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4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No 20:

Highclere Castle, Hampshire, England. 

Rebuilt 1839-42 by Sir Charles Barry, with a park by Capability Brown. 

Was the home of Lord Carnarvon, friend and sponsor of Howard Carter, and is the main filming location of Downton Abbey. 


4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No 9:

Carton House, Kildare, Ireland. 

Built by Richard Cassels in 1739. 

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Making Amends | Joker + Reader

Note: A little fluffy. This is my first request, so excited to be able to fulfill my first! Requests are always open. 
Description/Request:  Can I request a Jared Leto Joker imagine where joker forgets your anniversary and when he comes home he makes it up to you??? – Anon
Warning: None
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Ok, the colours look kinda wonky and I need a new and better scanner anyway, but it looks descent anyway. Basically it started out as simple doodles, but I felt the need to color it.
Basically those are daily activities of Protector Aku. First half is just a simple calm dinner scene in his beautiful Japanese dining room. Second half is an activity that he HAS to do on a daily basis, in order to maintain balance of the darkness in himself or else it may take over him and make him return to his old evil roots. (thanks again to @claire-makes for this amazing headcanon! =D)

First Impressions (Part 11)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and drama (later on in the fic) gore/blood mentioned, anger

Word Count: 1389

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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“Is it weird to be nervous?” Hayden asked as he put on his light gray button down, a shirt you had picked out.

“No, not really.”

“I’m just worried because of…the whole Sebastian thing,” he admitted as he started to button it up. You couldn’t help but stare at him in the mirror as you slipped on your dress.

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