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A Very Important Note About Submitting Artwork

hello swamp friends, cecil here! 
Since people are begin to draw a thing and submit them to This Frog, please do not forget to sign your artwork!
cecil want everyone to know who made these beautiful thing, to make sure artists get the recognition you deserve! and there is on tumblr a problem of people deleting the original commentary on these posts, which is where your name is on these submissions! Also, gives protection to you as an artist if someone bad person were to steal these beautiful drawings and sell them.

So, is not a rule, am frog not police, but an encourage. if not comfortable with name (i understand this) write your url!
you deserve to Be Found for your beautiful creatings! no point in sharing on this Large Blog of frog if not be recognised later. 

many sticky hugs to all of you tadpoles, ily

anonymous asked:

This is a very weird question, I'm sorry! I love when you talk about Norway and norwegian traditions, it's really interesting. It seems to be a very beautiful country, I've been on a holiday in Denmark, Finland and Sweden but I have never visited Norway. Could you share more about Norway? What's your favourite city/town/region, what's your favourite tradition? What's the most common thing norwegian people do that we do not do in other countries?

ahh, thank you for this question, anon!! i lovelovelove norway so i’m glad people are interested💖

i love oslo, a LOT. i know a lot of norwegians don’t like oslo (primarily people who haven’t lived in oslo lol), but i think it’s a beautiful city with lots of culture, great architecture, beautiful nature (nordmarka and oslofjorden are beautiful, fucking FIGHT ME!!) and interesting people. 

i think bergen is beautiful as well, i highly recommend visiting!! especially taking the train form oslo to bergen - hardangervidda is really scenic and just.. breathtaking. 

i really enjoyed the scenery etc. when i lived in northern norway last fall. midnight sun is really something ahh and ofc, the northern lights. 

i’ve never been, but i’d love to visit ålesund and lofoten!!

my fav tradition off the top of my head, is ahh probably the 17th of may (the constitution day)? dressing up in a bunad or formal clothing and going out to see the parade.. waving at the royal family while they’re stood at the castle balcony.. it just fills me with so much pride and joy over my country <3

hmm idk every time i mention something norwegians do, i get like 10 people in my inbox saying “WE DO THIS IN SO-AND-SO COUNTRY TOO, YOU’RE NOT SPECIAL” ahhaha so idk?? it’s very common to go cross-country skiing with your family during winter, especially during easter. when you stop for a break, lots of people eat oranges and “kvikk lunsj”. that’s like.. super norwegian haha (^:


He watched her all evening: laughing with his sister, as Aaliyah showed her embarrassing baby pictures—he made a mental note to kill Aaliyah later—, learning how to cook the dinner his dad was preparing, her eyes glued intensely to the recipe, picking out a film with his mum and bonding over their shared hatred of Elf, he just didn’t get that one at all.

She caught him looking at her sometimes and he just smiled weakly, feeling his heart in his chest. She would poke her tongue out at him or scrunch his nose and he would laugh and be pulled back to the ground. She had this magical way of keeping his two feet on the ground whilst pushing him into the clouds.

She had been at his family home for three days now and it was Christmas Eve. His extended family was over and they were all in the living room laughing and talking. He scanned the room for her upon entering and found her immediately. He squeezed past his aunts and tiptoed around his little cousins to plop down on the couch beside her.

The second he sat down she pulled herself out of an animated conversation with his eldest cousin and her husband. He felt his heart catch in his throat as she smiled at him. Her hair falling gently down her back, her freckles smattering her face, and her Christmassy red lips made him speechless.

“Hi you,” She said, “Where’d you go?”

“Kitchen,” Shawn said indicating to the glass in his hand, “What were you guys talking about?”

“Well, your lovely girlfriend was telling us all about her job, she’s a keeper, truly, Shawn,” His cousin’s husband said smiling.

“Yeah, she’s alright,” Shawn joked scrunching his nose at his blushing girl.

“Mummy,” interrupted a small voice, grasping the attention of the two young couples. A small girl in uneven pigtails started grabbing at the shirt of his cousin. They wished Shawn goodnight as they went to deal with their little one, leaving the two of them alone.

“Wanna go get some air?” Shawn said scanning the room which had become crowded and loud with the addition of his little cousins—returning from a “Secret Christmas Adventure, Shawn, you wouldn’t understand.”

She nodded her nose pressed against his shoulder, sliding her hand into his as they moved out of the room, unnoticed in the chaos.

They stood out on his back porch for a while, embracing the cold temperature and the freshly falling snow. Shawn wrapped his arms around her from behind kissing the top of her head as they looked out at the moon kissed snow.

“I love your family,” She said, shattering the silence.

“They love you, too,” Shawn said smiling, his chin resting on her head.

“Thank you for inviting me,” Her hand finding his, giving it a small squeeze at the end of her sentence. He kissed the side of her head and smiled as he smelled her familiar shampoo.

“Do you remember how nervous you were when you met them for the first time?” He said laughing, thinking of the memory.

“Nope, Shawn I’m just gonna go home I think,” She said her voice shaking in the airport terminal.

