beautiful male hair

So, early access was AWEFUL/exhausting (dont get me wrong, its beautiful, I’ve just never been so stressed about Queues before) and I was a little out of it, and I wanted to do something calming, so @sacha-desyreffxiv gave me permission to doodle their beautiful character OF WHICH I HAVE SECRETLY ADMIRED AND LOVED FROM AFAR FOR SEVERAL MONTHS NOW (is that creepy? I hope thats not creepy.) By all means go check out their beautiful painter cat! HES GORGEOUS.


I love our hair: the color, the texture, the kink, the wave, the way we choose to style it. This is an ode to Black hair. Thank you Afro Punk for creating a safe space for some of the most beautiful Black people i’ve ever seen to come together and be ourselves. 
photography x courtney harvier
IG @courtney.harvier