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I need more book suggestions. I saw beauty and the beast a few days ago and downloaded the sounds track the same day and I’m not ashamed


Dramione X Deck Cards

Also an aesthetic for the wonderful fic that one of my Tumblr friends wrote @aru-dight *heart-eyes

Draco Malfoy was far from a Prince Charming in disguise. He was a crude-mouthed beast who terrorizes women in their dreams, attack their senses, and captures their hearts never to set them free. Or that was just her? A Dramione Beauty and the Beast fic. Werewolf Draco with a twist.

The Girl Who Cried Werewolf

Read it here:ffn

Beautiful Green Beast (Rock Lee - Naruto)

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And to finish off the Team Gai set, let’s showcase the Beautiful Green Beast himself: Rock Lee!

The Naruto spinoff “Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals” has been my go-to whenever I have a bad day. Not only did it remind me of the “Welcome to Lodoss Island” omakes in “Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight” (one of my favorite fantasy series), but Lee’s just such a delightful ray of sunshine.

He started off as “the little hothead who couldn’t” and ended up as one of the greatest Taijutsu masters in the village. His whole purpose as a character was to showcase what real hard work looked like: how discipline and determination may not necessarily make you the best among your peers, but certainly a better you…and that’s okay!

I have a weak spot for Lee and if it’s an episode with him in it, I know I’m probably going to laugh or smile. And since Lee has such a “feel-good” message and “feel-good” personality, I wanted his bath bomb to be a “feel-good” experience, too.

And it is! This bath bomb not only cured a really horrible sore throat I experienced around the beginning of the month, but melted away all my aches and pains from an overly enthusiastic yoga class. So…what’s in it?

Cajeput Essential Oil

Cajeput is part of the Melaleuca family of trees, which also contains Tea Tree, Rosalina, and Niaouli. This essential oil is taken from the stems and branches of the tree. It has a scent reminiscent of eucalyptus globulus and rosemary, only less pronounced.

Pros: Cajeput is used for treating colds, headaches, toothaches, and tumors. Some people will use it as a skin toner, but I’ve had the most luck using Cajeput to loosen up phlegm. It thins out mucus and makes it easier to cough that garbage up. And unlike camphor and eucalyptus globulus, Cajeput didn’t leave any of that burning sensation I was used to.

When combined with other oils, you can also use it to treat joint pain or gum pain during dental work.

Cons: Although Cajeput can be used on occasion to help clear up a stuffy nose or goopy throat, it’s not an asthma-safe essential oil. If you don’t suffer from asthma, you’re probably fine, but Cajeput can trigger asthma attacks. This is also not a kid-safe oil, so keep out of reach of children.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Pros: Peppermint Essential Oil is used for lots of mouth, nose, and throat issues (common cold, cough, inflammation of the mouth/throat, sinus infections, and respiratory infections). People also use it for a series of digestive problems (heartburn, nausea, morning sickness, cramps, upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea).

Peppermint reduces inflammation, so some folks will use it for liver, gallbladder, and menstrual problems. It’s a useful painkiller and can be inhaled to reduce the effects of a bad cough or cold.

It’s also a great “wake-up” scent and studies have shown that smelling Peppermint Essential Oil can make it easier to concentrate on tasks. Try diffusing it while you study or during a test!


  1. The most comment side effects of Peppermint Essential Oil may include heartburn and allergic reactions such as flushing, headache, and mouth sores.
  2. Although Peppermint Essential Oil can be purchased as a dietary supplement, please keep in mind that “dietary supplements” in the U.S. can slap virtually anything on the label and get away with it. The FDA isn’t as picky about “supplements”. It is the general opinion of aromatherapists that you shouldn’t ingest essential oils of any sort without first discussing it with your doctor.
  3. Peppermint is not a cat-safe essential oil and is one of the most dangerous ones to use around your kitty. Use with kitty-cat caution!

Rosemary Essential Oil

Pros: Rosemary Essential Oil is great for digestion problems (mostly related to intestinal gas and heartburn), liver and gallbladder issues, and loss of appetite. Headaches, colds, and high blood pressure can also be treated with this essential oil.

There have been studies conducted that indicate Rosemary improves concentration and can even be used to reduce age-related memory loss. This is a scent that “wakes up” the mind and makes it easier to concentrate.

When applied to the skin, Rosemary can be used to treat circulation problems and pain issues (such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, and neuralgia).

Some folks will also apply it topically to prevent or treat baldness, though there haven’t been any legit studies to validate the effectiveness of this. The oil will, however, make the scalp tingle and improve circulation.

Rosemary’s one of my go-to oils for massaging into sore muscles. I always keep an ounce of it on hand and swear by it.


