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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

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I can just imagine that raf has a little charm that represent each of his racer dads. I'd like to think raf has a little bumblebee one for BB but what about KO? And would raf hace a little bumblebee thing for BB?

Knock Out’s would be a rose of course. One of the most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful bot! Guess Raf would have those for sure, like a keychain!

A combo of magical, weird and lovely. Collab with the mind blowing rubycurls​!

(I have loved every single moment of the process, every conversation as well as the very chance I got to work with you, Nims!) 

Online (Jimin, You)

• Title: Online
•Characters: Jimin x You
•Words: 7.2k
•Genre: Fluff (angst? not sure)

Plot: You met him on a penpal kind of website, and almost immediately felt the connection between the two of you.

A/N: You might have seen this fanfiction somewhere before, and you might be right. I started this series almost 2 years ago, and never finished it. Lately I noticed it in my old computer, and I felt the urge to finish it. I posted all the parts together, so that it’s easier to read. Hope you like it! Tell me what you think about it with a message, I’d be glad to hear your opinion. Now enjoy!

2Chim: Hello there! Nice to meet you, my name is Jimin and I’m from South Korea. I’m trying to make some friends here on WorldPals. I hope you could be one of them. Have a nice day~

“Look, a message! I told you,” your friend Denise explained “it’s one of the most used websites. You can get to know people from Australia, from Japan… isn’t it amazing?” She looked enthusiast about the idea of having friends from all over the world. She’s always been interested in learning different languages, about different cultures.
“Hum, I don’t know… is it safe? What if this 2Chim is a fraud?” You murmured checking his profile. He looked cute on his profile picture, and many comments were from girls and boys praising his good looks. “You can always block them if they seem suspicious, don’t worry about that. It’s not that you have to give your personal information away” she said and finally stood up looking at her clock. “Oh my, it’s so late! Listen, Y/N, you just talk to people and see how it works by yourself, it’s not that difficult. You’ll tell me about it then.” She ruffled your hair with a strong gesture and then left. “Ouch… my hair!” You cried out, but she was already gone. You looked back at the computer, 2Chim’s profile still on it. “Let’s do this” you told yourself.

Y/N: Nice to meet you, Jimin. I’m Y/N, I’m from ____. I’d like to make some friends too. ^ ^
2Chim: Wow, Y/N! What a beautiful name, for a beautiful flower like you eheh~

“Uh! That was cheesy” you chuckled.

Y/N: Well, thank you? Ahah I like your name too. Hum, where do you live?
2Chim: I live in Seoul, but I’d like to travel a lot, that’s why I’m here. I want to improve my English! You know, English is really important nowadays… but it’s so difficult.ㅠ ㅠ
Y/N: Are you sure? Your English is perfectly fine!
2Chim: It’s all because of this website. And I read a lot. So… what about you? Why are you here?
Y/N: My friend told me this place is awesome, I’m here because of her… but I don’t really know. It doesn’t look that safe, I have to get used to it.
2Chim: Yes, sure… you should be careful. Bad people see a pretty face and always try to harass you. ㅠ ㅠ
Y/N: Thank you for the advice then, I’ll be careful.

“Even with you, Jimin” you said to yourself.

Y/N: Where do you want to travel to?

Talking to someone that distant was curious, you suddenly felt that curiosity eating you.

2Chim: To be honest? Your country is the first place I want to go to. That’s why I contacted you… and you’re pretty too, perfect combo, isn’t it? ^ ^
Y/N: Oh, so kind! I’m not that pretty tho ahah

You felt your face getting hotter, and as you looked at the mirror right in front of you you saw two red cheeks, as red as two tasty apples. “What-…”

2Chim: Oh, you are. ^ ^ Anyway, I’d like to spend some time there, like 1 or 2 months. I’d like to have some friends to count on there.
Y/N: Wow, it’s a nice travel anyway! And yeah, my country it’s pretty cool. There are so many places to visit, and I haven’t seen all of them yet!
2Chim: Ikr! I can’t wait, I’m so excited, yet so scared.

A smile crept over your lips. It was so cute. Someone with such an admiration for your country, and you felt so proud of it.

