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littleprincessshum  asked:

Bad days don't define us, not even at those times where there are far more bad days than good days. The good times will come when you're done having an overwhelming amount of bad days and the good days will outshine the bad ones so much that it almost makes the bad days of the past seem like they weren't that bad after all. Keep spreading positivity and it shall come back to you someday.

Sonia this is soooo true and adorable !! ❤️

You really are a nice and good person, spread love and positivity everywhere and it’s a good start to receive it. Don’t except to receive if you don’t give a little, reciprocally, give as much as you can and you’ll receive at least a little for your kindness, that’s what my parents taught me.

It’s always a good thing to say beautiful, kind, gentle, nice things, even if people remember always the bad things first, they can remember great things about you easily if this is a habit. 💛