Hi Taylor.

You don’t know me, so let me introduce myself. My name is Filipa, I live in a sunny city in Portugal, I’m 19 years old and I wanted to tell you the story of how you became my role model, my music idol and my best friend. Teardrops on my guitar was the song that introduced me to your music. It was around Christmas time (ironic, uh?), the year was 2007 and I was trying to fit in with my classmates. They were older than me because they were repeating the school year, and well, children can be really mean to each other, especially with the younger ones. I still had my childhood friends, but I was always the shy and awkward one, so going to school was never a pleasant experience. Meanwhile, I just listened to your songs on YouTube and continued to discover the magical experience of being your fan. Then 2008 arrived ( and Fearless with it) and I found myself with different classmates. Again. But this time most of them were really nice and I was finally starting to get out of my bubble. Fearless came out and yet again your music said all the things I was feeling and everything I wanted to say. There’s just not a way to explain what your music makes me feel. In that year I made new friends, I experienced love for the first time (or so I thought), and I was finally happy with the people who surrounded me. I spent my days watching videos of you,of your live performances, reading interviews and hoping of meeting you and seeing a live show one day.  Then came 9th grade and the worst year of my life. Everything was perfect and then one day everything changed. School was almost over and I was going to start a new chapter in my life : High school. But suddenly, I lost all of my friends, I guess they decided I wasn’t worth fighting for anymore. I remember the day it happened clearly, and it still hurts to think of it. They didn’t want me in their group anymore and so I spent the rest of the school year alone. I cried every night and prayed that they would accept me back. But that didn’t happen. Loneliness became my new best friend. It was the kind of ‘’friend’’ that slowly kills you inside. Then Summer was almost over and I was still friendless (apart from you of course). School was almost starting. It was the scariest thing ever, going to a different school, knowing no one, not knowing what was going to happen. The first day of school came and it was terrifying. Some of my classmates were from my previous school, but I’d never talked to them much. There was yet another mean kid in my class, he used to get under my skin, but after spending so much time alone I had a pretty good way of protecting myself from others. And after having only you as a friend, I knew that it would get better. And it did. I found my soul mates. I believe that we have more than one soul mate and that they don’t necessarily come in the form of a boyfriend or girlfriend, and I found mine in three beautiful girls. And guess what? They were the ones that I didn’t talk to much in my previous school. Sometimes I wish I had talked to them sooner and avoid all of this sadness. But then I wouldn’t have as much of a deep connection with your music or with them as I do now. 5 years have flown by and I still have them and you by my side. During those five years I had two struggles: finding someone here, in my country, that loved you as much as I do, because obviously I wanted to share the majestic thing that is Taylor Swift ; And the second struggle was watching two Eras pass by( Speak Now  and Red ), and hoping that on one of them you would come to Portugal and I would finally see a live show. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but thanks to the internet I had the opportunity to see videos from each tour. I considered traveling to another country to see a concert, but I never had the money to do so, it would’ve been really expensive,  so I just resumed to hoping that you would still come here one day. Then 1989 arrived. And let me thank you, because finally one of my best friends saw what she was missing (she wasn’t a fan of the country vibe but she still listened to some songs because I forced her to).And with this album I finally realised that even though you were always miles away from me, somehow I got through everything with you by my side. You’ve taught me to be a better version of myself, and that only my opinion of who I am matters. You’ve taught me to love music unconditionally, and you’ve helped me realise since that rainy day in december 2007, that music is what I want to do for the rest of my life, no matter how hard it is to get an education in music in this country. It is never too late to pursue your dreams, and I’m patiently waiting to pursue mine. With 1989 I really got my hopes up that finally you would come here, because unlike with the other albums, portuguese radio stations were always playing your singles, and finally portuguese people discovered Taylor Swift (after 9 long years -.-). So I waited for the tour dates announcement. And I got my heart-broken again. I would’ve been happy with you coming to Spain or France, I was ready to pack my things and go. I would gladly spend huge amounts of money on you, even if I had to work 24/7. I will never forgive myself if I lose another tour, especially this one, it would kill me. So, I’m in my room with my english dictionary  (I apologize now if there’s any misspelled words or grammar errors) and you’re somewhere in the US, and I’m writing you this because I know that you will announce more tour dates, and I wanted to ask you, on my behalf, and on other fans behalf, to come to Europe again. You don’t even have to come to Portugal, I know that probably won’t happen, so please just bring the 1989 World Tour to Southern Europe. I will do anything to see you if you bring the tour near me once again. And thank you for helping me growing up, I coudn’t ask for better guidance. I love you taylorswift .