beautiful people

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I really love this blog! I check it everyday not only to see new fics and scenarios, but also to listen to the stories of the anons which always make my day :)

Awwwww I’m glad, anonnie~ ;3; My anons and their stories make my day too, tbh 

- Devi ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

I went on a date tonight (it was good, he was quite adorable) and we were chatting with the waitress and mentioned it was our first date, and when he went to the bathroom she came back over to me and first said how cute he was and whatnot, and then was like, if you start to feel uncomfortable and need me to call you a cab, our safe word will be “can I get some more bread?” and honestly that was just the nicest thing and I hope she gets everything she wants in life.