beautiful combi


【♪祝♪】 ちぎみゆトップ就任2周年おめでとうございます! 【♪祝♪】 
  ❤ September 1st: Chigimiyu’s 2nd top inauguration anniversary ❤


Rion: She’s an upperclassman to be respected, as well as partner and a special person, yes.

Manato:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


*trembles violently*

This coincidence makes me so happy AND IT’S CHINESE NEW YEAR, TO BOOT!!

FYI: In chinese, 8 is written as “八”(bā) which rhymes with “发” (fā)in “发财”, which is to become rich. So eight’s a really lucky number to us chinese. :D