Y/N: Why scared? I’m sure you’ll meet lots of friends here, don’t worry! ^ ^
2Chim: Okay, Y/N. I trust you then eheh~

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Grand Blues 751 Kimono Narmaya

[Narmaya has changed into a kimono]
Vermeil: “Ohh… how truly beautiful.”

Narmaya: “Ehehe… thank you.”
Na: “Ah, Vermeil-chan, you’re crying?”
Na: “Shall Onee-chan wipe-wipe it for you?
Ve: “Ah… please don’t worry about it. These tears haven’t stopped since I was born.”

Na: “Isn’t there some way to stop them?”
Ve: “I have regrets from my previous life. Perhaps if that soul were to be saved then maybe…”

Ve: “It’s difficult, isn’t it?”
Ve: “It might even be more difficult than ridding all the sky of conflict.”
Heles: “No… if it’s just that, then we might be able to do it.”
Ve: “Eh?”

He: “If Narmaya-dono were to wrap all the sky in Onee-chan Power…”
He: “Then surely the whole sky would become peaceful…!”
Ve: Onee-chan power… just what kind of potential does it have…?

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of cOURSe you have an Alienware laptop oF c0uRSE you frickin nerd. I love your blogs, your art, and your cosplays so much. You Beautiful Frickin Nerd.

ehehe,   it was a present from my dad since I was SUPPOSED to go into 3D animation.  now I’m not and I just have a nice laptop (its fucking huge though) 

Thank you!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ/*:・゚✧.

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I absolutely admire and adore your art Sylvaur and especially your pokemon art! Whenever I play Pokemon I make a habit of collecting a lot of the really pretty Flower based pokemon like Lilligant Leavanny Tsareena Comfey Florges Meganium Venusaur Vileplume and naming them after their Genus and species names. Is there a certain type of pokemon type or specific aesthetic you use if you are ever catching/collecting?

Uwah thank you so much ;_; ♥

As for my teams, I think you can see some patterns if I just show you, so here’s my teams across all the generations I’ve played (HGSS doesn’t count cause that’s not really gen 2)

So having the grass starter is pretty much a rule lol. I always have three pokemon of the three elemental types, which leads to me usually trading for all three starters (unless I like a non-starter pokemon more than the starter of the same type). I like having a bird pokemon too (4th column), as well as a femme-ish sort of pokemon (5th column). Whoever’s been following me for a long time probably knows I have a huge preference for feminine, elegant and beautiful pokemon eheh (Lopunny, Pheromosa and Gardevoir are among my top favorites for a reason ghadfhg). So that leaves slot 6 for whatever other pokemon I like <:(you also might’ve noticed i have a thing for shinies that is way too massive for my own good) 

Hopefully that wasn’t terribly long-winded!

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If you are taking requests, could you possibly write what happens after the movie like your prequel: Light Blue Sky, Bright Pink Flower. It could be a smut to show how much closer they have gotten after their adventure together and after confessing they love each other. Please and thank you.

Here you are my dear anon! :) I hope you’ll like this little fic (Fluff/Smut/Surprise at the end). 

When I read “It could be a smut.” my mind just elaborated “Do a Smut in that fic!”, so here you go. OwO Enjoy a little piece of my madness.

Originally posted by addie-retro

That warm and bright evening was completely silent, just like the tired but satisfied Trolls, asleep in their colorful pods and under soft and fluffy blankets made of leaves and hair. Man, what a long day they had: after their return to the Troll Tree, that was right in the middle of the new and finally happy Bergen Town, the little singing and dancing creatures had a lot of work to do: building and making new pods, fixing the Tree’s broken roots and branches, secure the wild area, pulling weeds, moving things and supplies from their old home… yeah, that was exhausting and boring, but necessary.

And Poppy, the happiest, the most loved and the most positive of all of the Rainbow Trolls, was now the new and beloved Queen, so she had a lot of responsabilities and duties to perform. Of course, her father helped her with his long experience and wisdom, but still… The girl was in fact still awake, with big dark circles around her magenta eyes, and was talking to herself, resuming the day’s activities quickly and with attention: “Ok, so… It’s been a week, a looooooong week, and I must say we fixed and did a lot of work, that’s very good. The roots are ready, green and healty, as the crown of the Tree, full of leaves and flowers. But we need more pods because the population is increasing and the kids are growing, soon they will need their own little homes! Also, the Tree’s bark is far too friable and full of dangerous splinters, and we must create a zone for-…”.

