beautiful cinna

Also did y’all note that Peeta’s first two outfits in Mockingjay had visual daggers at his throat? The sharp triangular point of his tie, and then in the other the literal point of his collar gouging under his chin. And then his last was a high collar, twisted, sharply askew, strangling him—even as he managed to get out one last warning to Katniss.

I know it’s a visual clue for us, the audience, but what was it meant to be for the audience in the districts and the capital?

Was it a reminder to Peeta, or is there another soul like Cinna, making beautiful things, making statements—Snow tried to put her in a wedding dress, so Cinna did, but look, watch it burn away to black feathers, because these games deserve mourning, because Katniss Everdeen is a girl on fire, because she is the mockingjay.

Was some old apprentice of Cinna’s the one who cut Peeta’s white collar to a jutting knife point? Was he trying to tell the world— this boy is compromised?

Someone mentioned DMMD Circus AU

-vibrates- MY TIME HAS COME.

Aoba is the ring master with mind control powers, and depending on his mood the audience might get teased a little. Like if its normal Aoba he just heightens their experience somehow, but if its Sly…well….he might ‘talk’ that loud mouthed man chomping a cigar into performing an impromptu comedy act resulting in a pie to the kisser.

Noiz and Koujaku, despite disliking each other, have a blades and fire act together - fire spinning and eating, sword swallowing, knife throwing, the whole shebang. It’s surprising how two people who fight consistently (much to the amusement of the audience) can share so much trust and move so fluidly with each other.

Mink is the beast tamer, though his specialty is birds. I mean lets face it, deep down we all have a feeling that Mink is a big bara Disney princess. The lion roar at him but it’s for show, the tigers snarl at him on stage and chitter lovingly at him behind the curtain. The bear that dances in his performance it actually content and not being forced. None of the animals are chained during the show because they have a respect for Mink.

Clear is an aerial performer with three specialties; tightrope, trapeze, and silks. He also tends to sing in his acts, making him a well rounded performer. He’s sort of the circus sweetheart despite the audience never seeing his face.

Mizuki is the daredevil, along with seven others that call themselves Dry Juice. Their act is a stunt show followed finished with their signature bit 'the Globe of Steel’, where they all ride motorcycles in a giant metal sphere relishing in the gasps and cheers of the audience. They’re also security for the circus when not performing their act.

Sei and Ren have a 'twin’ contortionist act, despite not looking all that similar. Sei is much smaller and more frail appearing than his taller and muscular 'brother’, but they move in perfect time with each other and leave the audience breathless every time.

                                           So step right up and come in side,
                                   'cause boy do we have a show for you!