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Fisherman at Sunrise

This fisherman hauling in his catch at sunrise is a perfect example of how little some aspects of Greek island life has changed over the centuries. Fish and seafood are important parts of traditional Greek cuisine, and it doesn’t get much better than eating fish freshly caught by hand on the same day.

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Current Transits 
Venus 14° Taurus 
Moon 16°  Taurus 

Audrey Hepburn was born with her Taurus sun in the 2nd house. She was a figure of beauty who expressed the creative magnificence of Taurus through acting, modelling, and dancing. In true Taurus tradition, she was a mirror of allure to be bloomed in the hearts of everyone, she facilitated the appreciation of beauty through her image and artistry. She was an Aphrodite. 

Taurus energies help us understand what is of lasting value. Venus and Moon in Taurus is especially significant because Venus is the ruler of Taurus and the Moon exalts in Taurus. It provides a sense of calm amongst the chaos, the ability to acknowledge and be grateful for the pleasures of life, especially by indulging in them, warm sleep ins, sunsets, creamy coffees, luscious cuisines, beauty regimes, relationships, and art 


[art: kurtis rykovich]

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you rec me some good youtube channels? Art related or not would be cool:)

HUH yes yes!☆

Jenny Mustard (about minimalism, fashion, vegan food, lifestyle)

Krist soup/Krist & yu (e.g love her Japan vlogs ♡♡)

Sharla in Japan (cool videos about her life in Japan)

Rachel & Jun (also cool videos about Japan & life as Japanese husband & American wife haha)

KICKI YANG ZHANG she’s so inspirational (fashion, vlogs, food)

princessmei (like her style ♡)

simply Kenna (DIYs, talks and just..beautiful)

Peaceful cuisine (aesthetic af cooking videos)

Maddie Lymburner (food and also travel vlogs!! HAWAII TRAVEL VLOGS SO CHILL)

Cam&Nina (also rlly chill food videos)

MommyTang (she makes funny Mukbangs 😂)

Cryotic (Game Let’s plays..just..precious)

I’d say about 60% are food related YouTubers, 30% lifestyle and fashion and 10% I don’t even know random channels haha

17.03.05 Aiba Manabu Highlights - Aiba Masaki [English]

Today Aiba-san learned the skills preparing Japanese cuisine from Nakamura Koumei-san.

He learned how to shred radish and carrot. The chopping board was with the logo of Aiba Manabu. First the radish and carrot were to be cut into strips like toilet paper (rotary cutting, 桂剥き), of equal thinness, and then be shredded. The key of good shredding was to confirm the thinness of cut by eye and feel the thinness by touch. Watabe-san and Sawabe-san praised Aiba-san a lot when he shred the vegetables. Nakamura-san also recognised Aiba-san’s skills. Aiba-san said it was great to learn from Nakamura-san, his teaching was easy to understand.

Aiba-san also learned how to cut different kinds of fish (there are different ways to cut fish of different sorts). He demonstrated his good skills of cutting and slicing fish in this part.

The ice bowl for sashimi is made by injecting water into balloon and then ice the balloon to a designated time so that the outer side was iced while the inner side was still water. And then the ice balloon was put on hot pan to make the bowl shape.

The serving of Japanese cuisine is to depict a scenery of mountain and water because the visual beauty of sashimi bowl contributes to good taste, so it is important to make a beautiful sashimi bowl.

Aiba-san learned how to chop vegetables (乱切り) (gobou, carrot) into equal size and how to put seasoning in correct order to prepare chikuzenni (筑前煮). Aiba-san chopped gobou into equal size skillfully, while chopping carrot looked more difficult. This episode ended with the team enjoying a delicious and beautiful set of Japanese cuisine.

elven cuisine

a friend and I were talking the other night about food in terms of the elder races, and got really into what elves eat now versus what their ancestors ate.

like back at the height of Aen Seidhe’s culture they probably developed such beautiful and tasteful cuisine that they would concoct dishes and meals over the course of a day or even a week sometimes. This was also because their lifespans are so much longer than a human life span that their sense of time slows down.

based on the fact that it’s said in the books the elves have small teeth, I take it they’re not typically meat eaters, but since the fall they’ve probably had to resort to it, especially in the case of the Scoia'tael, since they’re constantly on the road and have to take food where they can get it.

The assimilated elves of the witcher probably still make some of those long-cooking meals, but not often since they no longer have the time (with work etc) nor live on their own time scale (just like being nocturnal is difficult with non-nocturnal neighbors).

Scoia'tael elves probably don’t get the long-cooking meals of their ancestors except on very rare occasions, but they keep their heritage alive with the vegetables and berries and nuts that they use, and the spices. because you can bet your ass the Aen Seidhe used some interesting spices.


Languedoc : Your Next Destination For French Wine Country Luxury

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