beautiful fengxiao


Pages 1-4 of a story not really about tea (tea culture was important during the Sengoku period, not so much in the Three Kingdoms so I guess Guo Jia just picked it up from some Tang officer passing through)

Despite the tags this is actually a serious comic, aside from food and games I do think a lot about death and life and the meanings of both. I spend a lot of time doing things alone (by choice and not) and this used to be dangerous when I got stuck at ‘in the long run all our efforts are absolutely futile’. (I tried to write more about how I got out of that loop but it got long and I have to work.. Anyway all my feelings wrt accepting the futility/absurdity of life and carrying on will end up in some comic somewhere / have already been much more eloquently expressed by Albert Camus)

I really want to send a respectful fan letter to Chen Mou but I’ll have to write it in English since I don’t think he would react well to “ni de Guo Jia hen piao liang” and that is all the Mandarin I know

In other news Jia Xu has extremely beautiful hair in the newer chapters (when did you have the time to rebond in the middle of a battle???) and I hope Guo Jia gets to slap Sima Yi at least once before he dies

Oldish ink drawings. I’m not sure what’s going on either

Because it is never too late to learn I have decided to sign up for Chinese ink painting classes. This is going to be amusing (for everyone else) since I can’t read or write or even speak any Chinese dialects and I suspect the classes are conducted in Mandarin or Cantonese..