beautiful humans beings

Ok so @littlestpersimmon has my all time favorite fam jam art style. Like I dare anyone to disagree with me when I say their stuff is tear inducing and awe inspiring. Hence I commissioned them to do this for piece a scene that I was writing for my pb&j fic but instead I stared at it for twenty minutes, wrote some fluff based on it, and made the last chapter super long to wrap it up because damn doesn’t this make you want nothing but happiness for them?

So in conclusion pb&j is pure, Bell is a beautiful human being, thank you for your time.
Lin's Oscar

Fight me on this but I’m sure he deserves it. Whoever says the opposite can go to hell. Lin’s the most talented, caring, beautiful human being walking on this planet and he for sure deserves more than anything he can win because he has done what not many people can do nowadays.


Happy birthday to My Sunshine 💓
Today is the day a beautiful human being was born, thank you for bringing smiles and happiness to everyone you meet ❣ I hope your birthday is filled with nothing but laughs, happiness, and a lot of 🎂 you’ve brought so much happiness to my life, and to thousands of others. I wish I could return the favor 100x more! Thank you for your beautiful smile and precious laugh, thank you for loving all the fans, thank you for being alive. You’re the most precious, the most beautiful person that I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. You’re a talented and hardworking artist who deserves everything and more! Your dancing and singing skills are a million to one, you’ve got hidden talents such as playing guitar that I can’t wait to see as we spend more time together. You’ve opened up more to the fans this comeback, slowly coming out of your shell. You love the members so much and they love you just the same, I hope you know that your efforts do bare fruits, I’m so happy that you’re apart of sf9. Thank you for bringing light to my life thank you for bringing countless smiles and laughs to me. Thank you for existing, I love you, my angel ❣
-Nathaly 🥀

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So I have a crush on a half slytherin half hufflepuff who's a beautiful perfect human being but I'm a girl and she is straight and now I am sad

Sometimes friendships are better than relationships

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Can this post get likes if they agree that you're one of the most beautiful human beings on here? <3

Ha! Never would’ve imagined an ask being used like this. But thank you for the compliment, anon~! Nice to know I’m doing something right! <3

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I thought that having chemistry with someone was a myth. I've been on many first dates where I don't connect with the person. Was starting to think something's wrong with me. I met someone this weekend and I've changed my mind at the ripe old age of 28. I feel like this is the first time I've EVER had chemistry like this with someone-and I've been married before (protip: don't marry the wrong person)! So there's hope-if I can find chemistry, anyone can-even if it takes til you're 28! :)

You are a beautiful human being and I am so incredibly happy for you :) I love you and wish you all the best