beautiful little rainbow of beauty and sweetness

Mme Bustier's Class as Colours
  • Marinette: yellow - sometimes a soft colour, but gets very bright and fiery when riled up
  • Alya: gold - gorgeous and bright, shines through dark times and loves to help out
  • Adrien: grey - been through trauma, but has recovered enough so that they're not a darker, black shade
  • Nino: green - the colour of forests and the sea, beautiful and natural
  • Nathaniel: baby blue - calm and soft, keeps collected in arguments.
  • Alix: silver - tough, the colour of steel, however still a little vulnerable
  • Kim: neon orange - stands out in a crowd. Like, really stands out. Obnoxiously.
  • Max: rainbow - *cough* gayer than words can describe
  • Rose: pink - the colour of innocence and sweetness, love and hope, beautiful as a flower and pure as a river
  • Juleka: indigo - independent and strong, the colour of greatness, loves and is loved
  • Mylene: creamy white - purity and innocence, like an angel
  • Ivan: turquoise - dark, deep, but beautiful
  • Sabrina: ginger - look me in the eyes and tell this girl isn't a carrot
  • Chloe: crimson - often associated with bad things and anger, but some people forget that this colour is also associated with love and lust.
  • Lila: brown - underrated. has a lot of potential (I still hate her).
  • Mme Bustier: black - looks at her she's got anxiety her entire class has been akumatised

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say that this blog is beautiful. It's so positive to e v e r y b o d y. Most lgbt+ blogs I've seen have this crazy negative twist but yours is sunshine and rainbows and it's GREAT! As a pan girl who's attempted to come out to her mother and was met with "just a phase" and "listen to all these things these people are calling themselves now" the positivity is much needed. The little one shot things are beautiful and literally made me cry. Thank you for existing!

This is so sweet! It’s nice to see the positive impact that this blog can have, and I’m so glad that it has helped you. Ily, thank you for sending this message.

The signs as animals:
  • Aries: an eagle. Powerful and beautiful, just alike the american symbol
  • Taurus: a some way reminds me of.
  • Gemini: the geronimo stilton's golden rainbow's dragon
  • Cancer: something sweet and that seems easy to break but isnt a crystal butterfly...
  • Leo: a majestic lion, *think of the lion king*
  • Virgo: a smartie owl(like the one athena used to carry with her)
  • Libra: a little lovely unicorn •think about hp baby unicorns•
  • Scorpio: a powerful and beautiful phoenix, that reborn from their death body.
  • Sagittarius: a misteryous centaur •they can be friendly...or not. Think about percy jakson, then Harry potter.•
  • Capricorn: an horse. Material, true, free. *imagine an horse running down an hill* ya.
  • Aquarius: r u kidding me? An alien. Also if they r not animals.
  • Pisces: a marmaid (also if may marmaids are not animals)

Snow White was requested to be the focal point of this print from Laura Wojtalik. The story behind this quote is fantastic:

My daughter Jacqueline said this when she was 3. I was kissing her one early morning and whispering to her how beautiful she was. That she was mommy’s beautiful little girl. I thought she was sound asleep and stealing this precious moment for myself. When all of a sudden she raises her arm up next to her head on her pillow and says this without opening her eyes or moving her head - “Smell my armpit, my armpit is Beautiful”

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I want to wrap harru with a soft blanket, give him an herbal tea, tell him a story a la escapade!louis and let this sweet babu sleep ☁️☕️💁🏽🙇🏻💤

that is all i ever want to do. let him sip herbal tea with a little drizzle of honey in it ☕️  while i softly stroke his hair until he dozes off with soft little snuffles 😴 💤 as i tell him a story about a beautiful young prince who falls in love with another beautiful young prince and together 💖👬 👑  they fight nasty fire breathing dragons and evil lords and ladies but their love never once faltered because they were fireproof and they have lots n lots of babies and rainbows and live happily ever after. 😌 i feel it is my life calling.