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emma: i love you!!!! i am so glad that i have met you and i do not deserve you :)) i am so grateful to have someone who i can havev serious talks with one minute and the next send silly gifs and inside jokes!! like seriously i love you selv om du er en hest

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The ring was there indeed. They will probably show him in our his potential on the season finale, because he's not there yet, and it haters in whine and cry saying they don't want to be a hero because the show is about Kara and blablabla. Although I noticed the fandom is getting larger and larger each passing day, way more people are liking and rebloging stuff, even posting. So yeah, I think all the hate might be bringing people here.

Let me tell you, I’ve been in the Karamel fandom for a couple of months or so and when I first started making gifs, we were like 5 gifmakers lmao Now new creators emerge every week, I can’t even keep up lmao There’s so much beautiful content and people post and reblog a lot more. The fandom has grown SO MUCH lately. 

And now that Mon-El is in the last stage of his process to become a hero and has really proved himself to be a selfless courageous man in the last episode, we’re getting even more fans and I’m sure he’ll win over a lot of people. However, Kara will always be the most powerful hero on her show and it is still her show. However, it is important that we are presented with a variety of fleshed out incredible characters who bring something of their own to the show. He isn’t a threat to her power, he’s her partner. And it is nice to have some more heroes helping her out. She can’t just do everything on her own although she is the most badass hero ever. 


Yo, Happy 1 Year Anniversary to this shining example of truly profound art. Truly just, the fucking apex of human creativity. We can’t do better than this gem. We’ve reached the top. The Singularity of the Arts™. What a gem.

“Why do you hate Belle’s live-action yellow dress?”

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It looks like several slices of Kraft Singles were stapled to her hips

It looks like a bunch of bananas on top of a yellow traffic cone

It looks like a sad lampshade someone sat on

It looks like a deflated party balloon that someone cut up

It looks like it was made with the peeled-off skin of Minions

It looks like something you’d find on the clearance rack at Forever 21 in 2005

It looks like a dollop of French mustard

It looks like an upside-down stack of wilting daffodils

It looks like someone thought “What if the curtain dress from ‘Gone with the Wind’ looked more like actual curtains?”

It looks like a 5-year-old with crayons tried to draw Belle’s gold dress by memory and someone tried to replicate it in reality.

It looks super easy for Disney to reproduce and mass-market, which makes way too much sense for my comfort.

Got a decent snapshot of this memelord.