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Can’t Stop Loving You (Jasper Hale x Reader) Part II

Prompt: “omg omg a part two to your imagine ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ where Jasper and the reader get married and he buys her an island as a wedding gift like Carlisle did for Esme” (requested)

Word Count: 769

A/N: I’m trying new ways to narrate the story and I’m not sure if I like this completely, sorry if it’s shitty, I’m just trying to find something that I’m comfortable with! Also, I hope the anon that requested this likes this, thanks for requesting <3  

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Part I

It wasn’t a secret that Jasper loved to spoil her mate, everyone on the Cullen clan knew that and they secretly loved it, they were extremely happy that Jasper found someone as good as (Y/N) and it was obvious how lost in love with her he was.

In fact, his love was so big that he proposed to her and in less than a month the wedding was being prepared, of course, that wasn’t a surprise at all, after all, Alice was involved in every little detail of the wedding.

After all the preparations the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, when (Y/N) walked down the aisle with Carlisle at his side Jasper thought he never saw anything as beautiful as her, her long dress hugging her body perfectly, her eyes shining but what made himself fall in love with her once more was her smile, that smile that she gave to him and only to him, that carried so much love and affection that he felt lucky to have her.

At the end of the party, everyone cheered as the happy couple went off on a car that would take them to the airport, little did (Y/N) know what Jasper had prepared for her.

The entire ride Jasper couldn’t help but look at her stunning wife lost on her flawless face and features.

“Love, stop staring please” she asked in between giggles, she could feel the gaze of Jasper on her and even if it didn’t make her uncomfortable she wanted him to stop.

“I’m just thinking of everything that happened back there” he grabbed her hand and stared at the ring that now decorated her finger, making him smile “And I couldn’t be happier, love” he leaned forward and connected their lips on a slow kiss, when they broke apart he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I may have bought a gift for you” he started and before she could even protest he continued “and a big one this time”

She sighed but laughed anyway “I swear Jasper, you are unstoppable” she gave him a little peck on the lips “Please tell me is not something extravagant”

“Well…” He hugged her by the waist and brought her closer to his body “You will have to see” he winked and kissed her again.

The rest of the ride was quiet, both of them enjoying each other’s company and sharing small kisses now and then.

When they got to the airport they got on a private plane, Jasper telling her that she deserved anything and they could have more privacy that way.

“Love, when we arrive, I will have to cover your eyes, the rest is a surprise” he said holding her hand and kissing her knuckles.

“Oh god, I wonder what my surprise is then” she giggled and leaned into his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

Once the ride was over Jasper did as he told her, he carefully guided her to a car that would take them both to the island that he bought months ago for her, he knew it was a little too much but couldn’t help himself, he just wanted to spoil her, after all, she is the love of his life.

The rest of the ride was a mystery for (Y/N), she knew that she had been guided to a car and the to a boat she thought, on the back of her mind she kind of knew what was happening but it could be anything, so she stayed silent letting Jasper guide her.

When they got out of the boat she felt the ground going down with her weight, it was sand. Jasper removed his tie from her eyes and they she found herself on a beautiful island, a few meters away there was a beautiful house, more than a house it looked like a bungalow; they arrived just in time to see the beautiful sunset, it looked like a scene from a movie.

He got closer to her body, hugging her from behind to whisper in her ear “Welcome to our island, love”

She laughed on his arms and turned so she could see his face.

“I swear to God, Jasper, you are so extra sometimes” she laughed a little more and Jasper smiled knowing that he could make her happy.

“I can’t help it when it’s about you” he closed the space between them and kissed her.

Even if (Y/N) still thinks that an island is not necessary she still was happy and excited for all the things that they could do on an island alone.


These were on the official Voltron Instagram! Please excuse the quality of the images (I had to zoom in) but I found these very interesting. Interpret these as you may, but I would love to hear your opinions/thoughts on this. I can imagine how many arguments (all which were provoked by Lance) something like this would cause if the paladins saw!

