beautiful orchids

flowers for the yoi characters

yuuri: lilac- first love, holly- domestic happiness, forget-me-not- remember me forever, freesia- spirited

viktor: iris- inspiration, pink roses- admiring and appreciation, red roses- passionate love, black-eyed susan- encouragement

yurio: jasmine- grace and elegance, orchid- delicate beauty, white roses- purity, amaryllis- dramatic

phichit: gladiolus- strength of character, geranium- comfort, yellow chrysanthemums - cheerful

makkachin: yarrow- good health


Fairyslipper Orchids (Calypso Bulbosa) are a beautiful orchid native to the forests of the Pacific Northwest. They grow in rich soils in thick forests and depend on soil fungi for providing nutrients. Each individual fairyslipper has only one leaf and one blossom. These orchids depend on pollination by deception in that they lure insects to visit their deliciously perfumed blossoms, but no reward of nourishing nectar is provided. They also attract photographers and botanical enthusiasts like myself and my good friend Lorien Inksong. We get the reward of taking home some nice photos to share here.