beautiful dissociation

Concept: I have a real, stable, enduring, and healthy sense of self. I can foresee some sort of future for myself, and imagining what that future looks like is possible because I expected to still be alive up to this point. It doesn’t feel abhorrently wrong to refer to myself in my thoughts with first-person words such as “I”, “My”, “Mine”, or “Me”. I don’t instead have to think and refer to myself only using second-person words such as “You” and “Yours”.


To combat that Russian Vogue asshole, here’s some ACTUAL ARMENIANS wearing our traditional clothes.

Cultural appropriation is harmful because it dissociates a beautiful symbol of the culture from the people who worked so hard to make it, as well as from the culture’s history. It’s like if a photographer creates a really beautiful piece of art and someone then steals of from them on the Internet and the thief all the fame and money for something they really didn’t create. It’s fine to appreciate another culture, but don’t take it for your own. Instead, educate yourself about your culture. Be proud of your heritage. Don’t steal it from someone else.