beautiful choreography

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: The final battle between Azula and Zuko may be simultaneously the most beautiful piece of animation ever made and the most beautiful fight choreography ever produced, in addition to which the soundtrack for the battle is so spine-tinglingly good that it deserves an award all to its own and I know it’s like eight years down the line but seriously people should still be talking about it why aren’t we making more media for youth which is this high in quality? 

What I say: I’m fine.

What I mean: Have you seen Nathan Chen’s free skate performance for the 2017 US figure skating championships?? Literally the definition of grace and beauty. Expressive and artful choreography. Striking sequences and spins. When he landed the fifth quad, i stopped breathing. 

Be still my heart.

Reasons I Want a Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2:
  • Heart-to-heart conversation between Yuri and Victor
  • More beautiful choreography and music!!
  • Yurio and Otabek being BFFs
  • More sweet Victuuri moments
  • Yuri and Victor annoying everyone in St. Petersburg
  • Yuri comforting a physically drained Victor anyone?
  • More sweet couples
  • Making assumptions for the next episode only too be shocked and delighted
  • Victor and Yuri teasing each other please
  • Proud but competitive fiances
  • Seeing the fandom blow up over silly little things that seem so important (cough the whistle cough)
  • More accurately portrayed anxiety
  • Minami (hopefully) being able to compete against them all too

reasons to watch yuri on ice:

  • so many of the characters are actual cinnamon roles
  • dogs
  • really amazingly animated ice skating performances choreographed by real olympian choreographers
  • praised by professional skaters for its accuracy
  • explains the point system in an easy understandable way 
  • even minor characters in the competition are given their own motivation
  • it’s really enjoyable to watch, you are excited in the competitions and every normal person will also root for the characters’ relationship 
  • there is a HILARIOUS/TRAGIC? backstory that you get in ep 10 that explains A LOT. if you every wonder in episode 1: why is he here? that will answer you question.
  • nice bit of LGB(T)Q+ representation, less focus on gender-binary 
  • range of cool and beautiful songs / choreographies
  • doesn’t fall into the anime-hair-colour trope 
  • has some over-the-top anime elements but they are fine if you don’t take them so serious (good for people who aren’t usually into anime)
  • easy to watch: only 12 episode (~ 20 min each) 
  • really modern, doesn’t struggle to add modern technology (you know how some shows are really awkward with that? they arent. pretty accurate zeitgeist here, instagram etc. in a non-cringy way)
  • is pretty good in treating other cultures and languages right and including them in the show (as far as i can tell)
  • has grey characters / doesn’t have 100% evil antagonists but still challenging characters that are important
  • protagonist is pretty real and relatable
  • written by a woman
  • praised by critics across the board
  • the gay relationship is so good that even the straights ™ say “I don’t even care that it’s gay, it’s actually just the best”
  • replaces your bitterness and emptiness w/ joy and bliss and excitement like literally will give you new life

before the last episode airs i just want to do some retrospection. back in march when the first yuri on ice trailer aired and we knew nothing but the names of yuuri, victor, and yuri, i was already over the moon as i finally had a figure skating anime, one with good animation and beautiful choreography. i was still worried of course, that they would make amateur mistakes about the figure skating world or the points system (i was fully prepared to write essays about GOE). but i was hopeful.

the first episode finally aired after months of waiting. i thought victuuri was too over the top at first, but willing to forgive that for the good writing and relatable characters. onsen on ice seemed silly but it’s an anime, right? the choreography was good, the music was good, the animation was decent. all of my expectations were already met and i was delighted.

then we started to see more of the skating world—the little things like skating club friendships, the small circle of competitive figure skating where everyone knows each other from being in the same events and banquets and hotels. the highs and lows that happen when you’re on the ice for long minutes by yourself with all of the stress in the world on you. the slowly development of victor and yuuri’s relationship from comic relief to something deeper and timeless. the involvement of world-renown skaters, from evgenia medvedeva’s cosplaying to nobunari oda and stéphane lambiel’s cameos. watching yuri on ice making fans discover, or rediscover, a love of skating. in a few short months, it’s become something much larger than just a simple anime about figure skating.

whatever comes after this, it’s been an amazing journey with kubo-sensei, the yuri on ice team, and everyone else.

