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▬   ユーリ!!! on ICE 超超 超 がんばらんば!!グランプリファイナルFS  (12/12 )
 There’s a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone. 


[Duet Song Festival] 레오 X 정영은 ‘하고 싶은 말’

Yuri on Ice Beauty... also know as episode 12

Okay, I usually wait several days to talk about an episode, so if you haven’t seen episode 12 yet, you might want to wait to read this. There will be spoilers. First off: If this get’s rambley, I’m am sorry, I don’t have the perfect words to describe my feelings. 

So… Victor crying… heartbreaking, but I think eye opening. I believe that was the beginning of Yuri’s new thoughts. The thoughts that lead him to the end of this episode. 

Though I was not gifted with the three little words, there was more than enough “I love you” in their actions, and other words. Even just small gestures and touches, there is definitely Love there, and it is beautiful. Victor and Yuri just warm my heart so much. But before I gush about them too much, I’ll talk about the other skaters.

JJ: Good on ya buddy. I was shocked he got third after his mess ups, but all the lower guys messed up. I am happy for him, and I hope he’s more approachable next season. 

Phichit: My adorable Thai baby. I truly believe he was just happy to be there. He had no expectations to full-fill and I am looking forward to seeing him develop as a skater. He is such a bright ray of sunshine. 

Chris: My awkward neighbor boy. I hope he keeps pushing further. He’s NOT too old to skate. I definitely more of him. ^////^ And thought his moment of jealousy was adorable. I also loved how he accepted the rose crown from Minako. So cute. 

Otabek: WOW That man can skate. I love his unique non ballet style. I also, really loved his inner monologue during his performance, and felt that he was speaking about all the skaters, and even the us the audience. WE know so little of him, but I really like him and hope to see more of him. Definitely.

Yurio: I have to say that episodes 10-11 I was super upset with his rudeness and we were NOT on speaking terms for a couple of days. BUT he was redeemed in this episode. I really liked his thoughts about Yuri. Sure he still called him a Pig, but that’s Yurio. I LOVED how he wanted to beat Yuri to keep him skating. That made me happy.

Yuri: I’m writing about him last because I have the most to say about him. I honestly don’t know how to express the true beauty that was his whole performance. Starting at rink side with Victor. When they spoke, and held hands, I felt so hard for them. They have come so far. First off, kudos to the animators for executing this performance so SO BEAUTIFULLY. I literally never get tired of watching Yuri skate his Free Program, and this version was everything I thought I wanted (what i actually wanted coming later in the post). Its was beautiful and record breaking. When Yuri skates that program, he enthralls, and memorizes. There is such interpreted beauty in his movements. He brought so many people, myself, and Victor to tears. It was truly Love. I also loved his inner monologue during this scene. “Look at the Victor who lives on inside me.” and so much more. This whole show is just… beautifully written. 

Victuri on Ice: The Duet… What I REALLY wanted more thank anything…and I didn’t even realized it. I could not think of a better way to end then season. They were so sweet, genuine, and beautiful together. And I LOVED how they costumes were remakes of Victors from last season. Yep. That is the next Yuri I’ll be making after Eros. Sorry Free Skate, you’ll be coming later. Their eyes, their soft touches, the music, even right now I don’t have words, but tears. I love them. Victor and Yuri are a Beautiful, and very real representation of Love in Anime. They have exceeded my expectations over and over. Thank you Kubo-san.

The Kiss and Cry, and after the medal ceremony also tugged at my happy fangirl heart strings. But again… I don’t really have words, just ramblings feelings. 

See you NEXT LEVEL! Our confirmation of season 2! I. Can’t. Wait. The end where you see Victor and Yurio waiting from Yuri. SO wonderful. And the promise of Victor coming back to slate, so happy. Having Yuri only win Silver is worth season 2… besides he has to win gold this time… so that Victuri can be married. 

Well, if you read all these words, that may or may not have made sense, I thank you. I can honestly say, I have never loved a series more. It’s so beautiful, inspirational, uplifting, and relate-able. I’m so happy we have it. 

See you all next season! 

baekyeol singing 듣는편지

t/n: a fan on weibo combined the audio of Chanyeol and Baekhyun singing 듣는편지. both of them sang this song on different occasions (Chanyeol - uploaded on his soundcloud ; Baekhyun - sang on a radio show during Wolf Era) but somehow it blends surprisingly well together.

cr: CmixB