  1. NEVER use this oil undiluted! Repeated use and abuse of Rosemary Essential Oil can cause vomiting, uterine bleeding, kidney irritation, increased sun sensitivity, and/or allergic reactions.
  2. Since Rosemary Essential Oil may stimulate the uterus, please avoid this oil if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.
  3. One of the chemicals in this essential oil (salicylate) is a cousin to aspirin and may cause a reaction in people who are allergic to aspirin.
  4. If you have a bleeding disorder or bruise easily, Rosemary Essential Oil may increase your risk for more problems. Use with caution.
  5. If you have a seizure disorder, rosemary may worsen your symptoms. Do not use this oil if you have seizures. Period.

ishipallthings  asked:

top 6 non-canon ships and top 6 female characters? also, I'm curious, why do you resent The Proposal? :)


Hahaha, I mostly just resent The Proposal because I think it’s a PERFECT premise, TAILOR MADE FOR ME, with the added bonus of being set in my home state where I have always wanted to see a romcom set, but a lot of the ways the portray Alaska really just didn’t work for me. Why is it so clearly somewhere in the east coast where rich people hang out? Why isn’t anybody wearing Xtratufs? Why are they making a joke of Alaska Native culture and, if I recall correctly, showing literally no Alaska Native people? And wtf is up with Oscar Nunez’s character? I cannot be asked to stomach that. wHY DID THEY DO THAT TO OSCAR NUNEZ????


Anyway: A++++ @ Sandy and Ryan’s delightful chemistry, NO THANKS to everything else. I hope for a better Alaska-set romcom one day.

Top 6 Non-Canon Ships (for this, I decided to go with stuff that is genuinely not canon, as opposed to stuff that was briefly or on some level intended canon before my dreams were dashed, a la Mindy/Jody, Betty/Kate, etc. Sidenote: sobbing for always.)

  1. Rory/Paris (Gilmore Girls) - WIVES IN MY HEART. Equals. Soulmates. Keeping each other on their toes! Driving each other nuts but also being overachieving nerdy kindred spirits! Having the most perfect slow burn relationship development in seasons 1-4, to the point where if they had slipped into shippy town circa season five, it would have honestly felt perfectly natural. I love Rory/Paris with all my soul, and I am so glad that a lot of other people do too.
  2. DeWitt/Dominic (Dollhouse) - Never have I known such exultation at two people technically just standing next to each other in a work setting. The perfect loyalty + tragic betrayal storyline! The intense repression! The stylish outfits! The greatest fandom in the god damned world, in the last glorious years of the livejournal era! It was my heart’s truest and purest fandom experience. I will always be incomplete as a person because they never angrily made out on Adelle’s desk. (But at least Dominic held her at unnecessarily sexy gunpoint on Adelle’s couch.)
  3. Grace/Frankie (Grace and Frankie) - I mean, like, I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW, could season three’s life decisions really have been unwitting????? Was flying off embracing in a rainbow balloon that Grace literally stole from the guy trying to take her out on a date and regifted to Frankie while a song about having bittersweet feelings about your love played in the background something that happened in a platonic way? Only time will tell??? Anyway: season three of Grace and Frankie is literally the most exquisite portrayal of gradually realizing you are inconveniently in love with your best friend who has also been your lifelong nemesis that I have ever seen, and I am very, very glad that there is a fandom that is extremely enthusiastic about this solemn truth. I am kind of scared for season four to come along next year and crush all my dreams. (But what if it DOESN’T?)
  4. Oscar/Andy (The Office) - A very wonderful fun time was had by all (or … by an enthusiastic few?) with this pairing back in ye olde The Office days, after season 5 episode 7 entitled “Business Trip” came along and blew all our minds as we realized that Oscar’s and Andy’s perfect soulmates had been EACH OTHER ALL ALONG. My heart to this day gets super overwhelmed any time they have a brief exchange in an episode, or are perhaps sitting next to each other in a conference room meeting. This show did more good than it did bad overall in my opinion, but perhaps the worst thing it ever did was not realize that Oscar and Andy needed to fall in love and live happily ever after. At least they both ended the series single, and are in my heart of hearts husbands by 2017, no question. Like, maybe they get roped into doing some sort of publicity event for the documentary – maybe Oscar writes his own version of The Audacity of Hope, or Andy writes his own version of Scrappy Little Nobody, and either way they wind up on a book tour! Maybe they make the bonkers decision to collaborate on a memoir about the documentary to boost their careers and then we can imagine the joyous process of Oscar Martinez and Andy Bernard collaborating on a written work! Imagine that Google doc. Imagine how frustrated Oscar would be with all Andy’s font choices. – and at some point they find themselves having another unexpected drunken hotel adventure, and this is the one that ends in the inevitable start of their romantic relationship. And lord, just think of the whole Dunder Mifflin crew coming back together because OSCAR? and ANDY? are GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!? It would frankly be worth making a, like, four episode mini-revival of The Office for. And if Greg Daniels is interested in this idea, he can totes email me any time. p.s. I think we all know that Andy would love the life of being a local politician’s husband.
  5. Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter) - I will always remember so vividly how I felt when I had the Remus/Sirius epiphany as a middle school aged youngin’ (thanks internet!), and the iNTENSE EPIC TRAGEDY OF THEIR LOVE STORY OVERWHELMED ME. Remember that essay on livejournal that intricately broke down every single bit of Remus and Sirius’s interaction to prove that they were in love and Harry just didn’t realize it? That stuff was my god damned Da Vinci Code! (Er, or something. I don’t really remember what actually happens in the Da Vinci Code.) Oh my God, how ardently I shipped it; how weary I was when Sirius died and then Remus/Tonks happened. I somehow didn’t quite grasp that bisexuality existed yet, so I was very disheartened. Now, though?? You can pry my belief that Remus/Sirius was straight up canon from my COLD DEAD HANDS.
  6. Buffy/Faith (BtVS) - Another early pairing in my shipping life that got me to really broaden my shippy horizons beyond mere heterosexuality. Their chemistry was SO INTENSE, and I just had so much fun analyzing the anguish and electricity of their dynamic. I have no idea what happened in the Buffy comics, so I’m just going to envision a post-series Buffy world where they eventually get together and have some peace.
  7. Bonus mention: Christopher Hayden/Jason Stiles (Gilmore Girls) - The happily ever after that I really wish Amy Sherman Palladino could have somehow magically let me throw into the revival. DIGSTOPHER FOR LIFE. They are married in my own personal understanding of Gilmore Girls as a universe. Emily is flabbergasted.
  8. One more bonus mention - Gwen/Morgana (Merlin) - THIS SHOW DID NOT DESERVE THEM OR THEIR LOVE, GOD DAMN IT.

