beautiful dahling

Better late than never!! Happy Book Lovers Day!! Source: BBC Britain.

Hogwarts Tom Holland HC

A bit smutty, swearing, and fluff for ya!

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  • Ok so you’re in like your 6th year and you notice this Guy walking around that you haven’t seen before
  • And you ask your friends about it and they’re like, “Y/N, that’s Tom, you know him?!”
  • And you’re like HOT DAMN because he’s the definition of a summer glow up if ya know what I mean ;)

  • He’s obviously a Gryffindor, I mean have you SEEN his family, they’re practically the Weasleys

  • If you’re in a different house imagine looking around the great hall and his eyes catching your for a second and his cheeky little smirk before looking away
  • Dropping your books in the halls and him coming up to you and helping you and there’s that moment where he hands you a book and your hands graze and EYE CONTACT
  • His friends constantly teasing him and pushing him around about his crush on you
  • Especially Haz
  • Sexual tension whenever you’re in a group conversation together
  • He’d play keeper in quidditch and you’d secretly only go to his games cheering him on, and he’d think it was just a coincidence
  • But if you did play quidditch he’d def play favorites by accident and the rest of the team would always tease him about it too
  • Him being nervous to ask you to the Yule Ball but you say yes and he goes skipping back to the Gryffindor common room to tell EVERYONE that you’re going together and that you’re taken so don’t you dare ask her because she’s already going with me
  • It beats borderline threatening but th3n he feels bad and apologizes
  • When you get to the Yule Ball
  • “You Look absolutely beautiful, dahling.”
  • Slow dancing to every song
  • When a fast song comes on he does a little improvised dance to impress you
  • But instead he ends up bumping into at least a dozen people before almost falling into glasses of butter beer

  • He asks you to be officially a thing one night when you two sneak out and just lay down outside in nature
  • Of course you say yes
  • Him not being able to keep his hands off of you
  • Def makeout session right then and there, with Filch almost catching you

  • Beteween classes yod find time for each other to hang out or walk each other to their next class
  • Sometimes you had a little extra free time up in the room of requirement, because he wanted something “private”
  • Him having the highest sex drive cause of puberty
  • “Not here Tom” as he proceeds to kiss your neck
  • Need I say more???

There’s so much more!!! Let me know if you want a part 2!