beautiful little river

when te fiti has her heart, it’s assumed she can gift life to anything, right? well imagine this:

te fiti is really greatful after maui apologizes. she knows from past personal experience how stubborn he can be, so she does a little bit more for him than just fixing his fish hook for him

after he leaves moana to sail herself home he’s flying around when a small island he doesn’t recognize from the sky catches his attention. 

curious, he lands on it and looks around at this beautiful lush green island just blooming with plant life. it confuses him that he’s never seen this island before because he knows for sure he would’ve remembered pulling up something so beautiful until he stumbles upon this large boulder with famaliar looking carvings on it and it just hits him all at once

this was his island. 

Te Fiti took what used to be a pile of boulders and wiltering plants and restored it to the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

she didn’t just fix what he valued most

she took this place he was trapped on for a thousand years, this place he thought he hated, and she used it to give him a home.

Something he’s never really had before.


The Duchess likes to go on adventures just like her mom does 🌲🍄🌲🍄🌲🍄

(Backstory: I adopted a 12 year old cat from a rescue shelter who was considered unlikely to ever get adopted because of her age and her attitude. As soon as I saw her sleeping in her litter box, I knew she was the one. Like, how metal is that. Wild. Anyway, I decided that I am going to give her 12 years worth of adventures and experiences, and take her to all the beautiful places I can think of. She’s been to the river, the pier, a spring, and a park with a little stream and she looks so happy and content with her new life. It really warms my heart. I’ve never been happier to adopt an old rescue cat).

tl;dr: adopt old cats

Peter Grant's magical apprenticeship
  • Peter Grant: I just saw a ghost.
  • Thomas Nightingale: Ah, yes, maybe then I should reveal to you that magic is real.
  • Peter Grant: Cool. How do you science it?
  • Thomas Nightingale: It's VERY COMPLICATED and you have to start with the basics or you risk doing horrible things to your brain.
  • Peter Grant: I hear you... but we can still science it, right?
  • Thomas Nightingale: Let's begin with making a ball of light.
  • Peter Grant: Holy shit, look at what happened to my cell phone!
  • Thomas Nightingale: Magic doesn't work well with technology.
  • Peter Grant: Interesting. Can we science that?
  • Thomas Nightingale: ABOUT THAT BALL OF LIGHT. You need to focus on the forma that will...
  • Peter Grant: Absolutely. Hold this for a moment, will you?
  • Thomas Nightingale: Yes. All right. Now, where was I... hang on, what are you doing?
  • Peter Grant: I'm just going to science this, hope you don't mind.
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - Mám strach, že stratím kontrol

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Wanda has been having nightmares for a while now. About her brother and about what happened in Nigeria. So, she turns to the only person she knows will help get her through this; you. You are more than willing to help Wanda through this, even if that means waking up in the early hours of the morning. One night when she comes to you, you decide to take her away from the tower for a little while to a place that you’ve never told anyone about. A place where you come to think. You just want her to know that she’s not alone and that you’re there for her. No matter what.

Pairing: Wanda x Reader

Characters: Reader, Wanda Maximoff. Pietro Maximoff, Ultron, Crossbones/Brock Rumlow (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Angst, mentions of nightmares, mentions of death

A/N: The Slovak is roughly translated from google so it might not be totally accurate. The title translates to I’m Scared to Lose Control.

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River Song Appreciation Week

Day 3 - Favourite Theme: Inevitable Death

River: Sometimes I wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, I’m still a little bit— immortal. I think everyone wonders if they are, but I was, once…

  • Caleb : Constantly puts his life in danger to protect Hanna
  • Caleb : Makes Hanna laugh and feel good and is the only good thing in her life when her life is a nightmare
  • Caleb : Helps Hanna even though he knows he could end up in jail
  • Caleb : Doesn't stay away from Hanna no matter how many times she asks him to because being close to her puts him in big danger
  • Caleb : Supports Hanna while she's in jail and does everything he can to get her out and help her
  • Caleb : Goes crazy and does literally everything to find Hanna when she gets kidnapped even if that means he might get killed in the process
  • Caleb : "Don't ever let me go." "Never."
  • Caleb : Stays awake all night to make sure Hanna is okay even if there are two guards right outside her house
  • Caleb : Tries to help Hanna any way that he can , makes mistakes in the process and then doesn't stop until he makes it all better and find out what is that she really needs and then give it to her
  • Caleb : Goes to New York and gets a big job that pays enough for Hanna's tuition and a place for both of them to live so he can give her her dream and finally get her away from all the crap in her life and make her happy
  • Me : *curls up into a ball on the corner and cries until i'm 90 years old*
because it’s you.

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⇢ genre/warning(s): fluff
⇢ summary: “[…] even the sorrowful feeling of missing each other was long forgotten, and you couldn’t get used to how enthusiastic you were whenever you could spend your free time like this.”
⇢ word count: 1.445
⇢ notes[!]: inspired by red velvet’s sunny afternoon. feedback is always welcome! (づ◡﹏◡)づ

“in that wide embrace,
in that gentle smile,
you’re more blinding than anyone else.”
— mx + gg’s songs series

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