Lance: “Yeah, well if there was a beauty-meter, I’D score the highest!”
Keith: “You’d also score the highest on the idiot-”
Shiro: “KEITH”

Diamond Edge in Chile - Hitouch experience

OK, so let’s start with the draw. We had like 5 days to do the registration. The 500 winners were announced the night before the concert. My friend and I started screaming the second we found our names on the list! Hqgdhs I almost died.

The next day we had to do an accreditation around 5 pm. The line was super loooong. A few minutes later another line started forming. This was the one to finally meet the boys ToT After getting our numbered bracelets we waited a long time, and suddenly the line just moved. We were totally excited. I was eating fries bc I felt like jelly. My legs were trembling. After reaching a stair, the security people started forming a single line, and said to take out rings and to have our left hand free. I remember seeing a door where everyone went inside kinda scared (? But when they left, every single one of them were a crying mess. I was like “totally not crying” but the moment I saw them. OH MY GOD

The first one to greet was Joshua. He was so kind! A real gentlemen. I was already crying when he said “hola” to me. His eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m 1.69 meters tall, and I felt like we were the same height (? I thought he was taller. But gorgeous nonetheless.

Next was Hoshi. Oh god. HE WAS SMILING SO BIG, and he took the time to watch me like super intently. His skin was flawless! I was crying hard at this point so I don’t remember everything ;-; Then was Dino! I just remember his hand being warm. He felt so surreal omg.

I’m not so sure about the order of the next members, I couldn’t even speak to them TT
I think Wonwoo came after. The only thing I can say is RESTING BITCH FACE. I never saw this man smile :( Mingyu was next to him I think (? He’s so tall ahhfhs and his smile is beautiful.

SEUNGKWAN MY LORD, he saw me crying and tried to console me. I totally lost it at this point. I was sobbing and my face looked horrible. I made a heart with my fingers AND HE DID TOO. I LOVE THAT SWEET MAN. The next three members were a blur. I think I skipped Woozi ahdhjs I saw three hands and I hi fived just two (I still feel guilty for that). HE IS SO SHORT THO AJHDJS. DK also tried to comfort me like “aww don’t cry” ;-; His skin had a gorgeous tan and his smile made me cry harder. My friend told me that after Dokyeom was Vernon. Sorry, but I don’t remember anything about him ;-;

I just saw a glimpse of Jun, but HE IS THE CHINA PRINCE. He was like super tall too. He and Mingyu were the only ones I had to look up to make eye contact. His nose was so sharp. The people organizing the thing told me to go fast :(

S COOOUUUPSS MAN. BEAUTIFUL IS NOT ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE HIM. He and Seungkwan were my favorites. S. Coups also was like “don’t cry please TT” and made a pout. I’ll never forget his lips. Jeonghan looks like a real angel. He was kind and I don’t remember anything else :(

The8 was the last one. The guards were rushing me so I only got to touch his hand shortly. I couldn’t appreciate him enough ;-; my friend told me he grabbed her hand and interlocked fingers adjsis and she told him to eat all his food, so he smiled in return :) a total cutie.

That was my hitouch experience. After that I really needed more time with them! I felt so sorry for crying the whole time, I didn’t even speak to them :( that’s my only regret. But during the concert I was able to make eye contact with a lot of the members. Vernon even saw me getting hit lol I still can’t believe they are real. I feel so blessed. That’s all, bye :v

Farmers Daughter

Jughead Jones drove up in his white beat up truck to the Cooper Family Farm. He saw that they were in need of workers. He parked his truck on the dirt road, hopping out of the front seat. His famous beanie was perched on top of his raven locks, sweat starting to form at the nape of his neck. He took his flannel off of his shoulders and wrapped it around his hips, the hot weather finally getting to him.