“Woah, talking to yourself, Pops? Work and organization sucks, right? You look dead tired right now!” a familiar and gentle male voice called her from not so far, with an ironic but worried tone and crossed, strong blue-green arms. “You’re tiring yourself too much, you should go to sleep. You are working so hard these days, and for the first time of your life! No parties, no jumping in the fields, no smelling flowers or hugging randomly… you must be lost right now, am I right…”.

“Oh! Branch, it’s just you. Are you still up too, uh?” the royal female laughed sincerely and greeted her new and now happy boyfriend, standing up, quickly approaching him and resting her heavy and throbbing head on his right and strong shoulder, sighing and huffing out her great frustration. “You are right. I know I should get some rest, you’re totally right, but everyone’s counting on me and I don’t wanna let them down. Remember, we are in a big, big hurry. The cold season is coming, you know that, we can’t risk our subjects’ life like this. We’ll freeze!”.

“I know that indeed, that’s the worst time of the damn year and it’s hard to survive without enough supplies, but our work’s half done and the cold season will come the next month. We’ll be ready in a week or two, I promise.” Branch hugged her tightly, trying to comfort and calm her, caressing her slim and elegant back. “And I’ll be there to help you if you’ll need me, always. What you’re doing right now, tormenting youself and worrying too much, won’t help at all. Come on, let’s head inside, there are plenty of warm blankets and pillows, a good rest and everything’ll seem alright.”.

“I guess you’re right as always, you smart, ex-survivalist. Your help is invaluable, without your guide and precious advices I don’t know what I would do.” Poppy nuzzled his neck and kissed his left and slightly glittery cheek, closing her bright eyes and smelling him, finally peaceful and quiet in his arms. “You’ll make a great King one day, you care so much about me and our people, and everybody loves and respects you.” she added with a bold smirk, giggling and punching his back. “King Branch, sounds pretty good right? The bad thing is that you’ll have to wear a beautiful flower crown, eheh! I’m aware you hate them, I’m so sorry.”.

The colorful survivalist gulped and blushed visibly, rubbing his nape and looking away, embarassed and shy as always. “D-do you really think so? I’ll be good enough for the Trolls? For you? Do you really want me, will you really choose the dull, always prepared and strange me? I… just don’t know if I deserve that…”.

“No, you won’t be good enough, Branch.” the pink girl slowly shook her head, looking strangely strict, serious and severe, looking at him into his light blue eyes, now full of surprise and esitation. “You’ll be perfect for us all. I chose you, and maybe that was the best decision of my whole life. And I’d choose you, always.” she smiled widely then, amused by his unsure reactions, grabbing his strong but pudgy waist and, on her tiptoes, she pressed her perfumed lips on his, in a kind but passionate and needed kiss.

Branch groaned and smiled during that welcomed act of affection, his heart full of joy and pride hearing those beautiful words, and used his free and big hands to grab her fluffy hair and gently pull it, knowing how much she would like it. As planned, he heard a tiny but excited squeal and felt her body against his, hot and tempting.

When they pulled away, Poppy grinned and licked her wet and now flushed mouth, fixing a lock of hair and putting it behind her round ear. “I see what you did there, are you trying to make me relax in that way? What a naughty and smug Troll you are, Branch.” the Queen asked, lifting an eyebrow and snickering, a hand on her hip. “But I am too, so… will you join me in my bedroom?”.

It was not like they’ve never done it before or that it was their first time: in fact, during those short and maybe too fast weeks, they found themselves inseparable and deeply connected, in any existing form. Even in that form. But it was still a strange feeling for Branch, being inside his girlfriend’s form and whispering loving phrases, sweet nothings and poetries in her rounded ears.

“You ok, Branch?” Poppy panted with a little and kind smile on her face, her many freckles shone in the darkness as she looked into his light blue eyes, beneath his muscular but chubby body. Her slim hips bounced up and down slowly, meeting Branch’s unhurried thrusts. “You seem a little… uh, restrained? Like you want to say something.”.

