beautiful goon


SONG: well, um… *ahem*… that wasn’t quite the welcome i was expecting!

PICKLE: i don’t know what came over me? actually, i do! it probably had something to do with the love of my life standing outside my door…?

SONG: Pickle!! jeez, you’re such a doof 💕 …wait, are you bleeding?! 

PICKLE: maybe. and by that i mean, yes. yes, i am.



Imagine: The Clown Family At The Beach

Request: ( @spacebabeofglitterplanet)  How about the clown family at the beach? 

  • They pick one of the darkest and rainiest days to go because they think the water looks much more beautiful then.
  • The goons are sent early to clear out the beach so the clown family has it all to themselves.
  • Anyone who resists gets a warning with the barrel of a gun in the mouths, and lose their heads if they don’t take that warning.
  • Joker is torn between is gold bathing suit with purple bat symbols or purple with gold bat symbols.
  • The clown princess and her mother have hundreds of choices spread out helping each other pick.
  • Joker refuses to go into the water because she doesn’t want his lipstick or eye makeup to get washed off.
  • Harley does her makeup specifically to go in the water and have it washed down her face.
  • Harley and her daughter splash in the water together as Joker looks on, enjoying his power and ability to make this all possible. 
  • Frost, always the professional and still in a suit on the beach, takes Polaroids for them.
  • The clown princess runs back to her father and pulls on his hand asking him to come in the water with them.
  • Harley sees her struggling and joins her, Joker finally giving in.
  • He picks up his girls, one in each arm and walks out to the ocean throwing them in before diving himself.
  • The goons stand along the edge of the beach with custom gold guns as a signal to anyone who may be thinking about going on the beach.
  • The clown family sits on their batman towel in the sand enjoying the view.
  • Harley pulls lipstick from her purse and reapplies it on Joker for him.
  • Their daughter takes a towel and dries her dads hair so it flows free, taking the opportunity not to see it slicked back.
  • Joker helps her build a sand castle to replicate belle reve, so Harley can knock it down as a symbol she won’t go back and they won’t let her.
  • The clown princess falls asleep in her dads arms as they’re relaxing and he covers her with his purple coat.
  • They let her sleep and take the opportunity for a romantic moment in the water.
  • Joker orders Frost to get him a civilian from the street. Frost drags them screaming to Joker.
  • Joker pulls out a golden knife, from where Harley is fascinated by, and cuts the persons stomach right open. 
  • The blood pours into the ocean around them turning the water red for the color of love, Joker smiles and kisses his Queen.
  • Oh Puddin! I knew there was a romantic under there!”
  • The clown princess peaks her eyes open to watch her parents fall even more in love, tugging on Frost’s arm to make sure he’s getting a photo.
  • The goons warn of the gcpd coming and the clown family runs back to the purple Lamborghini, shooting back all the way home. 
Give me a McCree who was scared shitless by Jack
  • Not on the outside, where he would  be defiant and mouthy all the live long day if Jack dared question him 
  • But deep down, in the quiet moments of them passing in the corridor, give me McCree looking at Jack like he was this godlike being looking down on him, always judging and finding him lacking 
  • Give me Jack, who was guilty of not giving McCree the time of day, never showing the kid he didn’t outright despise him, he just didn’t care
  • So when Jack did have to interact with him, Jesse already was on the defensive, lashing out, which only made sure that this heroic Strike Commander, this force of justice,looked down on him further, making him feel like he was lower than dirt
  • Now give me years later, when Overwatch reforms, McCree being able to sit beside the same figure and see a man. One who has his flaws, his soul is just a bit shattered, but one he would gladly walk beside into hell.

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Thursday: Favorite Outfit: QUEEN LEAH’S


For Rosa. 🌹


A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

― Agatha Christie, The Hound of Death


If you haven’t seen THAT performance yet… Well.  . here you go.


I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.

For Rosa. 🌹