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I’d post this privately but I kinda wanna get it out. I’d post this on Facebook but it’s not the platform that feels like it helps. I wish I could express to my country that what happened in Manchester wasn’t ‘pointless’. So many call it a senseless act of violence and that the UK is so strong and will always carry on so there’s ‘no point’. But the point isn’t the damage, the point is the poison. Too many of us turn inward and wave the flag and shriek for the love of their country. It’s not what we should be doing. We should be standing tall for the love of decent humanity. We should be fighting with knowledge not defiance. Knowledge that we are being poisoned with lies and hatred for our Muslim siblings, for the peoples in need who are yet to be our citizens. The faceless enemy are not fighting with bombs. They’re fighting with seeds of ruin so that we can feed our children with the fruit of hate, so that we suspect anyone who looks different and make them isolated and vulnerable. We turn on our allies and give the enemy new soldiers. We blame the blameless and conveniently forget that more people die behind the locked doors of our own people than a few loud and public tragedies. If we want to save our people, we need to understand who our people are.

um if anyone’s online rn…. a cute girl who I don’t really know asked me to prom and idk what to do im kinda stressing out