beautiful green beast

I need more book suggestions. I saw beauty and the beast a few days ago and downloaded the sounds track the same day and I’m not ashamed

A gift made last year for Christmas :) Now that the holidays have come and gone, I guess I can finally show it ! I was very happy with it when I finished it, and I still am today ! The person for whom this was is a big fan of Belle and Anne of Green Gables :)

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every few generations is there just a kid born in konoha with HUGE EYEBROWS ??? just one kid. and everyone looks at this kid and thinks. there they are. the next beautiful green beast of konoha. when genin teams are assigned theres absolutely no questions who their jounin sensei is going to be. pass on the green body suit. pass on the bowl cut. none of the green beasts are blood relatives and it doesnt matter.

‘Sweet lady, all men are fools, and all men are knights, where women are concerned.’

I love this quote. My grandma used to tell me men are fools and weak regarding women, I was too little and I did not really understand what she meant, 


In clouds we found a home.

We don’t mind any sticks and stones,

and for nobody we will slow.

Above the clouds where no one goes.”-x,x

Part 2 (part 1) of ENFP and INFP characters for my dear @gakuenkaoru.:D