He walked through the white picket fence into the farm area, walking up to the house. As soon as his knuckles hit the door, a tall man with dirty blonde hair came out, arms crossed over his t-shirt and overalls covered chest.

“Hello?” The man said, looking down at the lanky boy.

“OH, Hi. I’m Jughead Jones and I saw that you are in need of a worker.” Jughead said, sticking his hand out for the large man to shake.

“I’m Hal Cooper. I own this farm. To work here you need a truck, you can’t be scared and you have to be willing to work until the sun goes down.” He said, ignoring the hand that was near his stomach.

“Well Hal, I’m your man! I can start right now.” Jughead said, turning to look back at his beat up truck.

“Ok good. The fence needs fixing, the peaches need to be picked and the cows need to be brought around.” He said, nodding his head before turning and starting his was back into the house.

Jughead made his way to his truck, getting the tools from the shed. After he finished all of his other chores, he went back to the house to get more things to do, as the day was far from over. He was told that he needed to feed the pigs and move the hay bails.

He moved over towards the barn, the smell of horses and manure filling his nostrils. He grabbed the feed from the bucket inside of the red barn, throwing it towards the hog pens. He quickly finished and walked out of the old wood barn, closing the door with a thud.

The suns heat was getting to him and he started to feel faint, so he dropped the bail of hay he was carrying, walking through the forest to the creek that was on the side of the farm. He stripped off his tank top, flannel and beanie, leaving him in his shorts.

He jumped into the cool water, enjoying every moment of coolness comparing to the sweltering heat that he tended to work in. He laid his head back into the water, running his hands through the wet hair that was flowing in the creek. After about five minutes he realized that he needed to get back to work or else he would of gotten fired before his first day even ended.

He hopped out of the creek, letting the cold droplets of water run down his toned chest and arms. He shook his hair out like a dog, running his ringers through it again to push it out of his face. Picking up his clothes, he wrapped his red flannel around his waist, leaving his tank top off. He tugged on his sneakers before rushing through the forest back to the farm.

He walked up to the barn, already sweating because of the sun. He started moving the bails again, cursing under his breath about the weather and the job, starting to think about quitting. If this job didn’t pay enough he was going to be out of there in a flash. The work was too hard, and the sun was too hot.

He turned around after dropping off one of the last hay bails, eyes coming in contact with the most beautiful creature coming out of a sleek blue truck.

Her eyes were a piercing blue-green, long tan legs wrapped up in tight denim overalls. She had a green crop top surrounding her chest, and her golden locks were up in a messy bun, pieces of her hair falling in front of her face, framing it. Her white converse were scuffed up, and her eyelashes were heavy over her eyes.

He felt his face get red and he started to sweat even more when she whipped her head around and her galaxies that she called eyes met his. She waved at the other raven haired girl who was walking towards the house and made her way over to him. He acted like he was preoccupied, starting to pick up his second last hay bail, moving it to the other side of the barn.

“Hey,” he heard from behind her, a voice soft as silk.

He turned around and saw the blonde beauty about two meters behind her. “Oh hey.“ Jughead said, pretending to be uninterested.

“I’m Betty Cooper. And you are?” She asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Jughead quickly turned around and smiled at the shy little blonde. “Jughead Jones. I just started to work here.” He said, pulling his hat out of his back pocket and slapping it on his head.

“Well welcome. I guess we’ll be seeing more of each other.” Betty said, turning around to start walking back to the house. “And by the way, I like your hat.” She said, and he could notice that before she continued walking, she took a glance at his naked chest. Man, did he love his job.

Their first kiss was at the creek, on a especially hot day about a week later. He had gone swimming to cool down like he usually did, and she went on a hike with the raven haired girl. She heard some splashing and saw a pair of sneakers. Leaving her friend, she went to investigate.

“Jughead Jones. Well I’ll be darned! Why aren’t you working?” Betty said from the ground.

He shook his head out and started to walk out of the blue creek, letting the water fall down his skin.