Billdip On Ice (Part one)

So I can’t believe I have 700 followers! Like wtf?! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE. And in celebration of that huge number, I have a Billdip Yuri on Ice fanfiction part one! It’s going to be a three or four part, or chapter fanfiction that follows the plot if Yuri on Ice, but with twists because it’s Billdip! It’s an AU I’m happy to create for all of you gay shippers out there and ship on!!

“And he’s landed his triple axel perfectly! Now for the final step sequence and jump. Oh what beautiful choreography! And with that he lands his last jump of the day and swirls off to his finish. That everyone, was the greatest Figure Skater alive, Bill Cipher!” The announcer cheered ecstatically as the crowd went wild.

The blond skater flashed his sparkling grin while waving at the cheering audience in the stands and at the blinding cameras, doing his signature hand gesture, a triangle over an eye. Bill skated off the rink, showing no signs of fatigue as he completely ignored his coach.

“With a final score of 107.98, Bill Cipher from France wins first place in the World Grand Prix!”

Dipper watched with awe at the sight of his idol winning from the TV on the wall from the waiting room. He sighed. Of course Bill won, but him? Nah, Dipper got last place this year and it didn’t help that he never landed any of his jumps in competition. He would kill to be as elegant as Bill.

Dipper Pines had been skating in America ever since he was little in California where he grew up. He and Mabel enjoyed ice skating ever since he could remember, and the two would constantly watch any broadcasting ice skating competitions. But one skater always managed to captivate him with their fluid movements on the ice. After winning gold, the skater’s name appeared in bold letters. Bill cipher. From then on he was always watching Bill, his elder by four years, skate since they were younger and inspired him to continue his passion to compete. To even get to the Grand Prix was a high honor, but to win was every skaters dream in the world!

Dipper quickly averted his eyes when Bill stepped back into the waiting hallway where more cameras and reporters came to talk with him. He watched as the charismatic blond seemed so calm and flawless when dealing with the popularity. It was like he was born to be a star, especially with his handsome looks.

Dipper couldn’t bear to take it any longer, walking down the hallway and out towards the door. His heart pounded, thrumming in his ears. Up until recently he had barely even seen Bill this up close. Usually, he saw the magnificent skater on TV. Only occasionally would he ever be in the same room as him during competitions. His coach yelled at him to come back, but Dipper knew it was over. What was the point of competing against someone like him? There was no way in hell Dipper could compete with Bill, the best all around skater in the world. Heck, he barely got sixth place.

As much as the brunet loved ice skating he knew he should take a break at least. He wasn’t going to get anywhere if he couldn’t concentrate on landing his jumps. He stormed out of the building, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. Dipper knew he should go back home to California and visit his sister. Mabel always made him feel better.


“Bro-bro you’re back!” Mabel cheered, waving her arms around. She raced up to him, crushing Dipper in her famous bear-hug.  

“M-mabel. C-can’t breathe.” He wheezed out, trying to wiggle out of her impossible grasp.

His twin finally let him go. “Did you meet Cipher?” She asked, with a wink.

The male’s cheeks flushed red. Of course his sister would try to set up some long distance relationship with Bill Cipher. “No. I just saw him around a few times only.”

“Bro, I love you, but you really need to stop being such a stick in the mud and talk to him. The least you could do is go say hi, right? Would it kill you to at least tell him hello?” Mabel crossed her arms, making an pouting at him. “You really need a date, Dippin’ dot.”

