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P A R T   T W O 

Summary: You, working as an assistant at one of the world’s leading companies for technology and innovation, happen to run into Bucky Barnes– a man so far out of your comfort zone.

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: more swearing, smut is coming I s2g

A/N: holy shit balls formatting a fic and linking everything is so time consuming idk how you beautiful people do it. I appreciate you, organized blogs <3 ok anyway enjoy xx

Masterlist | Part One | Part Three

You barely had time to close the door behind you before you kicked off those killer heels and began shimmying out of your pencil skirt. By the time you made it to your en suite bathroom, you were naked from the waist down and ready for the longest, hottest bubble bath of your life. Ridding yourself of the rest of your clothes, you picked a bath bomb from the jar beside the bath and plunked it in.

You had exactly 6 minutes of peace before there was frantic knocking at your door.

“(Y/N)!” You immediately recognized the voice of another assistant of Tony’s who lived a floor below you.

“Yes, Viv? I just got off my shift!” You made sure to sound extra irritated in hopes she’d leave you alone for at least 30 more minutes.

“I know I’m sorry, but it’s Stark. He wants you to meet for dinner with him at 7:00.”

“Vivienne?” You replied, calmly. “What time is it?”

“Twenty after,” Vivienne replied, noticeably quieter now that she had realized the position you were in. Luckily, your hair hadn’t gotten wet and you’d soaked just long enough for the floral scent of the bath bomb to sink into your skin.

“Viv?” you questioned again.

“Yeah?” She answered.

“Can you grab something for me to wear? And can you do my hair like you did for that last charity dinner?”

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