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Beauty Guru Lexa AU, The loo thread original. Lexa is a beauty youtuber, Clarke is an artist. From childhood friends they become the loves of each other’s lives, breaking the hearts of Lexa’s numerous subscribers and causing ship wars and speculations :)

Thought Wrong (Draco Malfoy x plus size reader)

Prompt; Draco Malfoy has always been trying to catch y/n’s attention. But she just thinks it’s another stupid joke for him and his friends to laugh about, but he proves her wrong.

Warnings; Cursing, plus size reader, body-shaming, cute shy and nervous Draco

l/n- last name y/h-your house

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You were walking down the hallway to your potions class, when you passed a group of slytherins, more importantly Draco and his friends. You noticed in the corner of your eye, that Crabbe nudged Draco’s shoulder and motioning towards you, as you passed by, causing Draco to shoot his head up and look at you smirking.

“Hey l/n!” Draco shouted and left his group of friends behind to walk with you.

“For the last time Draco my name isn’t l/n, it’s y/n.” You said as your turned your head towards him “And if you don’t mind I have to get to class.” You then began to walk faster away from him. You never really liked Draco, you always thought he was an asshole, and his efforts to get your attention was just a stupid joke with his friends. So you usually just came up with excuses to not talk to him.

Draco stopped walked and just watched you walk off and huffed “But I wanted to walk you to class.” he whispered to himself.

You got to your class a few minutes before it started. As you entered the classroom you saw your friend and walked over to the them. Then a couple minutes later Draco and his friends walked in. Draco sat at the table across from you, with Pansy.

Pansy began talking to Draco, but he ignored her and turned his head to look over at you sitting with your friend. He so badly wanted your attention but every time he tried to talk to you, you would just make an excuse up to leave. He was interrupted from his thoughts, by Professor Slughorn walking into the room.

“Good afternoon class, today we will be working in partners,” Everyone began to decide who they would work with but then Professor Slughorn interrupted “partners chosen by me.”  Professor Slughorn then began to call out names then he finally said yours “Mrs. L/n and umm,” Slughorn then began to look around the classroom to find you a partner, you also looked around the classroom to notice that only Hermione, Pansy, and Draco were the only ones left. Oh god please don’t be Draco you began to repeat in your head. “and Mr. Malfoy.”

You huffed and looked over at Draco who wasn’t giving his usual smirk but looking down at his potions book, blushing. Draco then walked over to where you were sitting and took the empty seat next to you. He still had his head down and was fumbling his thumbs. ‘Come on Draco, you can do this you just talked to her like ten minutes ago’ he thought to himself.  

“So…..” You turned towards Draco and he became nervous as you looked him in the eyes “Umm…. I’ll go get the ingredients.” You nodded your head and looked back at him. After waiting Draco came back with the ingredients.

“Ok so let’s start.” You both started making the potion. You were the main one really speaking, while Draco just nodded and gave some commentary. You both finally finished the potion. Slughorn then checked your potion, and was impressed by it. You began to pack your things in your bag but then you noticed Draco staring at you again.

“Not so cocky while your friends are around?” Draco then scoffed and looked down at his hands. “Don’t want them to know you might be friendly with the fat y/h?”

Draco raised his head so he was looking directly in your eyes. “What?” he said furrowed his eyebrows. That’s how you thought of yourself? Fat? He didn’t understand, he loved you and your body.

“Never mind.’' You shook your head. 

’'No, what is it?”

“You know exactly what I mean, I always see you and your friends making fun of girls cause they’re ‘overweight’, I wouldn’t be surprised if after class you and you friends made jokes about me.” You snapped.

“My friends do that, I don’t. And I would never let them hurt you.” You rolled your eyes. Then you thought about he never seemed to join in when they would make fun of those girls. You also realized you were the only 'bigger’ girl they didn’t make fun of. You dismissed the thoughts as Slughorn announced that class was over. You quickly left the class hoping Draco wouldn’t catch up to you.