“No, you’re not. They are going to love you and if they don’t, which isn’t gonna happen, I love you and that’s pretty important, no?” Shawn reminded her firmly.

“Oh my god is that them? Is it?” She squeaked.

“No dear, they’re waving to the people behind us,” He said pulling her closer to him. They were standing in the cold outside of the airport. Her hand grabbed his tightly as his parents and sister approached them.

“I thought you were gonna break my hand the way you grabbed it so tightly,” He cackled.

“Little did you know, I was only holding your hand to leech your warmth,” She said in a dignified voice.

“You’re full of it,” He said still recovering from his laugh. He pulled her in to kiss her.

“I love you,” She said softly, snowflaked falling on her eyelashes.

He felt his heart catch once again. It’s funny how one person can catch your heart and hold it so tightly, perhaps without realizing it at all. He looked at her in the moonlight and the way that she smiled at him and the little chip in her front tooth and he just knew. Sometimes you just know.

Leo, this ghost you’ve nicknamed terror is really called courage.

Virgo, you do not have to be liked to be powerful.

Aquarius, nothing is infinite unless you make it so.

Pieces, lay waste to the versions of yourself living in other people’s heads.

Libra, one day you will forget what it was to hurt like this.

Sagittarius, you do not need any excuses to love.

Taurus, you are the beautiful stranger that people tell their children about.

Capricorn, you deserve the light that is coming to you.

Gemini, your heart is a riptide.

Cancer, it does not have to speak your language to be beautiful.

Aries, sometimes getting out of bed is the strongest thing you can do.

Scorpio, let yourself close this chapter without regret.

—  topaz winters // little horoscopes for september
those little things the signs do

aries: when they crinkle their generally dark favoring features when they laugh or cry

taurus: when they unleash that profound laughter when genuinely amused

gemini: when they stop talking and listen the intent interest they give the speaker is one of a kind

cancer: when they let themselves be embarrassed for once without repercussions 

leo: when they obsess greatly over someone or something they are transfixed and so serious

virgo: when they are finally able to hide a secret - people eventually find out

libra: when they spread their beauty to other people they become more beautiful themselves

scorpio: when they are feeling most deep and overlly complex they are most alive

sagittarius: when they regret it fills up their entire mindset for days

capricorn: when they have fun - they mean FUN, they will forget about progress to be made on other accomplishments

aquarius: when they believe they have lost something they care about - they recover, but wont admit it

pisces: when they are mentally strong and mentally weak at the same time 

  • BROWN: Have you ever been put off by a character's physical description in a script?
  • NEGGA: Oh yeah. I fucking hate the world "beautiful." Sorry, I shouldn't be swearing. I just hate the word "beautiful."
  • BROWN: Have you seen that Twitter account where they quote the first line of all the female character descriptions they come across in screenplays, and it's just "Beautiful, but mysterious" over and over again?
  • NEGGA: No I haven't. That's a relief that people are noticing it and trying to fight against that shite! It may sound lame, but it's such a static word. It doesn't do anything. It's not helpful in its descriptive nature. There are no actions involved in "beautiful." It's such an inactive thing and it's so subject to each individual's taste and appreciation. It's a lovely word, but I feel like it's been hijacked by really boring, dull people who don't understand how to use words.
psa to skinny people:

if a fat person refers to themself as fat do NOT jump in and say things like “nooo you’re not fat you’re beautiful!!”
being fat and being beautiful are not mutually exclusive. many of us call ourselves fat casually because that’s what we are, not to get ‘compliments’. telling us we can’t be fat and beautiful at the same time only makes it harder for some people to accept and love their bodies.

  • Smarter People: Separate their fandoms, keep their blogs neat, keep their own creations in a clean neat area.
  • Me: Eeeehhh. *finger guns*
  • .
  • Other Writers: Meticulously triple check their writing before posting it. Spend days writing something.
  • Me: Churns something out at like 5am in 30mins and then passes out. Has to reread it the next day just to remember what I wrote.
if you're having a bad day, remember:
  • Aries: You are important and matter in this world.
  • Taurus: People appreciate you more than you know, no matter where you go.
  • Gemini: You are the warmth of the fire, and under no circumstance will anyone put you out because you are strong.
  • Cancer: The 'you' you are is beautiful.
  • Leo: The person you are is worth every penny, every second, every word, everything.
  • Virgo: You have grown so much, and being hurt right now is you growing more.
  • Libra: No matter the circumstance, you will get through this because you are the amazing person you are today.
  • Scorpio: You have what it takes, you earned everything you have, you should never doubt yourself.
  • Sagittarius: You make positive differences in other's lives, and you should know that the kindness you bring will never be forgotten.
  • Capricorn: All things go, and this moment of sadness and pain will soon come to pass too.
  • Aquarius: The sun will come out soon to smile down at you and you'll soon smile back.
  • Pisces: You deserve so much more than what they give you.
  • ~ And, above all, remember that you are all loved. There is always going to be someone that misses you. Your life matters. ~
10 reasons to love yourself

