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Let's talk about the Beast's smile after Belle asks him to bring her back "home" 😍😍😍

Can I write you a freaking essay on that moment? We have to go back a ways for the full impact, after all.

Because he wants this to be a great gift for her. This girl who just confided in him that her tiny village was stifling and full of people telling her how odd and strange she was, and so he wants to give her an escape and let her go anywhere in the world, and you just know when he first discovered the book, he went to all these big grand places he’d always wanted to see.

And he expects her to do the same, but even though she takes them to Paris, she takes them to a very specific Paris because what she wants to see more than any other place in the world is this home she might have had, this place and this moment that defined the rest of her life, so that she can figure out and understand how.

And then she breaks down and he’s caused her to live her mother’s death, and he knows exactly how that feels, and now he’s ruined everything, and this gesture that was supposed to be an amazing gift for her has turned out so horribly and she’s going to hate him for putting her through this, and he was right when he brought it out, this was the Enchantress’s cruelest curse —

But THEN, as he’s apologizing and asking forgiveness, she looks at him and says “Let’s go home.”

And his FACE! Worried, then surprised, then stunned as her full meaning hits him. And then he smiles. Because she’s talking about his castle and she’s calling it home.

A gift made last year for Christmas :) Now that the holidays have come and gone, I guess I can finally show it ! I was very happy with it when I finished it, and I still am today ! The person for whom this was is a big fan of Belle and Anne of Green Gables :)

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