuli: symbol of royalty and honor, a perfect crystal to represent Belle, but also the Prince behind the Beast. It also represents wisdom and truth, two things very important in the story of Beauty and the Beast. The wisdom to learn, and the truth that needs to be discovered.

**This bundle is available for purchase here**
MoonTales Ig

This mind-blowingly beautiful crystal is called Chrysocolla!

For those of you looking for a crystal to add to or aide in your Chakra work, Chrysocolla is a fabulous choice. It is a very unique crystal, in the sense that is believed to impart a very calming energy through the Chakras. People use this crystal as a one-stop-shop for Chakra work because it has a really cool ability to cleanse and re-energize all of your Chakras!

Some people believe however, that where this stone really shines is the Throat Chakra.. As it really lends a hand to expressing yourself with your words. It’s a great talisman for those wanting to work on truthful and loving communication.. Have you ever been trying to relate to someone and you just can’t seem to find the right way to say something? Chrysocolla, in my experience, really helps with this!

Some Native American cultures placed a large value on this stone for its ability to bring a quiet, calm, inner strength to the wearer.

This is also a great stone if you’re looking for something to help with emotional balance. Are you quick to anger? Or are you an empath that finds it difficult to regulate their emotions in some situations? I identify as an empath, and this crystal has done wonders for me.

It has a great way of cooling off agitated emotions and leveling the mind. It’s believed to be one of the best for balance! And when you calm and quiet the mind, you can think more clearly, communicate better, and so much mental tension is reduced!


Brunch at the Top at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

“Can’t see quiznak, Captain…”

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I think about how Liam took time out of his busy body enhancement schedule to compliment Zayn on his graffiti wall. Like really compliment him. Not just like hey that's sick. Like really talk to him about it and commenting on which parts he liked and why and Zayn's face and expressions and Liam and Zayn and sob sob sob

LISTEN, that whole thing was straight out of Liam Payne’s Hoe Tricks journal. Liam risked passing out from paint fumes so he could work out shirtless while Zayn painted. That is dedication. That is the most classic of hoe tricks.

Liam took time out from setting his thirst traps for Zayn just to tell him that he lobed his graffiti and even picked out which neon shapeless teeth blobs were his favorite:

Liam didn’t just compliment Zayn one time. OH NUH. Liam is seen through the whole three minute video doing the real time version of poorly caps locked crying about how iconic Zayn’s art is roughly 812 times.  He even took the time to throw out the highest compliment he could think of: that Zayn’s graffiti teeth blobs* were something you would see in “New YAWK on a JAWG”. HE EVEN DID A HORRIBLE NEW  YORK ACCENT. HE DID THAT. 

I think my favorite part of it is after he says it to Zayn, he looks at the camera like he’s in The Office, extremely pleased with how well his Extraness and hoe tricks are panning out:

You know they had to edit it down for time because that three minutes was probably more like 6 ½ hours of Liam telling Zayn his art should be in the MoMA. Liam Payne won’t stand by and let the world spin some bullshit propaganda that there’s anyone that’s more deserving of lifetime membership in Zayn’s ass than Liam. Liam has land there, he maintains a beautiful property, and he put down real roots. 

In short,  I live for how much Liam went out of his way to make Zayn feel good about his art. 

*Zayn’s graffiti art is really ridiculous cool to be fair

Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 3]

Summary: [part 3] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ only

Days of you moping around and sobbing passed before you stepped foot out of your’s and Alfred’s shared room. He didn’t dare step foot in there once, not after he tried to sleep in there on your wedding night and you woke up screaming at the top of your lungs and crying out to him that you hated him and wanted to go home.

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