Dipper huffed as a small smile appeared at her usual antics and nicknames. “Whatever. I’m fine on my own.” He lied, moving to place his luggage down in his own room. He stood back up and and gazed around at his old room. He hadn’t seen it in so long, and nostalgia came rushing like waves. He had mostly been living in hotel rooms since he started competing. He still had up all his old posters and pictures of Bill Cipher, mostly from a few years ago. He even had a poster with an authentic signature of Bill himself that hung right above his bed.

He laid down on his bed for a moment, stretching out his sore body and relaxing with a soft sigh of relief. “I’m home.” He sighed and muttered to himself.

After a few moments of relaxation he found himself growing bored, wanting to do something else. Dipper jumped out of his bed, grabbed his bag and trudged out the door. The local skating rink was right down the street and he ran to it all the time. He opened the doors and checked if anyone was there.

“Hey skating rink’s closed, i’m sorry but you have to-Dipper? Is that you?” Wendy, the red-headed girl who ran the skating rink, inquired, stepping closer to see him. Dipper had grown in height since she had last seen him, even surpassing her. “Wow you’ve grown. It’s great to see you again!” she gave him a hearty pat on the shoulder all the while grinning.

He gave his childhood friend a hug. “Hey. It’s been a long time. How are you?”

“I’m good. Just taking care of the younglings takes energy. At least they help out around here.” Wendy smiled as three young red-handed girls ran up to them.

Dipper beamed, nodding at her and her kids, taking his skates and tieing them on. “Hey Wendy, want to see something cool?” He stepped onto the ice, skating to the middle and paused in a familiar starting position.

“Sure why not, I could use a good show” she playfully winked, leaning against the rink’s white border.

The brunet nodded at her and let out a breath, letting himself go as he imagined Bill’s famous routine, starting to perfectly copy his movements. Dipper could hear the music in his head, the crowd cheering for Bill…no, him. He became Bill in that moment, never letting any other the jumps defeat him, even the most complicated ones. The young man felt like he was one with the routine, connecting with it and shaping it in his own image. He controlled everything, his movements graceful and flawless. He didn’t even need to close his eyes to imagine Bill skating.

Dipper was able to land every single jump and quad that he could never do in competition. He idolized the blond skater, and by performing as him he became much more confident and comfortable on the ice.

As the end of the routine came upon him, the brunet didn’t fizzle out, only growing stronger and stronger before finally ending. He finished in the final pose as Wendy and Mabel clapped for him.

Dipper blushed, losing his image with Bill as he finished up. He skated back to the exit and towards the others. Wendy’s grin never faltered. “That was amazing! I think that’s the best I’ve ever seen you skate. You looked so…I don’t know, different. You even landed every single jump. Bill Cipher would totally be proud of you.” Wendy told him, giving him a High-five.

“Actually, he will be.” Mabel tapped something on her phone, smirking. “And post.” She laughed. “You’ll be getting a date soon, Dip-Dop!”

“Wait! What?” Mabel showed him her Instagram with the whole video of Dipper skating Bill’s famous routine. Dipper stared dumbfounded at the phone. He nearly screamed, face getting warm and flushing at the total embarrassment he felt. “Mabel! How could you! Take it down now!”

She shook her head and held the phone away from him. “Ooh. Dude it already has 200 likes!” Mabel squealed, running off.

Dipper growled in irritation, sitting down and taking off his skates. A hand was on his shoulder, it was Wendy. “Don’t worry, she means well. Even if you might not exactly like it, she cares for you. Just go with it. After all, you might just get to meet your idol.” Wendy pat his back and walked off.

Meanwhile, across the world in France, after a long and very successful season, Bill Cipher relaxed in his comfortable couch with his fluffy cat. He casually scrolled through his phone when a message popped up telling the skater that he was tagged on Instagram. It was blowing up his notifications. He tapped on the video simply out of curiosity, immediately recognizing the performance as one of his own and the skater just so happened to be the 23-year old Dipper Pines from America. As the video progressed he felt more enamoured by the second, his eyes widening at how much potential and beauty he saw in the skater’s fluid movements. Even his face showed how much passion he clearly felt for skating and Bill knew he just had to see it in person. “Steve, j’ai besion billet d’avion aux Etatis-Unis!” He called to his assistant, standing up from the couch immediately.

