beautiful nail colour

Halloween/ Autumn Imagines

Evie makes everyone Pumpkin Ice Blended drinks.

Mal enchants the pumpkins to carve out what the carver is thinking. This led to Jay’s pumpkin having Carlos face covered in chocolate carved into his pumpkin, and Carlos’s having Jay wearing his Tourney jersey on his.

Mal paints Evie’s nails beautiful fall colours for her. Mal hates it, but she does it for Evie.

When it’s especially cold, Ben gives Mal his Varsity jacket and hums Did I mention under his breath.

Carlos and Jay forces everyone to run through the fallen leaves to hear the satisfying crunching sounds, but mostly because they want some alone time in their dorm.

On Halloween Jay hears that Carlos wants to do a couples costume. Carlos wants to dress up as Aladdin. On the Halloween party Jay comes dressed up as Jasmine, to realise that Dude was also wearing a Jasmine costume.

Mal dresses up as her mother. Although she decides to be good, she doesn’t want to forget where she came from.

Evie just shows up in a simple dress. She went to the party as the ‘Fairest of them all’.

Ben thought he was doing a couples costume with Mal and accidentally shows up dressed as a strawberry.