beautiful lovestory is beautiful

I really love that Fabian and I get each other’s humor. With having a different language and bring brought up with different cultures it’s great that we share the joy of laughter together. He’s actually really funny which I found out in Germany, and he makes me smile at times when I least want to, I appreciate him for that gift. @fabianpodu ♡ @auniquelifee

This weekend a friend invited us to his farm house. We did everything from relaxing, having a bbq (braii), to riding on a boat and doing multiple water sports. I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did considering I’m not a fan of boats (because I get motion sickness). However, I loved this boat, and doing knee boarding for the first time.
@fabianpodu ♡♡♡ @auniquelifee

I saw you today. You looked beautiful as always. Your ardent smile when you saw me really made my day. There was just so much I wanted to tell you in the little amount of time that we had. But I never got a chance. Things are hard again. I saw it in your eyes when you were talking to me. It felt like you just wanted to reach out, grab ahold, and never let go of me. I saw the struggle of not being able to touch me, to hug me, and most importantly, to kiss me. What really caught my eye was the fear. The fear of losing me, of losing us. But I can promise you with all of my heart that you’re the one I want now and forever.
—  S.V// @Sempiternal.Poet on Instagram