“Hey l/n, um I mean y/n, we never finished our conversation!” Draco yelled down the hallway. You then turned around and began walking backwards.

“There’s no need to finish it!” You yelled back.

It was dinner and you were sitting at the y/h table. Thinking about what Draco told you. 'I would never let them hurt you.’ Maybe he was telling the truth, none of his friends ever picked on you. Then maybe you thought that this was probably some joke. Get you to fall in love him, but then for it to only be a sick prank in the end.

You started to get tired, so you told your friend you were ging to head up to the common room. What you didn’t noticed was the stares from a certain slytherian. As Draco watched you leave the great hall, he also got up from his table and followed you.

“Y/n!” You rolled your eyes hearing Draco’s voice, and ignored him. He then ran up to you to catch up with you “Hey.” he breathed. You turned your head towards him and glared.

“What?” You snapped.

“Well, I was wondering if I could take you out, like the next Hogsmeade visit or something?” You looked him dead in the eyes.


“Oh great maybe I could pick you up- wait what?”

“I don’t feel like spending my free time with you.”

“What? Why?”

“Cause I know that this is some stupid joke with your stupid friends. Get the fat girl to go on a date with you and embarrass her.”

“Would you stop calling yourself that?” Draco slightly yelled, you looked at him kind of frightened. “Is that what you think of yourself? Fat?”

“No but I know that’s how you and your friends see me.”

“Well you’re wrong,” He looked into your eyes “I think beautiful.” He mumbled the last part, but you heard.

“Excuse, but am I hearing this correctly. Draco Malfoy calling someone beautiful, that isn’t himself. I’m shocked.” Draco just rolled his eyes at you.

“Well you are.”

“Thanks. So is that supposed to make me change my mind cause it totally” Draco smirked “doesn’t.” Draco’s smirk turned into a frown, and you then began to walk away and to your common room.

“Wait please, y/n. If the date sucks than you can leave but please give me a try. I’ll-I’ll do anything.”

You stopped walking and turned around. He looked at you hopefully. “Fine. I’ll go on a date with you, but you have to promise me you’ll stop being a grade A asshole.” He quickly nodded and ran up to you giving you a hug. “Ok, ok it’s not that big of a deal.” you said as you started pushing him off of you.

“Thank you y/n so much. I promise you won’t regret it.” He then began to run in the opposite direction as you. You watched as he left, “Dork” you mumbled to yourself.

It was the next Hogsmeade trip, which meant you had your date with Draco today. Draco actually did keep your promise, he wasn't actually an asshole most of the time. But either way you were still expecting this to be a prank by him and his friends, but you were actually excited about it. You saw Draco standing in the courtyard and you walked up to him.

“Hey y/n. You loo-k beautiful.” Draco nervously said.

“I’m just wearing a sweater and jeans but thanks.”

“Yea-a.” He started to blush “Well um shall we go?”

“Yes of course.” You both then walked to Hogsmeade. When you reached Hogsmeade, you both walked to the three broomsticks.

When you arrived you went over to a table and Draco politely pulled the seat out for you.


“Umm I’ll go get us some butterbeer for us. I mean unless you don’t want butterbeer. I shouldn’t have assumed you wanted butter-”

“Draco. Butterbeer is fine.”

“Yes umm right. I’ll be right back.” You watched as Draco leave to go get you a butterbeer.

As he ordered the butterbeers he couldn’t help but notice how sweaty and nervous he was. As the bartender gave Draco the butterbeers, he began to walk over to you. Right before he reached your table he gave himself a pep talk. 'Alright Draco you can do this. You’re a Malfoy, you’re a natural at this.’ He thought to himself.

“Alright, umm here’s your butterbeer.” Draco set the drink in front of you, and he sat opposite of you.