Bill grabbed his bags, packing his cargo quickly. All he knew was he wanted and needed to see Dipper Pines and fast.


The next morning Dipper woke up to Mabel’s voice calling from downstairs. “Oooh Dipper! Someone’s here to see you!”

Dipper groaned as sunlight suddenly hit his face as his curtains were pulled back to reveal the blazing sun. “Ughh Mabel not now” He rubbed his eyes in frustration. Suddenly, an awfully familiar voice spoke into his ear. “Bonjour, Pine Tree.” The voice purred with a heavy French accent. The brunet’s eyebrows furrowed as he turned his head in suspicion, coming face-to-face with bright blue eyes shining with glee, blond hair and beautiful shiny teeth. His heart pounded as he fought hard not to scream.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!” He yelled in surprise,jumping back and falling off his bed.

Bill chuckled at the other’s sudden outburst. “You summoned me, no? That video. Did you really think you could skate my routine and not get noticed by me, Dipper?” He smirked, flipping his hair a bit.

Dipper was surprised at how fluent the other was in English. There was an accent, but it wasn’t one of the hard-to-understand one’s. Of course, he had seen him talk on TV but it felt completely different in front of him. “Uh, oh right. About that… I’m sorry I didn’t mean for it to be posted online. I imitated you and I understand you’re probably angry. Just…please, at least don’t  ruin my career.”

“Angry? No. No. I am not angry at all, in fact I am quite the opposite! I feel proud and happy with you! That’s the best I’ve ever seen you skate, my dear Pine Tree. And that’s to say I’ve been watching you skate for years! You have so much raw and unlocked potential. And I have a proposal for you. I want to be your coach this season!” Bill exclaimed and held out his hand, as if to shake hands for a deal.

Dipper stood, staring at him owlishly, jaw gaping open and closed in disbelief for what felt like hours. “W-what?” He finally managed to splutter out. “D-did I just hear you right?”

“Yes, I want to be your coach, kid!” Bill repeated, still holding out his hand in offering.

Dipper blinked, finally realizing that he really wasn’t dreaming. Bill fucking Cipher was standing in front of him, asking to be his coach. His idol wanted to be his coach. Without a thought to spare, He reached out his shaky hand, clasping it with both of his hands, rapidly shaking it in gratitude. “Yes. Please be my coach. Thank you!”

“Alright, mon petit Pine Tree, practice is soon so get ready!” Bill smirked, winking at him as he skipped happily down the stairs for breakfast.

With face flushed, Dipper got dressed and quickly threw his skating practice bag together. He raced downstairs to find Bill eating Mabel’s pancakes and syrup. It looked so surreal having Bill eating in his own house.

“Hey, bro-bro. Bill here was just telling me about how you agreed to his coaching offer! Can you believe it? The man you worship is here to coach you!” Mabel cheered, stuffing a large piece of pancake with her favorite rainbow sprinkles in her mouth. “I told you posting that video was a great idea! It’s viral now!”

“Ugh, Mabel.” Dipper hissed, face as red as a tomato. He tiredly walked over and sat down across from Bill, quietly serving himself a heap of pancakes, trying not to meet the other’s captivating eyes. He picked up his fork, ready to dig in when all of a sudden his plate was pulled forward, out of his reach. Dipper looked up across at Bill, confused by the blond’s actions. “Uh, If you wanted more, there’s still some left right there.” He pointed with his fork at the last remaining batch of pancakes that were plated at the center of the table.

Bill held back a giggle as he swatted a hand in Dipper’s direction. “Oh my dear Pine tree, I know that. I most definitely am going to eat more of these delicious pancakes.” He side glanced at Mabel. “yourY sister here is one great cook.” Bill’s eyes slid over to him once more, a tinge of amusement within them. “But you… can’t eat too much.” The blond took two pancakes off of Dipper’s plate, onto his own. Leaving Dipper with one pancake, a slice of bacon, and some orange juice.

