beautiful cloud formation

Types as weather forecasts

*suggested by anon*


INFP: Cloudy with a chance of rain….but I mean….maybe it won’t rain….maybe the sun will come out….how will we ever know…*sigh* we won’t ever know…

ENFJ: Looks like there will be some slight showers…of LOVE and AFFECTION because guess what folks, IT’S SUNNY!!!! 

INFJ: Stay indoors. At all costs. Trust me.

ENTP: Hahahaha It’s raining FIRE!!! Lol JK it’s raining rain. Fooled you guys…I’m the best meteorologist……the best. But seriously though…..

INTP: *forgets what they’re doing so they just start motioning to the green screen enthusiastically* this map….yes….this map right here….this ENTIRE MAP. Weather. 

ENTJ: It’s cold. Cloudy. *muttering under breath* I could do so much better than this…I could be head reporter if I just got rid of Carl…..*realizes they’re on air*

INTJ: You don’t need me to tell you the fucking weather. It’s fucking raining. There. I said it. It’s ALWAYS fucking raining…’s not that hard to figure out…. 

ESFP: Okay, okay, the forecast says there’s gonna be a tornado, right….but….I kind of want it to be sunny….so…..IT’S PARTLY CLOUDY EVERYONE!!!! :D

ISFP: *describes the most beautiful cloud formation, people at home are bawling their eyes out* ….and now to this week’s weather…sorry about that…


ISTP: *wears a green suit*

ESFJ: Okay sweethearts, it’s really, really cold out…so I want you all to go home and put on your best sweaters and just take a day off! *hugs*

ISFJ: ………weather……weather…..wEATHER…..WEATHER…..hey…. can you guys do me a favor and turn on my teleprompter… okay. WEA-

ESTJ: I would tell you guys the weather…but I doubt you’ll actually appreciate it…So I’m just gonna sit here, knowing full well the the consequences of me FAILING to tell you the weather report *cough* tornado *cough* until whoever took my sandwich apologizes to me. I’m looking at you, Carl.

ISTJ:  The Coriolis Effect *someone in the back room begins booing them*…..*clears throat* The Coriolis Effect…..

Golden Clouds

An expressive photograph of beautiful golden cloud formations within the sky. Taken in Toronto, Canada. 2016.

All Photographs Taken by Yours Truly,
Luqara / Luqman A.

Be Loved by a Writer

     Be loved by a Writer. From the glorious compilation within the thickly piled pages of words we so-called ‘Dictionary’, he will borrow the most genuine word reflecting the authenticity of his sentiments in writting you a letter. It will sometimes turn out plain, but the feelings enclosed in it are real and strong.

     Be loved by a Writer. Loving a Writer is no bed of roses. You should know how to read and respect his silence. He have demolished portals and high grilles protecting him from the outside world just for you to feel him genuinely from the inside. He let you penetrate his fragile soul.

     Be loved by a Writer. A writer loves you being fragile. He will make a beautiful poem out of your weakness. And on his silence, he can make a Haiku as he stares at your eyes like he is gazing upon a beautiful formation of clouds and a glorious sunset from up above.  Your brokenness is what makes him more becoming of a writer, he will capture every tears and howls you make every time you cry and weave them into words and paragraphs.

      Be loved by a Writer. There will be times when you’ll run out of words to respond because he keeps on talking about random topics—topics that are out of your interest—but that’s fine with him, he just need somebody to listen as he babbles on. You don’t need to talk. Just sit with him and listen.

     Be loved by a Writer. Make him feel loved and you will be written down eventually. He sometimes doesn’t notice it, neither do you, but you will find your resemblance to the characters he have written in his book. Hurt him, and you will still be written eventually. From the intensity of torment you have inflicted, it will reflect as he hold his pen and scribble the pain on his paper soaked by his own tears.

     Be loved by a Writer. You will be immortalized if you will be loved by a Writer.