To say the date was going ok so far would be an understatement, it was terrible. You and Draco sat there in silence, only saying a couple of things to each other. You just kept your head down looking at your drink, while Draco just stared at you with doe eyes. He was so focused on how pretty he thought you looked he didn’t really realize how awkward the date really was.

Then if the date couldn’t get any worse it did. A few girls from your house walked threw the door. They always made fun of your weight, but you didn’t really pay them any mind, even though sometimes their words did hurt.

“Hey y/n.” One of them said as the rest of the girls laughed. You just ignored it, but Draco could sense the change in your eyes.

“What? Is something wrong?”

“Nope.” You smiled at Draco.

The group of girls stood right behind your table and you could hear them whispering. 'Omg you totally have to go over.’ 'He’ll totally forget about her once he sees you.’ When you heard those things you got nervous. What if one of them comes over here and he leaves you. Even if the date wasn’t going that great, you still didn’t want him to leave.

You watched as one of the girls of the group walk up to your table and sit next to Draco. You also watched as Draco didn’t even notice the girl sitting next to him, he was still staring at you. You all just sat there for an awkward second before the girl cleared her throat to get Draco attention. He looked over at her and then to you. You just rolled your eyes and shook your head.

“Ummm do I know you?” Draco asked the girl you let out a small chuckle.

“Well not really, but I wanted to get to know you.’' She flirted while undoing a button on her uniform, exposing more of her chest.

’'I didn’t know if you realized but we’re kind of on a date.” Draco then turned back towards you.

“Who? With this cow?” The girl laughed and you just looked back down at your drink.

“What did you call her?” Draco then stood up from his chair, the girl just looked up at Draco frightened.

“Draco just let it go.” You muttered trying to pull in down back in his seat by his shirt.

“No, no what did you call her?”

“A cow and you know it’s true.”

“Don’t call my girlfriend a cow you fucking bitch!” You looked up from your drink, eyes wide. You then saw Draco pick up his butterbeer and throw it in the girls face, then slamming the empty glass on the table. Your jaw dropped to the floor and you started laughing. Draco then took his jacket from the back of his chair, grabbed your hand and dragged you outside.

“That was fucking awesome!” Draco grinned and laughed.

“Thanks, she deserved it.” You realized you were still holding Draco’s hand, you were about to pull away from it, but then Draco pulled you into him.

You looked into his eyes as he looked into yours. “You know Malfoy I didn’t realize I was your girlfriend.” You raised your eyebrows.

“I just said that to make it more dramatic.” You laughed.

“Sure you did.” You then grabbed Draco’s collar and pulled him into a kiss. He pulled back from the kiss and he rested his forehead against yours.

“Listen I’m sorry this date sucked.” You looked at Draco.

“It was actually wasn’t that bad, you threw your butterbeer on some girl.” You both began to laugh “And don’t worry about, you just owe me a second date.” You said as you winked at him and began to walk up to the castle.


Supercorp one shot:Taking place after Lena tells Kara she is her hero. 

“Supergirl may have saved me, but Kara Danvers, you are my hero." 

My breath catches in my throat at the words, the slight flutter in my chest makes it hard to speak so I adjust my glasses instead. When I look up, I see Lena looking around, trying to focus on anything but me and that’s when I notice I’m biting my lip…again.

 "So,” she says quietly, trying to change the subject, “How do you and Supergirl talk to eachother, you seem very…close." 

I feels my cheeks get hot. 

"We uh-we’re pretty close, there’s no special alien communication device if that’s what you’re wondering.”

 A smile creeps across her face and though I must be imagining it, her body moves closer to me. 

“If you have her number I would love to have it,” I don’t try to hid my disappointment and the flutter is replaced with a slight ache and I know its ridiculous, she doesn’t know that we’re the same person but the idea of her wanting Supergirl over the real Kara makes me feel uneasy.