The brunet frowned, looking sadly at his plate. He supposed it was an okay meal. Bill knew he needed to eat just the right amount before practice and not too much. Looks like this coach thing had already started. He stopped sulking and started to eat, occasionally glancing at Bill.

The French skater continued to stuff pancakes in his mouth, obviously enjoying them. He winked at Dipper, who had just finished his plate. “Grab your stuff and meet me in five minutes.” He told him. “We’re running to the skating rink.”

Dipper did was he was told and sure enough, in five minutes, Bill had his stuff too and was ready to run to the rink with him. “Show me the way, kid!”

And he did, jogging off in the direction of the rink down and across two streets. Bill jogged next to him, making the teen blush as he could feel the other’s warmth. Once they got to the rink, Wendy unlocked the door for them and Gideon Gleeful was standing there, glaring spitefully at Dipper.

“Gideon?” Bill stared at his old partner, furrowing his eyebrows. “What are you doing here?”

“Idiot! You think I wouldn’t know where you were going when you yelled at coach! Why would you want to suddenly be a coach, Cipher?” Gideon yelled, his big hair bouncing every time he moved.

Bill’s eyes turned hard, staring at the white-haired pudgy teen. “Because I wanted too.” He lied, memories of a drunk Dipper popping up that he did his best to ignore. “Or do I have to say it in French so you’ll get it through you thick head? Parce-que je l’ai voulu.”

The younger teen’s face turned red and he was fuming so much Dipper was sure that steam would come out of Gideon’s ears. “Baise-tu!” He yelled. “You bastard! Je ne comprehend pas why you want to coach him! Il est a brat!” Gideon switched back and forth between French and English, just venting at Bill. “You were supposed to coach me!” He finally cried out. “Don’t you remember your promise?”

In the back of his mind, there was a clear memory if Gideon asking Bill to help him choreograph a routine for him many years ago. Bill thought about it for a moment, gazing at Dipper. He got an idea. “That’s it!” He grinned. “Let’s have a contest. The best skater to win gets me as their coach! I’ll choreograph a routine for both of you.” Bill grabbed his phone, texting out a tweet and and Instagram post. “May the best skater win! Pine Tree vs Pentagram!” The blond announced ecstatically.

Dipper took a wary look at Gideon, who held out a fist and mouthed ‘You’re going down, Pines.’ The brunet gulped. This was going to be a long week.


The next day Bill already had the songs chosen and choreographed, whiched seemed rather fast, but he was known for doing some of the best routines rather quickly. The blond connected his phone to the Bluetooth speakers and played the first song.

“On love: Eros.” He told the other two skaters as they listened intently. The music was fast paced, beautiful and held the emotion of lust and attraction rather than love. The second song Bill played was smoother, quieter and a lot softer, more passionate, caring love.”On love: Agape. Now who wants what?”

“Eros!” Gideon shouted. “I call Eros.” He waved his hand in the air, exited.

“I’ll take Agape.” Dipper sounded, lifting a hand up to show he wanted that song.

“Alright, Pine Tree you are doing Eros and Pentagram you are doing Agape.” Bill suddenly announced, switching their songs.

“What?! Why? Asshole.” Gideon yelled at him, face turning red as he glared daggers at Bill.

Dipper stood there rather shocked. He didn’t even have much Eros. He wasn’t sexy like Bill could be. “I’m sure there’s a mistake, Cipher…”

“Nonsense! You two have to do what people don’t expect you to do. Which, for you Dipper is Eros and Agape for Gideon.” Bill smirked, giving Dipper a wink. “Come on, Mon petit Pine Tree. You’ll do just fine! Have confidence.”

Gideon grumbled, but did nothing more as Bill started individually teaching them the routine to the song. The challenge was on.