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James Tiberius Kirk. Captain, USS Enterprise


No matter if Jim is…




Even Older……..

He is forever and ever……..

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Death and Rebirth

((OOC: Takes place the evening of the events of “A Harsh Choice”))

“You know, if you told me I’d be spending a night of my summer torching a bitch on a pile of logs, I probably would have expected it to be more entertaining than this.”

Pinhead rolled his eyes. Freddy had done nothing but complain since he had begun setting up the funeral pyre. Night had fallen, the others had gone to bed and the moon was just right; Pinhead looked down at Nikoletta’s body in his arms, her lips ice blue and her cheeks nearly white. She was beautiful even now.

Freddy threw the last log onto the pile. “Is that good enough, your majesty?” he snarked, turning to Pinhead.

The Cenobite nodded. “It is satisfactory for our needs. Now all that remains is for Lazlo to return.”

“Does fat boy actually have to be here for this? I say we toss on the lighter fluid and get this bonfire started.”