 "If you need it I can give it to you but I would have to make sure it’s okay. You know, aliens and their secrecy, “ Lena laughs, 

"Secrets all come out eventually” I look up at her, too quickly, she holds my gaze. 

“What do you mean by that?” She flattens her skirt out, and the movement draws my attention, its a…a pretty dress.

 "I think you know what I mean, Kara.“ She scoots closer to me on the couch and my body moves before my brain thinks about what it’s doing. Before I can speak again she puts her lips against my ear and I know that if I could have goosebumps, they would be everywhere.

"I would know that smile anywhere.”

I feels like all the air has been sucked out of my lungs. Idiot, I’m such an idiot, of course she knows, she’s not stupid. Every time I’ve saved her she’s been talking to 

“Kara” she leans back a bit and I try hide my surprise at the goosebumps I see up and down her legs, to no avail. Instead I stand up, too quickly, the heat of the moment makes me forget that humans don’t move so fast she looks up at me with an emotion I can’t quite make out.

 "How did you, I mean,“ the laugh escapes my lips and my body fidgets without my say so. "I mean, I’m- I’m sneaky”

 I adjust my glasses and she smirks as she stands to face me. Smooth, Kara. “Super sneaky." 

She takes a step towards me and I tell my self to step back, I tell myself to beg her to keep it a secret, to deny it all, but instead I sit and stare as her hands reach up and before I know it my glasses are gone.

 "These aren’t very good at hiding who you are, Kara.” I take a deep breath and usually I would ramble, usually I would panic but I feel calm, I feel relaxed. 

“You can’t hide, not from me.” I feel her hands circle my head and then my hair falls loose against my shoulders. I think she’s going to bring her hands back down but she doesn’t and I don’t think that I want her to. “How long have you known that I’m, that I-.” I ask her, failing to find the words. “Long enough.” And that’s it, maybe it’s the way she’s looking at me or maybe it’s that fact that she figured it out on her own, but in that moment I know what I want to do and I so it.

 I kiss her.

I feel her gasp beneath my lips before she kisses me back. It starts gentle, her hands slide in my hair, her lips moving lightly against mine, but when a light moan escapes my lips she throws herself against me. Her lips move feverishly against mine, I pull her tight against me, careful not to hurt her. She pulls me down to the couch and adjust my legs to straddle her.

 "Lena.“ I say against her lips and she grabs my back, her hands tracing the zipper of my dress and I want her to pull it down, almost as much as I want to take off hers. The kiss last years, decades, eons, I feel something that I’ve never felt before, a warmth in my stomach, a flutter in my chest. Its not the fact that it’s my first kiss with a woman, it’s her, her taste, her touch, the way she fights to be better the way she-

Her hands tightens against my hips pulling me down on her and all the thoughts leave my head. I forget everything that has happened and it’s just me. 

Just her.

 I twist to the left, gently, and pull her on top of me, I start to unzip her dress and she pulls away her eyes bright and wide.

 "Is this, is this okay?” She nods and I help her pull it up and over her head. She’s beautiful, I always noticed it, ever since I walked into her office I knew that she was special. I slide my finger up and down her back, up the side of her legs, down her chest. I want to touch every inch, feel every curve, every scar, she turns and pulls me on top of her and does the same. I feel her lips light on my neck and I turn to put her back on top, my head falls back to give her more room. Her hand slides up mine, pinning it above my head. I’ve always hating feeling vulnerable but this, this is different. She whispers my name against my collarbone, not Supergirl, not Danvers, but Kara.

 I giggle and she sits up to look at me. “What is it?” I notice a stray hair dangling across her for head and I reach up to tuck it behind her ear. She blushes at my touch,

 "I’m happy" she looks at me smiling the brightest smile I’ve ever seen, and she bites her lip, I can’t help it, I pull her lips back down to mine and the heat spreads from my stomach, to my toes and up to my head. 

We’re a tangle of limbs and hair and for the first time since my planet was destroyed I feel completely and utterly at peace.

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