beautiful comedy friendships that i want

I really don’t get the ones that are saying that Juvia should stay dead or Ft would lose its credibility..yadda yadda… First of all Fairy tail started with it Being all about friendship and fun, a place where nakama power could solve practically everything, enemies turned friends, redemption, and so on.. if I wanted to read a tragedy I wouldn’t choose Ft for sure, so the thing that Ft took a tragic path it’s ok, it’s beautiful, it’s emotional but I didn’t sign up for a tragedy. If you look for Fairy tail under the voice “genre” you will find comedy!! Not tragedy!!! So why the hell a character’s death is raising the manga credibility? I wanna read Ft knowing that at the end (no pun intended) everything will go just fine! The charachters will be happy and together!! It’s even ok if I have to suffer during the whole process but I want to know that things will turn fine like it always happened, if a character suffers I wanna know that he will find happiness. If a character dies I like to know that he will come back for sure!! So why the hell should I accept a character loss as something that improves Ft credibility?? If you want a tragedy go read a tragedy don’t expect a comedy manga to turn into a tragedy. I really don’t get this kind of criticism, you don’t like a manga? Go read something different but don’t mess with what it is, and people Who enjoy reading it appreciate. Second of all: (and here there is me being very involved because Juvia is my favourite character in Ft) Now? With Juvia of all people do you want this raise in credibility???? Hell no!!! Jellal came back, Lisanna came back, Gajeel came back, Charle came back etc…. and Now all the credibility of Fairy Tail resides, of all people, in “Juvia being really dead and stay dead???” From the bottom of my heart and with all my affection I’d like to say: Fuck it!!

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