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This mind-blowingly beautiful crystal is called Chrysocolla!

For those of you looking for a crystal to add to or aide in your Chakra work, Chrysocolla is a fabulous choice. It is a very unique crystal, in the sense that is believed to impart a very calming energy through the Chakras. People use this crystal as a one-stop-shop for Chakra work because it has a really cool ability to cleanse and re-energize all of your Chakras!

Some people believe however, that where this stone really shines is the Throat Chakra.. As it really lends a hand to expressing yourself with your words. It’s a great talisman for those wanting to work on truthful and loving communication.. Have you ever been trying to relate to someone and you just can’t seem to find the right way to say something? Chrysocolla, in my experience, really helps with this!

Some Native American cultures placed a large value on this stone for its ability to bring a quiet, calm, inner strength to the wearer.

This is also a great stone if you’re looking for something to help with emotional balance. Are you quick to anger? Or are you an empath that finds it difficult to regulate their emotions in some situations? I identify as an empath, and this crystal has done wonders for me.

It has a great way of cooling off agitated emotions and leveling the mind. It’s believed to be one of the best for balance! And when you calm and quiet the mind, you can think more clearly, communicate better, and so much mental tension is reduced!

okay so APPARENTLY someone leaked Tyler and Jenna’s address. What would possess someone to do that, I have NO idea, but it’s a horrible thing to do. It invades their privacy and will probably result with people and paparazzi showing up at their house uninvited, which may end up with Tyler and Jenna moving from the beautiful property Tyler was so happy about on the livestream.

We can help preserve Tyler and Jenna’s privacy by stopping the address from spreading. If you see the address floating around, DO NOT:

  • like the post
  • share the post
  • try and find the location of the address (whether in real life or on google maps)
  • send any sort of letters or packages to the location
  • write down or keep the address
  • take a screenshot of the post, and ask why anyone would post it


  • report the post
  • urge your followers to take action by not spreading the post
  • tell others to report it
  • encourage other people in the clique to not send things to the address
  • encourage others to not try and find the address in real life or on google maps
  • protect tyler and jenna’s privacy in any other way you see fit

Tyler and Jenna have already been so kind to the clique, by sharing their lives and always being there for us. The least we can do is be respectful of their privacy and home, and do our best to remain a good and kind fanbase.

Beauty and the Beast - crystal bundle

Hello Moonlings!!

You know my fairy tale love is old, and I have to admit the coming out of the new Beauty and the Beast movie brought me a lot of inspiration. One of the ideas I got was to create Crystal Bundles inspired from fairy tales, both for my store, and for tumblr. The first one will, of course, be inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Each crystal has been picked because it made me think of a part of the movie, or the traits of the characters!

Sodalite: for the seeker of the truth behind the masks, just like the one of the beast. Sodalite will help you look at the truth within yourself but outside too. It will help you develop your psychic powers and a better understanding of the world

Citrine: Citrine will heal your soul like Belle healed the one of the Beast. This is a crystal of will, imagination, and manifestation. A perfect stone for Belle… and for you!

Calcite: this crystal is here to bring you peace, the calm after the tempest. It will help cleanse and protect your environment, as well as heal old wounds. This stone represents the change Belle brought to the Enchanted Castle, and to the Beast.

Carnelian: carnelian brings warmth and joy to the coldest heart, even the Beast’s! It will help you stay motivated and strong, as well as finding your inner courage!

Lapis Lazuli: symbol of royalty and honor, a perfect crystal to represent Belle, but also the Prince behind the Beast. It also represents wisdom and truth, two things very important in the story of Beauty and the Beast. The wisdom to learn, and the truth that needs to be discovered.

**This bundle is available for purchase here**
MoonTales Ig

Today’s crystal grid… featuring an Elestial Quartz cluster, Ammonite, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Lemurian Quartz points, and Fairy Stones!

