beautiful father and daughter relationship

Good Things About The Adventure Zone; Part IV

-“He just wouldn’t tell anyone because it’s NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS.”
-“Jeff Angel calls his dad EVERYDAY.”
-“Like I say to the wife before I get into bed, make room for Greg! ‘Cause, uh, Greg’s here.”/ Taako pretending to be straight for the sake of a disguise
-Taako’s father/son relationship with Angus
-“Sorry, my daughter-” “EATS THEM FOR POWER?”
-“You son of a lich!”
-Merle doesn’t even have to think about taking the penalty for losing the memory of his children because Clint is literally playing with his children, and he knows no father would ever, ever give that up
-“Magnus’ quest for vengeance just… ends.” “AND OURS BEGINS.”
-Taako turning into a T-Rex because he’s bored
-“I’ll be having my body back, you undead fuck.”
-Avi getting all choked up over the “death” of Magnus (because Avi has a big, gay, unrequited crush on Magnus)
-This entire Lunar Interlude. Like, let’s be real. That was incredible. Griffin McElroy is such a good fucking storyteller. Literally, I would give my life to this podcast.

this is my reaction to dd/lg (daddy dom/little girl)

why….why must something as beautiful and innocent as a relationship between a father and his young daughter be so sexualized?

fuck the dd/lg community, you disgusting bastards.

“””“pedophilia, abuse and incest is so sexy and if you are against it you’re a bigoted piece of shit uwu”““

Some new fanarts please....

I just realise that I haven’t seen any good new fanarts for the most beautiful best friends/brother/sister/father/daughter/master/padawan relationship EVER - Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

I found some amazing fanfiction for them, I tried to draw some scenes, but I failed ;/ I thought “Maybe someone else try?”

So, I give you links for that fanfictions and if you want - draw it! ;)

I hope the fan arts will be as beautiful as this one:


Day 29: Favorite Friendship: The Crew of Serenity

Joss Whedon is amazing at having a cast that all fit together as a great group of friends, on every show.  If I have to pick just one, I will say that the whole entire crew of Serenity is an amazing group of friends.  They all protect each other, and love each other without question.  (Well maybe they question Jayne sometimes)  Despite the fact that they go through rough times and have to earn some trust, they are a crew and they are a family too.  They are all in it together no matter what, and I love watching the interactions between all the characters (especially everyone with Mal)

“When you live with that kind of strength, you get tied to it. You can’t break away, and you never want to.”

RUNNER-UP: Giles and Buffy.  I would have just picked all the Scoobies, but they fluctuated a lot.  Giles and Buffy have the most unique relationship and it is wonderful and beautiful.  It is a relationship of both equals and a father daughter.  It is amazing to watch 

Rey Skywalker has nothing to do with me being anti-feminist or thinking that Rey can only be a competent lead because of her family. It has nothing to do with me wanting her to be straight. Nothing to do with wanting Luke to be straight. Sexuality is not a factor here.

No, Rey Skywalker means engaging in a beautiful father/daughter relationship onscreen – which we have so little of in current Hollywood. It means that we got a kickass female out of an endless tirade of “males only!” heroes in Star Wars. It means that a WOMAN is going to carry on the Skywalker legacy. I love the idea of Luke having a child and loving her indefinitely, and I shouldn’t have to apologize. I will go down with Rey Skywalker.

I love the Elastic Heart video and don’t believe SIA should’ve apologized for it. If you’re someone who sees this video as a representation of a romantic or sexual relationship I think you need to ask yourself why? Why do you find any representation of a male and female sexual, regardless of age? Why is the idea of any physical touch suddenly sexual? Why don’t you understand the narrative of someone chasing someone and letting someone down and supporting someone outside of the context of a relationship? I think it is a beautiful beautiful video that perfectly exhibits what a father/daughter relationship is like when serious mental illness is involved in the mix. I don’t understand how anyone could see it as anything else. Consider why you’re projecting your ideas of sexuality onto this video that is clearly not about that.