beautiful porches

Illustration I made for the Plants Are Friends art book, featuring one of my dear friends and her beautiful front porch. She has so many house plants (a lemon tree even!) and the care that she gives them every day is admirable. I wish I had as much of a green thumb, but I’ve only got 3 plants and they’re well..*surviving*. I try.

Mutant and Proud - Alex Summers Imagine

Request: Anonymous-  Heya can you do an Alex summer imagine we’re he like just moved into the readers street? Thank you 😊

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1,097

Pairing: Alex Summers x Mutant!Reader

A/N: Sorry I’m trying to write all my request, so I apologize for posting them so late.


Getting new neighbors was honestly that last thing you expected. Not many people bothered stay in your street for too long. Everyone always wanting to leave. Apparently having a mutant as a neighbor didn’t go by as a good thing, especially by those who had kids. It wasn’t your fault, you were born this way. Your parents saw you as their perfect daughter, you were there pride joy, rather than judging you like the rest, they stood by your side and defended you. They understood that this was as much their doing than your’s, so they taught you how to control your powers. You were given invisibility, after your parents were exposed to a cosmic storm they some how passed down their DNA to you. You were able to create these light waves that rendered any object and yourself to turn invisible.

School wasn’t any easier, kids called you a freak growing up, sure you’ve heard it many times, but what hurt the most was that at some point you were starting to believe them as well. Invisibility did help in situations like being picked on, you were able to hide yourself and get away from bullies. But in other cases if sort of seemed to scare off people.

“Morning sweetie” Your mom and dad were sat down at the kitchen counter doing their morning routine.

“Morning bug”

“Morning mom, morning dad” You gave each a kiss on the cheek. 

You went to the fridge to serve yourself some juice when you caught a glimpse of a moving truck across the street through the window.

“Who’s moving this time?” You joked as you took a sip of your glass.

“Actually we have new neighbors” You choked on your drink.

“W-What are you serious” You looked at your mom shocked.

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