We’ve been going through a lot of changes over here… getting the house cleaned up, getting rid of a lot of things, etc. I’ve been feeling super stressed and all over the place these last few days so I decided to really focus on grounding, settling crystals this time around.

Loving this vibe. Calming, protective, and GROUNDING AF. Feel better already.

(Some of these pieces are available in the shop! Including the big Elestial Quartz and the Fairy Stones)


Brunch at the Top at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


This is a beautifully polished example of Carnelian, one of my favorite crystals!

Folks… Carnelian has such an amazing energy. It’s been around for such a long time! The ancient Egyptians thought it represented the setting sun, and  warriors wore necklaces of carnelian into battle for courage and bravery.

Carnelian is thought to ignite passion and motivation in the soul of the wearer. It is definitely known by many as an energy booster. I wear this crystal around on the days I’m dragging a bit to energize and encourage me!

People also say it’s a great prosperity stone. It supposedly attracts new resources and good luck. Perfect for a new business or for the days your'e taking a chance.

Quite possibly my favorite property of Carnelian, however, is that it has been said to promote openness and a certain receptiveness. As a strong believer of peace and togetherness, I think we could all use a little more Carnelian in our lives!

It’s also one of the most passionate crystals out there! Great to keep in the bedroom.

Batboys Headcanon (+Bruce): The S/O Knows

Notes: This is headcanons for the Batboys, involving an S/O that is aware they are a superhero but just never brings it into conversation. I hope you enjoy, dude!

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Gabe, Jack, Hanzo, and Jesse getting a house with their s/o (just married)


  • It’ll be small, but not uncomfortably so. Just the right size for the WiFi to reach every inch of the house.
  • He’s practically living in the office of the house, he works so much. You leave coffee with hearts drawn on the cup at his desk every morning to lessen some of his stress.
  • The color theme is very monochromatic. There’s no bright colors except for some pops of red here and there on the pillows and curtains.
  • One bedroom, one bathroom. If there’s ever a need for more, you’d have to probably look towards getting another house.
  • Though there’s a lot of sharing of appliances, they’re all top notch. You two won’t have to worry about replacing sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, or toilets for a long time.


  • Green grass, backyard patio, and two stories. He’d make sure to take care of the lawn and help out with planning what to plant in front of the house.
  • He’s got the best looking grill ever to be found. Though he’s not the best at making food, he’ll insist on having a hamburger/ hot dog day every week.
  • There’s a large pool in the backyard. On some of those lazy days where you two want to relax, there’s also a hot tub complete with bubbles and color changing lights.
  • The master bedroom is huge. So is the bathtub and shower. The extra rooms in the house are turned into offices, but could easily be turned into a child’s bedroom should the need ever arise.


  • He wants the house to look perfect with  beautiful landscaping and architecture.
  • An elegant dragon statue in the middle of a koi pond would make Hanzo incredibly happy.
  • There’s absolutely no wearing shoes in the house. Please remove them before entering.
  • He wouldn’t care so much about the style of the house. He just wouldn’t want it to look like an eye sore.
  • The backyard would have an archery range in it just for Hanzo. It’d be incorporated into the landscaping. No random targets scattered around the yard.
  • He’d appreciate calming décor throughout the house. After all, he is a very tense man.
  • He wouldn’t mind the house having a jacuzzi or sauna.


  • A big ranch style house is ideal. He’d want a two story with lots of room to lounge around.
  • It’d have either a huge backyard/ frontyard, or plenty of acreage. He’d honestly want a horse to ride around his beautiful property.
  • Hikes throughout the property late in the day, he’ll pick wild sweet pea and stick it behind your ear after smelling the fragrant flower.
  • “Well now, darlin’, it’s just as sweet as you are.”
  • Wild flowers decorate the dinner table every day. Any time he’s out, he’ll bring back the prettiest ones he can find just for you.
  • There’s a fire pit in the backyard. He’ll drag you out on cold nights just to make s’mores and stargaze. He loves the smell of campfire smoke.