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I Carry In My Arms by Ben Hur
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OMG - can’t believe I hit 500 (511 now!).  You guys are all so great.  I can’t tell you enough how much your comments mean to me.  My goal is to build/decorate houses that people would really want to live in - I think I accomplish that sometimes!

Soooo - 500 follower gift is my Modern Industrial house.

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Beautiful CC by: @daer0n @leo-sims @michelleabstuff @13pumpkin31 @sympxls @mxims @pralinesims @dreamteamsims @bluehoppersimming and more. Amazing windows and doors by @minc7878

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Hey I'm watching hwarang and I'm confused on what is a Wonhwa and how it relates to the show?

Wonhwa and Hwarang

How does Hwarang and Wonhwa relate to the show? Actually, they shouldn’t relate to it at all because both institutions WERE FOUNDED BY JINHEUNG in the final years of his reign (25 years after the events of the drama). There seems to be some misunderstanding going around in the fandom that the Wonhwa were the spiritual leaders of Hwarang - that is WRONG. Wonhwa (”The Original Flowers”) was an official position held by females prior to the founding of Hwarang and only it’s failure and abolition led to the actual estabilishment of Hwarang. Don’t believe the stuff you read on Wikipedia - they are often inaccurate; Wonhwa wasn’t some group of female warriors or nuns either.

King Jinheung was a great admirer of beauty and sought to surround himself with beautiful people and objects because he believed that beautiful spirit resided in a beautiful body. Towards the end of his reign, he held contests and selected the two most attractive young women, NAMMO and JUNJEONG, to become known as Wonhwa. Each of them lead a group of some 300 YOUNG MALE FOLLOWERS. Jinheung expected that if a woman was well trained in moral principles such as modesty, loyalty and filial piety, and subsequently, if every young man was ethical, they could attain the country’s well-being. However, a deadly competition between the two Wonhwa flared up. Junjeong grew jealous of Nammo’s beauty so she lured her to drink until she was intoxicated and killed her. The young men who were associated with the murdered Wonhwa mourned her disappearance and disbanded. Junjeong was executed for her crime and her followers lost their unity and the group was dissolved.

The king was disturbed that it had come to such an end and he abolished the position of Wonhwa and created a new institution called Hwarang which consisted of beautiful males from noble families who were then trained SINCE CHILDHOOD in the beliefs of Hwarang.