beautiful nonetheless


Teal’c entrusting his son to Jack | 7x04 Orpheus

Boy Groups + Recent Concepts

EXO: monsters/mafias/hospital patients

BTS: #thuglife fuk da police BITCH FIREEEEEEEEEE

Seventeen: cute high school boys! most of the time

Monsta X: criminals/bad boys/some trippy gang stuff I don’t even know

ToppDogg: party animals

24K: high school delinquents

NCT U: i honestly have no idea but EAT JIN AND OPEN YOUR EYES

ASTRO: fucking soda bottles. they are literally motherfucking soda bottles. and there’s a duck. A D U C K.

She is the kind of beauty that gently falls on your lips like snowflakes softly falling to the ground, silent, subtle, fragile to touch, but beautiful nonetheless. She is made of winter, thunderstorms, and scars, yet she possesses the gentlest touch for the broken souls. When you meet her, you probably won’t notice her right away, for hers is the beauty that whispers ever so subtly to your soul, capturing your heart and soul first before entrancing your eyes.
—  cynthia go // Sleeping beauty
AU where viktor and yuuri are both artists...

and viktor is up there with all the greats– a living legend. His works are displayed and appreciated all over the world, each piece worth millions and millions of dollars, and no one in his generation can even come close to his sheer talent and technique. His pieces shake the world of arts, each one so different and original, yet beautiful nonetheless.

but after his last showcase titled ‘Evanescence’, viktor has been quiet, with no news of any future projects or exhibitions.

Yuuri is a street artist, who has fallen into a big slump. With no recognition and a broken self-esteem, he books a train ticket to Tokyo to view his idol’s Evanescence exhibition, in hopes of getting inspiration. While there, Yuuri sees a piece that grips his heart: Stay Close to Me. It is a beautiful explosion of violets mixed in with strokes of ebony and gold; the colours of royalty. He is absolutely captivated by the way the hues intertwine to form such ethereal beauty, and his fingers itch with inspiration and colours and art. 

He rushes out and wants to paint, but an ordinary canvas feels too small to contain the overwhelming feelings inside him. And so, he finds a bigger one, and as night turns to day, a plain wall in the middle of Tokyo turns into art, filled with brilliant blues and gold, a response to viktor’s plea. 


He writes, at the very center of the piece. As he views his completed masterpiece, he feels something he hasn’t felt for a long time while looking at his works: Pride. 

It is with this emotion that he boldly writes, in striking white, two characters.


He leaves thinking that it’ll just be treated as simple vandalism, but instead, pictures of his masterpiece begin circulating on the net, with the whole world wanting to know who the mysterious artist is. Unbeknownst to him, his childhood friend who recognised the signature reveals his identity. 

It isn’t long before the legend himself hears that the man who responded to his piece, the man who painted with beautiful colours, was named Katsuki Yuuri. He flies to Japan after some contemplating, declaring Yuuri his disciple, and brings him to the most prestigious school of the arts in the world. Yuuri is admitted both because of Viktor’s endorsement, and because of his piece that resonated in the world of the arts. 

And thus begins their journey to help Yuuri win the annual competition held in the school, that is paid attention to by the entire artistry world. On their journey they meet many other talented artists, as well as find themselves learning about life and love. 

Dang this was meant to be just a short little idea I had, but I ended up wanting to write more. I initially had a different plot, but i opted for this instead (though if you guys wanna see it just holler ;D). I hope you don’t mind how plain the writing is, I tried to make it simple and cut down the words because I realised midway that I didn’t want to end up writing an actual chapter summary, but rather just a short scenario! 

also, please don’t use this idea without permission c: I’m contemplating making this an actual novel, what do you guys think? :D 


Not a popular ship but a beautiful ship nonetheless

So I just realized the way they designed Squidward’s costume, a pose like this would be impossible. He can’t sit down  in that damn thing at all actually, because the top part of the fake legs are…if you’ll excuse the directness, protruding out of his ass, the bottom connected to his ankles, so every time he bends his real legs forward the prosthetic ones always bend backwards. So I just screwed the technical details of how said costume works and just drew Squidward here how he has his four legs in the cartoon, with the extra pair not ALWAYS facing backwards. There’s only so many solutions that fake legs could move (notice Squidward is a little restricted with his movement when he tries to high kick in his chorus line…can’t go too far up without possibly ripping his pants, now can he?) but they did a beautiful job. Nonetheless it must be a total bitch to wear it eight shows a week for a two hour show where you actually can’t sit down and how weird it must feel to walk with an extra pair of limbs hanging off your backside (a better question is: how does he use the restroom during intermission? Does he have to slip the whole thing off…I mean what a pain in the ass that would be cuz there’s also a leotard underneath the trousers…or???? This costume raises more questions than answers and I should just stop)


$1000 La Prairie Skin Caviar Facial Review | Beauty With Mi Featuring HeyFranHey | Refinery29

Refinery29 writes:

Okay. $1000 is a pretty steep price for a beauty treatment. Nonetheless, we’re willing to try anything that might have a great skincare outcome. Beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan tests out the validity behind this luxury skincare perk.

Right inside the Ritz-Carlton New York Central Park Hotel is La Prairie Spa that offers this luxe delight. The caviar facial is supposed to leave your skin feeling bright and well-hydrated. Yes, $1000 is more than some of our rent (ask Mi-Anne) but if it’s worth it, would you treat yourself to this luxe, caviar facial?

Follow along with Mi-Anne Chan and Francheska aka Hey Fran Hey to see how they felt about their spa day. 

no one gave me a Stevonnie to draw so i just. used a random number generator and made my own. and i got what are probably the most summery and wintery outfits in the whole show lol. so they’re a mess! but a beautiful lovely mess nonetheless

What a trio!

Isn’t this the most adorkable trio you ever laid eyes on? What a team they would make!!

We have now seen the brilliance of Thomas and Nick together in a couple of Playlist vines….. who else would trade their left arm and a bag of Cheetos to see a Nick/Jon Cozart collaboration?

All three together would, I fear, be simply too much joy for our little hearts to bear…. but a beautiful dream nonetheless…..



i was thinking of being cuddled just now and i started crying???

i dont know why?? it came out of literally nowhere.

i was just imagining how nice it would be to be held by somebody. how warm and soft and alive they would be…them nuzzling their nose into my hair and pressing their face to my cheek. the warmth of their breath…their chest rising and falling…the smoothness of their skin…a kiss on the cheek or a surprise raspberry ;) (god why am i crying over this…?)

i dont even want sex. just give me this right here


my sun playthrough doodles! ft me and my gay-for-Lillie ass. Heipo is my starter, he is fat but beautiful nonetheless. Trombone just evolved into a Toucannon and im happy :DDD Hes a pompadour/greaser with a passion for self-care and initially a douche. one day he’ll apologize to Heipo, one day. until then heipo will grill his bird ass for ever insulting him for his weight.

will post more doodles later