Top 6 Female Characters (without quite as much rambling because this post has become a giant monster)

  1. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) - Anne Shirley was, I’m pretty sure, my first hero. I just loved everything and imitated everything about her when I was young, as a little wildly imaginative and romantic weirdo myself. I went back to the series as a young adult and found even more value in it, and have I mentioned how thrilled I am that we have a new incarnation of this girl in Anne with an E???
  2. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre) - I didn’t really get into Jane Eyre until college, but once I did, it ate my whole life. I just love how fiercely Jane values herself and won’t compromise her principles even though she’s not objectively an extraordinary person and even though she still wrestles with a lot of self doubt and insecurity. I think that is truly a radical message for women even now.
  3. Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - This movie was my childhood everything, and I spent more time pretending to be Belle as a little kid than probably anyone else. MY HERO, for always. I still think “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere / I want it more than I can tell / and for once it might be grand / to have someone understand / I want so much more than they’ve got planned” might be the most poignant words ever (melodically) uttered onscreen.
  4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) - The true love and most beloved heroine of all my teen years. This has totally become a theme in this post, but having a nerdy bookish unpretty girl right at the center of the action and so essential to Harry’s life was just awesome to me. (And shipping Ron/Hermione was basically the center of my soul as a youth, haha.) I miss her, and really need to do a series reread soon, gosh darnit!
  5. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) - My most beloved kiddo; the teenage girl character who super cared about her schoolwork and looked forward to staying home alone and doing laundry. Rory was a quiet old soul and that meant a lot to me when I was younger as a quiet old soul when clearly that just was not a cool thing to be. As I get older I also feel super, super protective of her and all the criticism she gets, so I will always be willing to die on a hill for Rory Leigh Gilmore, by golly. One thing I’ve really come to realize that I value about her as I get older is how hard she is on herself and how much she struggles with wanting to be perfect in everything. I don’t think that’s portrayed super commonly in stories in the way that it is in GG, and it is so achingly relatable to me. YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, RORY.
  6. Xena (XWP) - I actually prefer Gabrielle a little more in terms of favorite characters from the series itself (because of course I do, she’s a nerdy plucky aspiring writer!), but I just think Xena is such an important character for us to have as a … species? Her role in her own narrative is one that had usually just been reserved for male characters–like, having wielded terrible destructive power and yearning to atone for that somehow is such a traditionally male character type (Angel much?)–and it really moves me to see a woman character wrestle with that. She was fully realized in an unusual way, particularly at the time when the show aired but sorta even now.