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As a wildlife rehabber I see all types of animals (raptors as my specialty) but I also rehab mammals, birds, and reptiles as well! I raised these 2 red squirrels last fall and the weather made it too late to release them so they were transferred to be cared by another rehabber with bigger caging for overwintering them. Finally the day has come where I got to release them! It was such a heart warming moment to see these beautiful sassy critters go back into the wild where they belong!

Because this topic came up in conversation...

So in that lil ficlet of mine that we call Plack Crackles and Pop, we have a kiss moment, no? Imagine that face Stiles makes when Derek pulls away and he’s standing on stage and the whole place is going NUTS and he’s genuinely blindsided. That face is the face that’s going to be splashed across websites and newspapers and magazines for a looong time… And that face is basically this:

And on the other side of this shocked, hopeful, terrified boy stands…

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A Gustus appreciation post! I’ve had this beautiful boy for 4 months now.  He is the first rabbit I’ve owned and he is a delight.  

We bonded very quickly - He follows me around the house like a shadow (but will go off and explore on his own once he knows I’ve settled in my room for a while). He likes to get my attention by headbutting me on the foot, and jumps on my lap for ‘grooming’ sessions.  He loves to eat bananas, old books (a lesson I learned very quickly - my poor books), and only one particular brand of hay.  <3


Happy 60th anniversary, Disneyland!


#mypubliclandsroadtrip Recap – BLM Eastern States

This week, we’re featuring the most popular locations and resources from our virtual summer road trip to BLM-managed public lands across the country.  

We kicked off the #mypubliclandsroadtrip in June with BLM Eastern States - basically, the 31 states east of the Mississippi.  We met scientists with bats and baby woodpeckers, and had some time behind-the-scenes with the Jackson Hotshot crew. But you just can’t beat cute beach critters and beautiful sunsets along the coast.

Check out all BLM Eastern States photos on My Public Lands Flickr, or view the BLM Eastern States storymap journal!