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We came up with idea for Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories because the two of us wanted a chance to tell our readers all the stories that never made it into the Beautiful Creatures Novels. We’ve been writing about the Mortals and Casters in Gatlin for eight years now, and we’re dying to share all their secrets…or at least as many as we can before Ridley finds out what we’re doing.

These stories are also our opportunity to answer the questions readers ask us most often like: How did Lila fall in love with Macon? Why did Amma show up at Wate’s Landing to take care of Ethan? What is life like in Gatlin now? Best of all, we’re writing them for our own pleasure as much as for yours.

The truth is, Ethan and Lena, John and Liv, Macon and Lila, Amma and Marian, Link and Ridley—not to mention the entire Wate, Ravenwood, and Duchannes families—they’re our families, too. Gatlin is our hometown as much as it’s home to our characters and our readers. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, and we hope these stories make parting with Gatlin a little easier. But if you still miss Gatlin and your Caster family, you can always visit them between the pages.

So read on. You can start with any story in this series without reading the others. However, for our most committed readers (and honorary Casters), if you read all of them, you’ll learn more than a few things you didn’t know about your favorite Mortals and Casters.

We look forward to sharing the next story with you, and talking about all of them with you online. See you soon in the Gatlin Public Library!

Kami & Margie

Thank you, @kamigarcia & @margaretstohl

A Gatlin Wedding is available now, which means ALL four untold stories are out and ready to be read! So, if you haven’t read these Gatlin tales yet, it’s time. Download them from your favorite e-tailer for $1.99 each and get ready to be transported back into the Caster world. Happy reading!