1. You are the only person you’ve 100% got and you are the most important person in your life
2. Your body gets you to new places and helps you experience new things
3. The more you love yourself the happier you’ll be
4. You have people you love and things you enjoy and that makes you a good and interesting person
5. However small, you do have a sense of humour and your laugh is beautiful if you believe it or not
6. There is always people who will miss you and like love you and if they love you why don’t you love yourself?
7. You’re are beautiful
8. There is no one like you, you bring something special because of all your experiences and skills
9. You have the ability to help people and brighten their day
10 your are always growing into a new and better person

Trans people are awesome

My favorite thing to do is call a trans person by the right pronouns, and how it makes them so happy sometimes to the point where they cry, because they have to deal with so many people calling them the wrong pronouns. I love calling trans boys handsome, gender fluid/neutral people beautiful, and trans girls pretty. Because everyone is beautiful, but trans people are spectacular. I hate people putting them down because the trans community is awesome. I love knowing trans people who support me, because they always know I’ll do the same. 

I am actually okay with how I look right now as I know my face will become more feminine and my hair will grow much longer. Even though I don’t consider myself too beautiful, I guess I do look feminine by now so I won’t suffer from dysphoria much more, except in school where everyone knows about me. Also, I think that some cis people think being trans is about looking as beautiful as possible, which is not the fact. Being trans is not about posting selfies to make someone think you’re beautiful. In fact, it’s all about how the person feels. If they need appreciation, that’s alright. If they want to be perceived feminine, let them make pictures of themselves… I feel like many cis people consider this an exhibition thing, which it isn’t. A lot of lgbt people suffer from dysphoria and just want to feel valid. By now, I have learned that I should not care about the opinion of any person I don’t know who thinks I am “not a real girl” or “just a guy” or anything.
Like, all I want to say is that being trans is such a personal thing and it’s not all about looking good but about feeling so.

I never really understood why people left marks on beautiful things - initials on trees, spray paint on walls - until I realized we do it to the hearts of people we love all the time.
—  maybe the marks we leave are what’s beautiful

taurus, for a sign ruled by venus, you sure do have problems with channeling your inner beauty. you LOVE beautiful things, and you’re probably the one who invented the expression “shop ‘til you drop”, but do you ever buy beautiful things for your friends and family? nah, you’ll come home with armfuls of shopping bags, but not one thing is for your mom. in fact, you probably bought the dog a chew toy before you thought of buying something for the people in your life, even if they’re the ones supplying you with money. yikes.

the expectations you place on people are brutalizing. you expect people to pay for your shit, to call you when they say they will, and always look presentable, but you can never seem to manage to give anything in return. and when confronted about it, you get agitated and say “I will do better this time, I promise!” Taurus, when? you sure take your time doing things, even if you’re literally rotting away in the state you’re in now. even if everyone leaves you. even if all your money drains away. somehow you can’t work up the gall to get your ass up and make an effort to fix things. 

you live in constant fear of being unsafe, of not having enough. but once you have your basic needs, the animal, “survival first” part of your brain needs to switch off and let your human brain, your human empathy take over. before you lose something REALLY important.

reasons why I procrastinate :

  • I’m bored 
  • There are too many exciting things around 
  • There are too many exciting things in my mind
  • There are too many exciting things to look forward to
  • I’m too tired to work but not tired enough to sleep 
  • I don’t even realize time is flying away
  • I know the lyrics of the songs playing in the background
  • Fictional ships are amazing 
  • Fictional worlds as well 
  • I’m hungry 
  • I have to learn 3600 theories made by other people, by heart, while I don’t especially share all of their views nor agree with everything they say/said and still fucking have to write 20 pages about them while I just believe it’s mostly bullshit (like if my marks should depend on how much I do understand some chauvinist and classist and whatever bullshit..)
  • I want to sleep
  • Tumblr, and people’s beautiful aesthetics on here
  • The world is too beautiful; nature is too wonderful
  • The thing I have to do seems irrelevant to me right now
  • The thing is actually very relevant to me, so I’d really like to put all of my energy into it, but don’t actually feel like I’m having this energy at the moment, thus doing the thing now wouldn’t do it any justice in my head
  • I think I will have enough time, even if it’s last minute
  • I’m just too fucking used to procrastinating 

them: smh moana is just brown rapunzel :///


Things that give me hope:

Thomas Sanders (funny and kind and supportive and inclusive and just downright the best human being)

Pokémon Go and the amazing community involvement! Raising money for charities! Events at local zoos! Even a Pokémon Go themed bar crawl (with team shirts being sold, again to raise money for a children’s hospital!)

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary (I’m so glad Leo’s doing better!)

Jeffrey Marsh (beautiful and constantly reminding people how amazing they are and encouraging them to love themselves and I’m so excited for their book coming out next month!)

Lin-Manuel Miranda (his good morning and good night tweets inspire people to dream and create and believe in themselves) (thanks to @hawkeyesout-punks for reminding me that Lin needed to be included on this post!)

There’s been a lot of awful things in the news lately, just reminding myself (and everyone) that there are good and beautiful people in the world.