“No, no. It’s alright up here. Are you ok down there?” the survivalist smiled back and laughed, kissing her forehead for a moment and continuing his movements, then the male got closer to her right ear and huffing: “But maybe you’re right, I would like to say something. It’s just… I cannot find the words to describe my feelings right now, and… damn, I can’t find the words to tell you how much you mean to me. Maybe I am a poet, well… sort of, but sometimes, especially when I’m around you, I can’t find the right way to tell you how I feel.”.

“Then show me. If you can’t find the right words, then use yourself because you, just you are more than enough for me.” the Queen hugged him, nuzzling against his chest, deeply touched by his sincere words.

The pink Troll felt her partner speeding up after a few moments of reflection and esitation, and his royal blue-purple hair twirling around hers in a passionate and affectionate dance they shared a lot of times, together and connected, in that fluffy and comfortable bed. “Mhh-!” she moaned, spreading her long legs a bit more, grabbing him by the waist, and moving her pelvis along with the survivalist’s.

Branch licked his rather sharp teeth, drooling a little and panting a lot, still not very used to those act of intimate affection, then he gently bit the female’s breasts, sucking them and using his tongue to lap her excited and red nipples, enjoying her wails and whines of pleasure.

Suddenly Poppy used her great strength and agility to lift her smaller body up, helping herself with her behind’s muscles, sitting on the blue Troll’s lap and smirking, happy to finally be on top. She loved it, when she could move and watch her boyfriend’s desperate expressions, closely. With a loud but muffled scream, she started to ride her companion’s rod with speed, while kissing him on the lips and rubbing his belly and nape with her free arms.

“Ugh!” Branch groaned loudly, his eyes barely open and his tongue out, sitting on the pallet and enjoying the show his girlfriend was putting up. He felt a warmth in his groin area and his manhood swelling inside her damp and dripping slit. “She really loves to be on top, uh…”.

“Someone’s approaching his peak, Branchie? Awh!” the smug and self-confident Queen joked while huffing, rubbing his cheek and pressing her forehead against his sweaty one for a second. “It’s ok, I-I’m reaching it too… j-just let it out… will you?”, Poppy knew how to make him come anyway, in fact she knew a really, really sweet spot of his: smiling and smirking, she opened her mouth again and bit gently his pointy and moving ear with her rounded teeth.

“P-Poppy!” he shouted with a not-so-manly and very surprised tone, his hands grabbing her slim hips on instinct and his organ emptying itself inside the Queen’s welcoming and warm canal, filling her up with his white and fertile sexual liquid, that poured out slowly, on the dirty and now messy sheets. “Mpgh…”.

“Branch!” Poppy shivered in pleasure right after him, clenching her muscular inner walls around her partner’s dick and riding out her own orgasm, while electric waves clawled up and down her arching back. “Ahh…” she concluded after a long minute, falling back on the mattress along with the survivalist, both of them dead tired, panting visibly and sweaty. But satisfied. Really satisfied. “I admit it… that… relaxed me quite alot.”.

“T-Told you… And guess what, that even helped me, you know… gathering a bit of courage to tell you something.” the survivalist laughed weakly, kissing her lips for the last time and suddenly sitting on the bed, grabbing his green gilet and searching for something in its pockets. When he found and took it, he turned towards his girlfriends, hands behind his naked back and an embarassed smile on his chubby face. “Poppy, we’ve known each other for so long, 20 years, and I never found the bravery or guts to talk to you, never. But believe me when I say that I loved you so, so much. I loved you with all my heart and soul, but I was a coward and I was scared. Scared to lose you, like I lost my grandma. Only during our journey and especially in that pot, when you lost your hope, happiness and colors, I found myself finally capable to show my real feelings and to tell you I loved you. I couldn’t let you go, I couldn’t see you all grey and sad like I was. And gosh, when you told me you loved me back… I just couldn’t believe it: you, the most perfect and… well, rather annoying dork, my love interest, my beloved party-loving and funny Princess, loved me! You didn’t give up on me, that’s why I fell in love with you long, long ago; with your smile you were able to bright my days and fantasies, especially when I wrote poetries about you. You are my bigger inspiration and an essential part of my new, colorful and beautiful life. And even if maybe’s too early… I’d like to make it official.”.

“… B-Branch? What do you mean, what are you trying to say?” Poppy asked, a little insecure and excited, with her big, enraptured magenta eyes, looking at the little and opened black box with a golden and shiny ring inside, right in front of her.

Poppy, will you marry me?”.


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