beautiful for a day

What a remarkable day… Millions of people looked towards the sky to watch our lovely moon briefly hide the sun… So many people were excited and awed, spending hours in preparation and travel for the perfect experience… Many took blurry but treasured photos, hoping to have a personal souvenir for their own happy memories… We looked towards the cosmos and together we cheered for our moon ❤️


@Official_MX_jp: 初めての日本ファンミーティング、全公演が無事終了しました!一緒に楽しんでくださったMONBEBEの皆さん、有難うございました〜!! #BEAUTIFUL_DAYS #TOKYO DAY2
The first Japanese fanmeeting performances have all been finished successfully! Thank you to all the Monbebe who were able to share the experience with us. #Beautiful_Days #Tokyo_Day2
trans by fy-kihyun ✧ please take out with full credit.

fractalabomination  asked:

Happy writer's appreciation day! Thank you for writing Magic Me Some Love, Final Destination, Handsome Dude On The Train, and Cube of Love! Your fics were my first foray into the world of Klance, and they were enough to convince me that it was an interesting pairing. Thanks for writing them, you beautiful dork :P

????? WTF KYE YOU’RE MAKING ME CRY NOT FAIR ;A; I didn’t even know that writer’s appreciation day was a thing but thank you so much. And thank you for reading my stuff, I’m really glad that I somehow convinced you to give these lovable idiots a chance ♥