“Too hot to work.” was all Jughead said while grabbing the towel that he tended to leave by the creek for especially hot days like today.

She giggled and started to walk forward, taking an rather long look at his bare chest, watching the water droplets race down his abs. She didn’t answer, knowing what she wanted to do. She walked closer to him, closer then they have ever been before. She twirled one of his curls through her callused fingers, smiling at his confused face.

Before he could say anything, she pressed her soft strawberry flavoured lips to his chapped ones. He took in every taste of her, placing his hands on both sides of her cheeks, holding her. He could feel her soft hands on his chest, and her smiling through the kiss. They broke apart for breath, leaning their foreheads together.

As the working days got shorter, their talks got longer, their kisses got sweeter, and their feelings got stronger. Every time that he could slip away from work and she could slip away from her family and friends, they would drive down to the creek in his truck and get all tangled up.

After on of their all-nighters at the creek, Jughead had to go back to work, the smell of her peaches and creams perfume still lingering on his shirt. He was on the old green tractor, but his mind was anywhere but. All he could think about was her. Her hair, her jokes, her smile. He was thinking about her last name too, and how he thought it was time for a change.

It was the next spring when they finally tied the knot. Mr and Mrs Jones. She wore the most beautiful white dress, her normal tied up blonde hair was cascading down her shoulders in perfect loose curls. She looked like the princess of his dreams.

Jughead still continued to work at the farm, hauling hay, feeding pigs and fixing fences. Like the first time he was woking there, the sun was beating down on his neck he just wanted to go into the house where there was amazingly cool air conditioning. But, he had to settle on the next best things. The creek.

He jumped into the creek, cherishing the feeling of the cold water on his bare skin. He spent more then enough time just floating around, enjoying the sounds of birds and trees in the wind. But there was also another sound there, one he was not used too while he was in the creek.

“Having fun?” Betty said from the shore, placing the cup down and pulling off her flip flops. She sat down at the edge, dipping her toes into the cool water, grabbing the cup that she placed down earlier.

He swam up to where she was sitting, pulling himself up onto the shore so he was sitting next to her. He grabbed the cup of cool iced tea from her hands, taking a sip with a grateful smile at the end of it.

“Thanks Bets” he said, as she placed her head on his wet shoulder.

Every time that he was working, she was on his mind. When he was painting the barn, moving hay bails, feeding smelly pigs. She was always there in his head. Even when he thinks it couldn’t get any hotter, he comes home to his wife, the farmers daughter.

Hey, I haven’t written in a while so I hope you enjoy! This story was based off of the song Farmers Daughter by Rodney Atkins, so go listen to that as well!

“ On Your Mark ” 17 x 22 in.

Murielle Ahoure, Ivory Coast. 200 meters, 2013 World Championships, Moscow, Russia.

Now on view at “BEAUTIFUL MACHINE” at Studio FIVE08 in Santa Monica.


photo by Jeff Cohen / instagram jeffcohenphoto

I’m gonna make you fall @xzetsubou

The new student was an interesting person, Manami thought. Not to mention, she was beautiful. Then again, there was a beautiful girl every 10 meters on her school, she wasn’t special for that. Oh no. Instead, she became special for another reason. Her behavior varied greatly from time to time. While the girl was able to go about in the school without being noticed by most people, Manami knew better. She was a clear, apparent case of multiple personalities. 

One day she was innocent, the way she bowed to people and talked in a lower voice. In the other day, she was indifferent, keeping a constant bored expression. Then arrogant and she rolled her eyes at people, as if they were all idiots. On another occasion, she would look intently to people, as if trying to attract them to a trap. 

Manami soon started her usual course. Researching about her target, invading everything she could of her privacy to know exactly where to attack. However, all she could find out was Yuuka giving a bentou to one of the Teachers. Her quiet march to the other girl finished with one single sentence.

- “You’re wasting your time.”