beautiful jump

So I know like 90% of the fandom is against black paladin Keith and like for the most part, I’m kinda iffy about it myself. But hear me out. Black paladin Keith… whose right-hand man is Lance. Lance acts as an advisor of sorts, whom Keith trusts, no questions asked. If Shiro isn’t going to listen to Lance, Keith will. Keith already knows Lance is capable and takes the mission seriously (even though he seems to take little else seriously. That’s not to say he isn’t serious, just he copes differently). They have already experienced first hand that working together yields success. And already we can see that when it gets down the nitty gritty, they fall into a harmonious efficiency, despite the air of competitiveness between them. Keith is the drive and the passion and Lance, the patience and positivity. Together they make an unstoppable force. A good team, if you will. 

The Best™ moment in Mass Effect: Andromeda is if Ryder jumps on top of the Tempest, Kallo Jath will say “Really, Ryder?” It is the best moment, nothing else even compares to his exasperation. Nothing. Bad facial animations? Who cares? Kallo is Fed Up Wit Ya Jump Jet Bullshit™ 


Yamada Ryosuke fan-boying over Emma Watson Part 1

“I saw the trailer of Emma Watson’s movie Beauty and the Beast. Rather than saying she’s cute, she’s just naturally a beautiful woman, her beauty is on the level of artistic beauty. It was really satisfying just by looking at her through the screen. I wonder if Keito can get a chance to interview her. Then he’ll show a picture of 9 JUMP members and ask her, “which one is your type?” (laughs). To be honest, I don’t want her to choose Chinen. Because doesn’t that mean she likes “cute little guys”? If [her type] is “cool guys”, I can polish myself more to look cooler, but its impossible for me to be cute. —What the hell am I delusioning about?” (laughs)

Yamada Ryosuke fan-boying over Emma Watson Part 2 (in HS7′s Crosstalk)

Nakajima: What is the theme this time?
Chinen: Things that are “beautiful”, so something beautiful that I’ve seen. Yeah! (claps hands) The three of you, yeah!
Chinen: A scenery from the ranch of Hokkaido~
Okamoto: A beautiful beach I went to in Hawaii
Yamada: Emma Watson!
Nakajima: Ahahahaha, the sea of Los Angeles!

Yamada being a cute little fanboy (ノ◕ ω ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


okay so today was pretty GREAT 

I finally got to meet one of my absolute fave human beings in the entire world and he was the sweetest and most beautiful sunshine ever 

I honestly love this man more than anything and to finally meet him irl was just unbelievably emotional, I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet

(please excuse my face and my hair, i was NOT prepared for meeting the most beautiful person to ever walk this earth today so I look like a complete mess, but that’s okay because I have finally met Gregor and I couldn’t be happier)